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Chorizo ​​croquettes – Easy and homemade recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Is chorizo ​​croquettes recipe It is an excellent option that we can prepare at home for an aperitif or a meal. Croquettes are a widely consumed dish that is very popular, you can make anything you want and almost all the variants are very delicious. These chorizo ​​are wonderful, surely if the tests you are going to love them.

The good thing about croquettes is that they can be made of many things and are also useful. They can be made in bulk and frozen to have anytime. If you are looking for a new flavor of croquettes, discover in Free Recipes how to make chorizo ​​croquettes and enjoy a delicious aperitif with your loved ones.

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Ingredients to make chorizo ​​croquettes:

How to make chorizo ​​croquettes:


In a wide skillet put the butter over medium heat until it melts.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 1


Remove the skin from the chorizo ​​and chop it into small pieces. You can use sweet or spicy chorizo, or mix both. Add them to the casserole, stir and let cook for 1 minute.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 2


Add the flour, stir it with a wooden spoon until it has been mixed and cooked a little.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 3


Heat the milk, adding the candle little by little to the mixture and stirring so that it is formed a dough that is like a heavy cream.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 4


It will be ready when there is a dough that peels off the pan, taste the dough and, if necessary, add a little salt. It will take little, since the chorizo ​​gives a lot of flavor.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 5


Once the chorizo ​​croquettes are done, turn off the heat. Put the dough in a bowl and let it warm. When cool, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours so that it takes more flavor. You can also leave it overnight.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 6


In a plate put the beaten eggs, in another the breadcrumbs. Take the dough out of the fridge and go forming the homemade croquettes. Pass them first through the egg and then through the breadcrumbs.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 7


Put a pan with plenty of oil to heat and add the croquettes in batches, fry and brown them on all sides.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 8


Put a plate with a kitchen paper. Go taking out the croquettes and put them on the plate to release the excess oil.

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 9


Place the chorizo ​​croquettes on a serving plate and serve them hot. Perfect for a family reunion or with friends, you will surprise everyone!

Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe - Step 10

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