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Mushroom Croquettes – Easy and Delicious Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

Mushroom croquettes, ideal for an aperitif or a tapa. Croquettes are a delight, a tender and creamy bite that both young and old alike like. In addition, the croquettes can be made of anything you want and even turn out to be a useful recipe, since we can use the leftover meat from a stew, for example.

Preparing croquettes is a bit entertaining, but the truth is that the step by step is simple and the result is worth it. In addition, you can make enough to freeze and always have on hand. To make them juicy, we just have to work the dough well so that we get a creamy and rich béchamel. All that said, read on to find out about Free Recipes how to make homemade mushroom croquettes.

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Ingredients to make mushroom croquettes:

How to make mushroom croquettes:


Start by cleaning the mushrooms, removing any dirt they may have and cutting them into small pieces. Heat the butter and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a saucepan or pan. When it’s hot sauté the mushrooms, add a little salt, let them release the water and take on a little color.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 1


Chop a garlic or two and the parsley, Add both ingredients to the pan and continue cooking, making sure that the garlic does not burn. Put a little salt and pepper.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 2


Add the flour, mix and cook for 2-3 minutes so that the mushroom croquettes do not taste like raw flour.

Trick: To make gluten-free mushroom croquettes you can use chickpea flour or cornstarch.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 3


Heat the milk. When the flour is sautéed, pour the milk little by little and stirring so that a mass is formed. Add a little salt and pepper or nutmeg. Keep adding milk until the batter starts to peel off the pan. Sometimes you may lack more milk or need less, so it is important to go little by little. Transfer the dough to a source, let it cool, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge a couple of hours or leave it overnight ..

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 4


Form the mushroom croquettes giving them the shape that you like the most, elongated or rounded. Put the breadcrumbs in a bowl and the beaten eggs in another. Pass the croquettes first through the egg and then through the breadcrumbs.

Trick: You can also make the mushroom and cheese croquettes by cutting small cubes of some cheese that melts and introducing them into the croquette.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 5


Heat a frying pan with plenty of oil over medium heat and, when hot, fry the mushroom croquettes in small batches until golden brown. Take them out and leave them on a plate with kitchen paper to absorb the oil they release.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 6


And they will be ready! The mushroom croquettes recipe It is easy, although a bit long. However, the result is so incredible that the time invested is totally worth it. You can modify the recipe by adding ingredients to the dough, such as peeled and chopped prawns, chopped spinach or diced ham.

Mushroom Croquettes Recipe - Step 7

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With what to accompany the mushroom croquettes

You can serve your homemade mushroom croquettes as a tapa, as a starter, as a side or as a main dish. Depending on what you choose, you can opt for one or another of these recipes that we recommend:

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