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Tlacoyos hidalguenses – Traditional Mexican recipe!

21 mayo, 2021

Tlacoyos are a very popular Mexican snack and the preparation is very varied, since its ingredients change in the different parts of Mexico where it is prepared. You must try them even once and one of the richest versions is undoubtedly this one hidalguenses tlacoyos recipe, originally from Hidalgo in the center of the country.

The tlacoyos are usually bathed in a green chili and tomatillo sauce accompanied by onion, cheese and radish. So if you have all the ingredients ready, read on and discover how to make hidalguenses tlacoyos Of bean to share with your family one of the thousands of flavors that traditional Mexican cuisine has for all palates.

4 diners
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Tlacoyos from Hidalgo:

How to make Tlacoyos hidalguenses:


To start the Hidalgo-style tlacoyos recipe, prepare the sauce. In a pot place green tomatillos, serrano peppers, garlic clove and a piece of onion with enough water to bring to a boil.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 1


When they have boiled, blend everything, heat a tablespoon of oil and a few pieces of onion and sauté the sauce for 5 minutes, season with a little salt to taste and reserve.

Tlacoyos hidalguenses recipe - Step 2


Now, prepare the dough by mixing the cornmeal, a pinch of salt and adding the water little by little until it has a consistency of dough.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 3


Once you have your dough, take a portion, mold it into a circular shape with your hands, add a tablespoon of the refried beans, close by wrapping the filling and finish shaping it into a herringbone shape.

Trick: You can vary the filling of the tlacoyos with cottage cheese or green peas.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 4


Heat a comal and cook the tlacoyo on both sides for 3 minutes, you will notice that they inflate a little, at that moment they are ready.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 5


Then fry the tlacoyos with a little oil until golden brown, remove excess oil if necessary.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 6


Serve your hidalguenses tlacoyos, bathe them with the green sauce and accompany with fresh cheese, onion, cream and some sliced ​​radishes.

Hidalguenses Tlacoyos Recipe - Step 7

Tlacoyos hidalguenses, a jewel of Mexican cuisine

The Mexican Kitchen It has many very rich and traditional dishes, each place gives it its special touch and the Tlacoyos from Hidalgo are not far behind. The combination of the green sauce with the corn dough is so rich that it will appeal to everyone regardless of taste. In addition, the filling is very versatile, so you can try them with some type of stewed meat or enjoy them in the original way with refried beans.

Go ahead and prepare them at home for breakfast on a weekend or to eat any day of the week. And if you want to know more traditional mexican recipes, here are some of our favorites: