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Cakesicles (cake pops) – Step by step recipe with TRICKS

21 mayo, 2021

These little fake ice creams are very fashionable and are called cakesicles or cake pops, but, in reality, they are still classics cakepops in mini magnum format. They are delicious, as well as being very striking, both for their colors and for their various decorations. They are ideal for gifts, to serve at birthday parties or special events, as they do not go unnoticed. In addition, we bring a scoop that will make you succeed even more, and that is to make them flavors!

Normally, in cakepops we get the flavors with the type of sponge cake or with flavored cookies, but, this time, the flavor will be provided by the jam that you like the most. Do not miss the simple step by step to make these amazing magnum cake pops because at RecetasGratis we have the perfect recipe. Read on to find out how to make cakesicles and prepare precious popsicles.

6 diners
1h 30m
Medium difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Recommended for children, No cooking

Ingredients to make cakesicles or cake pops:

How to make cakesicles or cake pops:


Crumble the piece of cake (muffins, sobaos, buns …) in a bowl and add the tablespoons of cream cheese Philadelphia type and scoops of Orange marmalade. Do not add them all at once, add little by little until you get a manageable dough that is not excessively sticky. You may need to add more tablespoons of cheese and orange marmalade or less, it will depend on your piece of cake.

To make Oreo cakesicles, we recommend preparing this Oreo cake.

Trick: You can make the flavored cakesicles using other jams such as strawberries, blackberries or apricots. Or, how about with cocoa and hazelnut spread?

Cakesicles or cake pops recipe - Step 1


Take small portions of the dough and fill the holes in the mold well for popsicles or magnum ice creams. Put the ice cream stick in the hole for it and reserve in the freezer for 1 hour.

Cakesicles or cake pops recipe - Step 2


Chop the white chocolate and melt it in the microwave in several batches to avoid burning. In this video we explain the most appropriate procedure with dark chocolate, but the same step by step works with white chocolate.


Divide the melted chocolate into two different containers and dye with dyes. We have put pink dye on one part and yellow dye on the other, but you can dye them with other colors if you wish. Unmold the cakesicles carefully and place them one by one in the dyed chocolate. Being frozen, they will dry out right away. Put the remaining chocolate in a pastry bag and decorate with small strands of chocolate. Sprinkle the sprinkles immediately so that the chocolate does not dry out and stick together.

Trick: Let the cakesicles or cake pops dry in a cork lined with plastic wrap so that both sides are even.

Cakesicles or cake pops recipe - Step 4


Once well dry, put the homemade cakesicles in small capsules elongated for muffins. They are ideal to give away!

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Cakesicles or cake pops recipe - Step 5

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Ideas to decorate your cakesicles or cake pops

You have already seen that making these popular magnum cake pops is very easy and that the possibilities for both flavors and decoration are endless. We recommend you experiment and try mixing the cake with other jams or sweet creams, such as the aforementioned cocoa cream or coconut cream. Also, try to decorate them in different ways. For example, you can do:

  • Unicorn Cakesicles
  • Heart cakesicles
  • Bear or other animal cakesicles

To make the hearts, simply put the dough in a cookie mold, remove the mold, insert the wooden stick and freezer in a tupperware container.