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Grilled chanterelles with ham

21 mayo, 2021

Autumn is always a good time to go out to look for chanterelles or robellones in the field. They are found in areas of pine forests or forests and are very common in Spain, but the best thing is that they are an exquisite and very versatile delicacy. There are many ways to prepare them: fried, roasted, sautéed, with different combinations of ingredients, and more. In short, there are many dishes that you can make and that will not disappoint.

In this opportunity, we are going to prepare a recipe for grilled chanterelles with ham super simple. It requires very little effort and few ingredients, but the result will leave you wanting to lick your fingers. Follow our steps in Free Recipes and discover how to make grilled chanterelles with ham.

4 diners
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make grilled chanterelles:

How to make grilled chanterelles:


To start with the chanterelles with ham, the first thing is wash them very thoroughly. Dry them with absorbent paper very carefully, if necessary trim the base a little.

Grilled Níscalos Recipe - Step 1


Prepare a griddle or frying pan to grill them, we recommend that you put a few drops of oil just on the griddle to help them cook better. If they are very large, cut into smaller pieces. Turn around when you see that they take color, it can be 3 minutes for each side, according to its size.

Grilled chanterelles recipe - Step 2


While the chanterelles are roasting, put a frying pan to heat with a good jet of oil, peel and laminate the garlic cloves and pour them into the pan to brown. When they take two minutes add pieces or strips of Serrano ham and stir to sauté them on all sides.

Trick: keep the heat medium so that neither the garlic nor the ham burns.

Grilled chanterelles recipe - Step 3


Once the chanterelles are roasted, put them in the pan where the garlic and ham are With the heat off and stir the pan to mix everything and acquire the flavor of each ingredient. If you like to pair with a little wine, do it with a semi-dry white wine. Enjoy your chanterelles with ham!

Trick: If you had chanterelles left over, you can add them to some spaghetti with a little sautéed cayenne and oregano.

Grilled Níscalos Recipe - Step 4

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A curious fact about this type of mushroom is that they must be collected correctly. For example, chanterelles should be cut with a small razor or lace, and should be reserved in a basket. Plastic or other material bags should not be used, as this harms the reproduction of the chanterelles, since they tend to release spores that fall back to the ground to reproduce.

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