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15 Christmas Snacks – EASY, QUICK and ECONOMIC Recipes

21 mayo, 2021

The Christmas season is one of the most anticipated in the world, as each country contributes its traditions to the global culinary culture. In Mexico, Christmas is particularly joyous, as the prelude to it begins with the famous posadas. Although this celebration is also practiced in other Latin American countries, the most famous posadas are the Mexican ones.

The posadas are a popular festival of religious origin, which are celebrated among friends, neighbors, relatives, work colleagues and, sometimes, even with strangers. These parties full of warmth begin on December 16 and end on the 24th, that is, they last 9 days. This celebration is characterized by the “pilgrimage” sharing the use of the traditional piñata and abundant food. For this reason, at RecetasGratis we want to share with you some delicious easy, quick and inexpensive Christmas snack recipes. That authentic flavor of antojitos or garnachas, typical of Mexican posadas and Christmas, a whole tradition! Also, some of the recipes are different than the traditional ones for a change.


The tamale is a filled dough that is wrapped in corn husks, mainly. This food of pre-Hispanic origin is prepared from corn dough (in Mexico nixtamalized flour) or rice, it is filled with salty or sweet ingredients, it is wrapped with leaves (corn on the cob, banana, bijao, maguey, avocado, canak, among others) and finally steamed.

This is one of the most representative Mexican snacks of this gastronomy, for that reason they are consumed in all its festivities and most significant dates. For this reason, without a doubt, it cannot be missed at Christmas or at the Christmas inn.

It is interesting to mention that tamales are not only consumed in Mexico, because throughout Latin America there are variants of this dish with the same or different names. If you want to try this treat, take a look at these recipes, ideal as snacks for Christmas posadas:

Easy, fast and cheap Christmas snacks - Tamales

Spicy Mexican Bombs

The bombs are bite-sized balls of potatoes that generally go stuffed with meat. Without a doubt, it is a perfect Christmas party snack to entertain guests while they wait for the main dishes, such as the popular baked turkey. This appetizer is very similar to Spanish croquettes, but they provide the typical Mexican flavor, spicy!

Mexican pumps are suitable for any occasion and are sure to cause a sensation at your Christmas dinner or inn. Here you have the step by step of this recipe for spicy mexican bombs.

Easy, Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Snacks - Spicy Mexican Bombs

Tinga tostadas

A tostada de tinga is a crispy omelette topped with a shredded meat stew and vegetables. This aperitif falls within the group of the most popular Mexican snacks and is almost always present at significant celebrations such as September 15, Christmas or at Christmas posadas.

Toast is traditionally prepared on the comal or in the sun, but the easiest way is by frying it. For its part, shredded meat is made from pork, beef, chicken, fish (grouper, tuna, among others) and vegetables (carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, mushrooms, among others). In addition, the meat contains a stew that can have a wide variety of ingredients, for example: tomato, onion, garlic and chipotle chili. Finally, it is decorated with fresh cheese and lettuce or other vegetables.

The tostadas are very similar to the chalupas, but to the poblanas, since in other parts of the country the chalupas are very different (they are shaped like an oval or a small boat). That said, here is the step by step of the Roasted Chicken Tinga and the recipe of Warrior style chicken chalupas, For you to compare!

Advice: Shredded meat is called tinga.

Easy, fast and cheap Christmas snacks - Tostadas de tinga

Fried fish or fried fish strips

This crunchy snack is eaten at any time of the year, which is why it works very well in any celebration, including Christmas. The preparation is very simple, it does not need many ingredients and it is very economical. For all this, if you are looking inexpensive Christmas snacks and delicious at the same time, this is the recipe you need!

Its flavor and texture will delight young and old alike, so it is also a great way to get children to eat fish. Here we leave you the Mexican style fried fish recipe.

Easy, Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Snacks - Fried Fish or Fried Fish Strips


The sope is a thick and wide tortilla, similar to a tartlet, which can contain different fillings. This tortilla is pinched on the edges with your fingers, before or after cooking, to shape the edges. Although it is not an exclusive Christmas recipe, it is one of the most popular Christmas inn snacks. It is somewhat similar to gorditas, since its thickness is greater than normal tortillas, and it can be filled in many ways (oysters, beans, etc.).

This Garnacha comes from the pre-Hispanic cultures of the southern and central-southern Mexico, although it is now consumed throughout the country. This treat is present in almost all national holidays and special events, that is why you cannot miss the following recipes for sopes for Christmas and Christmas posadas:

Easy, fast and cheap Christmas snacks - Sopes

Coconut shrimp in tamarind sauce

Do you want to prepare something different? very sophisticated Christmas snack? Then make shrimp with coconut and tamarind sauce. This crunchy appetizer is breaded with grated coconut and finally bathed in sweet and sour tamarind sauce, an irresistible combination!

