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Chicken pancakes in red sauce

21 mayo, 2021

On this occasion, in RecetasGratis we invite you to prepare a classic of Mexican cuisine, this recipe for chicken pancakes in red sauce it will be your everyday ally when you need a recipe easy and inexpensive.

Pancakes are uncomplicated, although they can be a bit of a challenge if cooking isn’t your thing. However, this dish can be of great help if you are learning to cook, since you do not need many ingredients and it is a very profitable option that goes great with many types of garnishes. We are sure you will love it, so take note and discover how to make chicken pancakes in red sauce Step by Step. They will be perfect!

6 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Chicken pancakes in red sauce:

How to make chicken pancakes in red sauce:


In a pot with enough water, boil for 8 minutes the tomatoes, the red pepper and the chili peppers.

Trick: Clean the pepper by removing the seeds and stem.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 1


Then blend the tomatoes, the pepper and the chilies with a piece of onion, a clove of garlic and half a cup of water from the cooking of the tomatoes. You should get a fine texture like puree.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 2


Then, in a pot with a tablespoon of oil, sauté the red sauce that you have prepared, add a chicken bouillon cube and 2 cups of water. Let cook for 8 minutes, then add the epazote leaves and, if necessary, season with a little salt to taste. Let all the sauce cook for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and reserve.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 3


In a recipient, mount the clear ones to the point of snow with a little salt and pepper to taste. Then add the egg yolks one by one and beat for a few seconds. Next, add a tablespoon of cornstarch and mix to integrate everything. Pour the shredded chicken into the egg mixture and blend smoothly.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 4


Heat a little oil in a pan and add a portion of the mixture that you prepared to make the pancake and fry both sides of each pancake for two minutes. Shape them with a fork or spatula and, when they are golden brown, transfer them to a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 5


Serve in a deep plate, pour a little of the red sauce that you prepared and that’s it, Now you can enjoy these chicken pancakes in red sauce! You can accompany them with beans, fresh cheese, rice or green leafy salads.

Chicken pancakes in red sauce recipe - Step 6

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Chicken pancakes in red sauce – Suggestions and other recipes

Preparing this recipe is very easy when you have basic cooking knowledge. With the amounts that we show you they can leave you up to 20 to 25 pancakes, depending on the size of which you choose to make them.

A tip: if you want the pancake to absorb the flavor of the sauce, when you finish frying them add them directly to the pot where you have the sauce and let them boil for about 3 minutes.

There are several ways to present and accompany these chicken pancakes in red sauce, one of them is to assemble the plate with white or red rice, the pancakes and a few slices of avocado and fresh cheese. You can also combine them with a bed of refried beans, cilantro and chopped onion, or, if you want them spicier, you can add some julienne jalapeño or serrano pepper.

Also, if you want to give it an extraordinary flavor, fry the pancakes in lard, it will give it a rich flavor and you will end up loving them. You have no excuses not to prepare and try these fantastic chicken pancakes!

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