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Ecuadorian green bolón – Recipe with cheese and chicharrón

23 mayo, 2021

The bolón de verde It is a traditional breakfast among the farmers of the Ecuadorian coast. The very name of the dish tells us exactly what it is: a ball of male banana, called green, which is highly appreciated in that Latin American country.

Is bolón de verde recipe It can have several fillings, but the most typical are pork rinds or cheese. It can also happen that it has both ingredients, which makes it a mixed bolón.

There is no specific or unique way to make the bolón de verde. Bananas can be fried, roasted, or boiled before being pureed. It is also possible to choose between using very green bananas or using a little more ripe ones, which will give it a sweet touch. Onion or other herbs can be added.

In any case, at Free Recipes we want to teach you how to make bolón de verde with a simple and quick preparation for you to try this delicious dish and enjoy it with your loved ones.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, Fried, Traditional recipe from Ecuador

Ingredients to make Bolón de verde:

How to make Bolón de verde:


As in other Ecuadorian recipes, the plantain, or dried plantain, is the main ingredient. Remove the peel and chop them in two.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 1


In this step, you can choose the cooking method you prefer. We decided to boil it. Takes about 15 minutes so they are ready, if you count from when the boil breaks.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 2


When they are cooked, drain them and mash them with the help of a food processor or a fork. Add the salt and the tablespoon of butter.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 3


When it is still warm, at least enough to handle it with your hands, add the finely chopped pork rind or ground and coarse grated cheese.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 4


Mix everything very well, knead it with your hands until it is integrated.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 5


Form the bowls with your hands to give them a rounded shape.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 6


Fry the banana bolones in plenty of hot oil. Make sure they brown on all sides.

Bolón de verde recipe - Step 7


Drain them well on kitchen paper before serving.

Bolón de verde Recipe - Step 8

Bolón de verde – Suggestions and other recipes

The bolones de verde are crispy, delicious and soft on the inside, a delicious option for breakfast or to accompany food! You can prepare a version of vegan green bowl skipping the filling and just enjoying the rich flavor of the bananas. Here are other tips that you can take into account to make them look incredible:

  • It is important that the cheese you use is a fresh cheese, but that it does not melt so quickly.
  • The amount of salt is inversely proportional to the salt in the cheese. The more salty, the less salt you should add and vice versa.
  • The original recipe for bolón de verde uses lard instead of butter. If you use this ingredient in your kitchen, you can use it.
  • Some newer versions add certain ingredients for a little more flavor. For example, finely chopped onion, chives, etc. You can use these if you prefer to make a vegan green bowl.

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