This recipe native to the Mexican Pacific Coast works for any special celebration and can become a family Christmas tradition. If you feel like it, you can swap the sauce for mango chili sauce, pineapple chili sauce, or chipotle sauce. Now, in this coconut shrimp recipe we will also teach you how to make the tamarind sauce in case you like this combination.

Easy, Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Snacks - Coconut Shrimp in Tamarind Sauce


Esquites are boiled corn kernels and they are considered a very popular snack in Mexico. This snack has different names depending on the region and is prepared with different ingredients in each place.

This appetizer works well for any traditional holiday or social event. One piece of advice we give you if you want to serve it as a Christmas snack is to focus the presentation on this holiday. For example, instead of serving it in glasses, you can serve it in glasses, which always adds an extra touch of elegance. In addition, it is a very inexpensive treat that everyone likes. Preparing it is very simple and you only need to follow the following step-by-step recipe for mexican esquites.

Advice: Esquites are also known as trolleys, trolleys, chaska, corn cocktail or corn in a glass.

Easy, fast and cheap Christmas snacks - Esquites


The quesadilla or dobladita consists of a corn tortilla folded in half, which can be cooked fried or cooked on the comal. This appetizer is mainly filled with cheese, although it may contain other additional ingredients such as picadillo, huitlacoche, brains, pumpkin flower, etc. It is interesting to mention that, curiously, in some parts of Mexico quesadillas are consumed without cheese.

The quesadilla is very similar to the taco, but in the quesadilla the filling is cold and almost always has cheese; on the other hand, in the taco, both the filling and the taco itself are hot and both are heated separately.

This snack is very popular in Christmas posadas and Mexican national holidays, for this reason we suggest three very rich recipes so that you can choose the one you like the most for Christmas:

Easy, fast and inexpensive Christmas snacks - Quesadillas


Chilaquiles are pieces of tortilla cut in a triangular shape (tortilla chips or corn chips), which are cooked fried or toasted and, once ready, bathed in abundant sauce (red or green) and various extra ingredients are put on top ( cheese, egg, etc.). This treat is almost always present at national holidays, Christmas posadas and any Mexican family celebration.

If chilaquiles remind you of nachos, you’re right! They are the same thing, although chilaquiles use much more sauce than nachos. For this reason, chilaquiles are served as meal accompaniments, while nachos are considered more of an appetizer. However, chilaquiles work very well as snacks for Christmas parties, but with the same amount of sauce that you put on nachos. Another idea to prepare them is to add the filling to each tortilla instead of adding it to all of them together.

Here are a couple of good recipes for you to enjoy this Christmas:

Easy, fast and cheap Christmas snacks - Chilaquiles

Golden flutes or tacos

They are made with corn tortillas, which they are stuffed, rolled and fried. The filling can contain any stew or ingredient of your choice. It is interesting to mention that the tacos are not the same as the flautas or golden tacos, since the tortilla of the flute is longer than the one used for the traditional taco and is fried.

Among the most common flavors for the filling of the golden tacos are: minced or shredded meats of different types (chicken, beef, suckling pig, etc.) and vegetables (avocados, potatoes, etc.). In addition, when serving them they are accompanied by various sauces.

Flutes are part of the aperitif table at family celebrations, national holidays and, of course, at posadas and Christmas! For this reason, we are sure that you will love to include in your list of easy Christmas snacks this delicious mexican chicken flautas recipe.

Easy, fast and inexpensive Christmas snacks - Golden flautas or tacos


Tacos are tortillas filled with various ingredients and dipped in sauce. This treat is one of the most representative of Mexican food worldwide, along with burritos, tamales, chimichangas and enchiladas. In almost any Mexican celebration there are tacos present and they cannot be missing in the Christmas posadas! For this reason, we invite you to consult the following taco recipes so that you can prepare them as Mexican Christmas snacks:

Easy, fast and inexpensive Christmas snacks - Tacos


The pambazo consists of a stuffed bread, sandwich or sandwich type, and sometimes wet or dipped in sauce. This appetizer is made with a traditional Mexican bread that, depending on the region, can have different forms, fillings and ways of preparation. Sometimes the filling consists of sweet poblano mole, beans and fried sausage, ground meat, shredded meats, potatoes and chorizo, cochinita pibil, etc. The bathed pambazos can contain in the sauce thick broth prepared with different types of chili, guajillo adobo, etc.

A suggestion to prepare pambazos as snacks for Christmas posadas or on Christmas Day is to create a mini version, as this way you achieve a more comfortable aperitif to consume. With that said, we encourage you to …