Rabbit casserole – Recipe with mushrooms and potatoes!

The rabbit in the casserole is a simple and rich stew, ideal for the cold season because hot dishes are always more appetizing. Rabbit is a low-fat white meat, perfect for preparing all kinds of stews, combining it with an infinite number of ingredients. If, for example, you have seasonal mushrooms, you will have a rabbit in the casserole with spectacular mushrooms. It is also delicious with potatoes.

To give this stew a country flavor, it is very good to add thyme or rosemary, which can be found in any fresh store or supermarket. And now we only have to fry some potatoes and add them to the casserole and we have a unique and delicious dish. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make rabbit casserole with potatoes and mushrooms.

4 diners
1h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium Cost, Popular in Fall-Winter, Stew, Spanish Recipes

Ingredients for making Rabbit casserole:

How to make Rabbit Casserole:


Clean the rabbit and cut it into chunks or have this done for you at the butcher shop. Add salt and pepper to the meat and put flour on a separate plate.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 1


Pass the pieces of rabbit through the flour. Then, heat the casserole over medium heat with a good splash of olive oil, add the rabbit pieces and brown them.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 2


Peel the garlic and prepare the bay leaf and the thyme or rosemary leaves. These ingredients will add a lot of flavor to the rabbit stewed to the casserole, but remember that you can eliminate them if you prefer.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 3


Once the pieces of rabbit have been browned, iIncorporate garlic, bay leaves and thyme or rosemary, Add the white wine and cook for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 4


Pour the broth, which can be meat or chicken broth. If you don’t have broth, you can prepare it with a chicken or meat bouillon cube. Let the rabbit cook in the casserole for 30 minutes.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 5


Besides, clean the mushrooms and cut them in pieces. Sauté them in a pan with a little oil and, once golden, turn off the heat. In another pan with plenty of oil fry the potatoes cut into squares.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 6


After about 20 minutes, add the mushrooms and let it all cook together for another 10 minutes. Taste salt and rectify if necessary.

Trick: If you see that the sauce is very liquid, take a little water or hot broth, dissolve a tablespoon of flour and add it to the stewed rabbit, so that a thicker sauce will remain.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 7


If the rabbit is tender, add the potatoes, leave 5 more minutes for everything to cook and turn off the heat. If you like your rabbit very tender, then let it cook for a while longer. Serve and enjoy this rabbit recipe in the casserole with mushrooms and potatoes, a dish that you can perfectly prepare from one day to the next.

Rabbit Casserole Recipe - Step 8

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With what to accompany the rabbit to the casserole

You can accompany your rabbit dish to the casserole with boiled white rice or one salad. For this second option, we recommend these recipes:

Of course, you can not miss a good slice of bread to dip the sauce so delicious that remains. Prepare loaf bread and enjoy a totally homemade menu.

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