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Ceviche de Sierra – EASY Mexican Recipe

26 mayo, 2021

Within the category of fish and shellfish, there is a great variety of dishes, some need cooking and others are eaten fresh, which increases the population that likes to consume this type of food. Therefore, we are more likely that if we prepare a dish of these we will be successful with the diners. With seafood you can prepare delicious, simple and very practical dishes, such as the ceviche de sierra that we show below.

The sawfish is a type of fish widely consumed in Mexico and easy to find, both in supermarkets and in the markets that we can find around the corner. Accompanied by vegetables and spices, it provides us with a dish full of flavor and texture, perfect to serve as a starter. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make ceviche de sierra, you will be surprised how practical and simple the recipe is.

6 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium Cost, Popular Spring-Summer, Slightly Spicy, No Bake, Mexican Recipes

Ingredients to make Ceviche de sierra:

How to make Ceviche de sierra:


Place the ground sierra fish in a bowl and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Then mix perfectly until everything is integrated.

Sierra Ceviche Recipe - Step 1


Add the juice of the lemons and oregano and perfectly mix all the ingredients. Let it rest for about 5 minutes, which is how long it usually takes for the fish to change color when it comes into contact with the lemon and turn whitish.

Sierra Ceviche Recipe - Step 2


Add the chopped red onion and serrano peppers finely chopped. Mix perfectly to integrate these ingredients and continue with the preparation of the Sierra ceviche.

Sierra Ceviche Recipe - Step 3


Add the tomato, cucumber and coriander, all finely chopped, and mix again. You can reserve the sierra fish ceviche in the refrigerator until the moment of consumption, preferably covered.

Trick: You can add more vegetables to the ceviche, such as bell pepper or other types of chilies.

Sierra Ceviche Recipe - Step 4


Clever! You can now enjoy this incredible sawfish ceviche. When serving, you can add avocado cut into small cubes, as it will give it an extra touch of flavor. If you want to try other exotic and delicious ceviches, don’t miss the Crab Ceviche Recipe.

Sierra Ceviche Recipe - Step 5

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Variants of ceviche de sierra

The Sierra ceviche recipe that you have learned to prepare is the basic one, on which different variants arise depending on the region. Thus, the following stand out:

  • Sierra Nayarit style ceviche. This ceviche adds grated carrot and avocado to the carrot base recipe.
  • Ceviche de sierra style Mazatlán, Sinaloa. This sawfish ceviche is characterized by incorporating grated carrot into the recipe, thus obtaining a delicious carrot ceviche.

Now that you know how to make Sierra Base Ceviche and how to prepare Sierra Ceviche with carrots, go ahead and try all the recipes and don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most. You can serve your ceviche on fried corn tortillas or accompany it with tostadas.