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Casadielles or Asturian casadiellas – Grandmother’s recipe

23 mayo, 2021

This typical sweet from Asturias called casadielles or casadiellas It is usually served during carnival times, although you can find them in confectioneries throughout the year.

Its filling is very basic, since it only consists of simple ingredients such as sugar, anise and milk, mixed with ground nuts or hazelnuts depending on the area where they are made. We must also say that there are variants in the filling that the casadielles has, as there are those who prepare it with water, white wine and honey.

In any case, it is a delicious sweet that you cannot stop trying on your way through Asturian lands and, in the meantime, we will prepare casadielles at home to pamper our own. Don’t miss our steps and discover how to make Asturian casadiellas in Free Recipes!

6 diners
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Casadielles or casadiellas:

How to make Casadielles or casadiellas:


The first thing to prepare the fried casadielles will be chop the walnuts, but they are much tastier if they are not ground too much so that the nut can be differentiated in each bite.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 1


Transfer the ready-made walnuts to a large container and add the ingredients to mix them. First pour in the sugar and milk, and stir until everything is unified.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 2


Finish with the anise that you will also pour into the filling mixture. Stir for a few minutes until you see that everything is completely fused and a thick paste is formed.

Prepare the fresh dough sheet to distribute them in units. Although the sheet itself is already thin, we advise you to stretch it a little more with a rolling pin, adding flour on top so that it does not adhere and deform.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 3


Cut into rectangles, it gave us 6 pieces. Fill each piece with small portions, and have a container of water nearby to wet your fingers and seal the edges of each one.

Then, with a fork, dip and make grooves at the ends of each tube, thus preventing the filling from coming out.

Trick: Cut corners to make the dough more square and take advantage of what is left to prepare one more piece.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 4


Sprinkle some flour on the work table and roll out the piece of dough that was left over from cutting the corners of each unit. Prepare one more rectangle and fill the same as the rest of the tubes. On the other hand, heat oil to fry in a deep bowl or saucepan.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 5


The oil should be hot, but not extremely hot, as when introducing each puff pastry diella, this should fry slowly without burning the dough. Fry in batches of one to one or two. Flip them if necessary, let them brown on all sides and dry them on a blotting paper.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 6


Once the puff pastry casadielles are made, add icing sugar and then the granulated sugar. The casadiellas are ready to eat! You can serve them with a glass of cider or a soft drink for the little ones in the house. Accompanied by a coffee they will also be a magnificent delight for a snack.

Casadielles or casadiellas recipe - Step 7

Casadielles de la abuela and other Asturian recipes

If you want to prepare a healthier recipe for these Asturian sweets, you can make baked casadielles cooking them at 190 ºC for about 20 minutes or until you see them brown.

If you don’t have puff pastry at home, you can easily prepare it by following the steps in our puff pastry recipe.

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