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Picadillo Sopes – Easy Step-by-Step Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

Who doesn’t like Mexican dishes? A classic that cannot be missing from the table of many families is the sope, which can have many varieties of flavor. This time we want you to prepare some delicious minced sopes, a perfect combination of flavors that you are going to love.

The picadillo by itself is prepared with ground meat and minced vegetables, it is very easy to make and ideal to include it in different preparations. In RecetasGratis, in addition to teaching you how to prepare the picadillo, we will tell you how to make mince sopes or sopes of ground beef from scratch, that is, from the dough to the filling, so don’t miss out on this rich recipe.

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Ingredients to make picadillo Sopes:

How to make picadillo sopes:


As a first step to prepare the picadillo sopes, wash and cut the carrot, potato and pea. Then, in boiling water with a little salt, cook the vegetables until they are soft and reserve.

Trick: If you want to save time you can use a can of vegetables of your choice already cooked.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 1


In a frying pan, prepare the picadillo. To do this, place the meat and let it cool a little until it changes its color, releases its juices and begins to turn golden. Move constantly to avoid sticking or burning.

We have opted for some beef mince sopes, but they could also be made with ground chicken or pork. Likewise, you can make the Jalisco-style picadillo sopes, which are made with chorizo.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 2


Blend the tomato pieces, the piece of onion, the clove of garlic and the chipotle chili if you want it to be a little chopped. Add a little water to facilitate the blending.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 3


Once the smoothie is ready, add this sauce to the pan where you have the meat, mix and season to your liking. Let it reduce the sauce a bit, this will help the mince dry out and the flavors intensify.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 4


When the picadillo with the sauce is more or less dry, incorporate the cooked vegetables, mix and let everything cook for 5 minutes and reserve.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 5


In order to make the sopes, in a bowl add the cornmeal and the teaspoon of salt and mix well.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 6


Add the vegetable shortening or lard and begin to knead. Gradually pour in the water and continue kneading until you get a manageable dough without sticking.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 7


Divide into portions of approximately 30 grams and, with the help of a tortilla press, flatten without being too thin.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 8


In a comal or large skillet, cook the sopes 3-4 minutes on each side.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 9


As long as they’re still hot and very careful, pinch the edges to give it a better shape.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 10


When you have all your sopes, in a pan with a little oil, fry them on both sides until golden brown. Remove the excess oil and reserve.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 11


Now yes, for form your picadillo sopes, cover with a layer of beans, add a portion of picadillo and accompany with lettuce, cheese and sauce of your choice, such as Mexican red sauce. Now you know the recipe for picadillo sopes from start to finish. If you want, you can make more dough to make a variety of Mexican sopes, such as chicken sopes.

Picadillo Sopes Recipe - Step 12

With what to accompany the picadillo sopes

Once you have explained how to make picadillo sopes, you can go on to develop more recipes to serve a more complete menu. As sauces to accompany these sopes, we recommend the following:

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