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Chocolate Macarons – Step by Step Recipe (with TRICKS)

23 mayo, 2021

The macarons are stuffed biscuits of French origin considered a delicacy. It is not an easy recipe and it rarely comes out the first time, but at FreeRecipes we wanted to share with you a recipe that is quite infallible even for beginners. It takes time to prepare, you have to be patient, but the result is well worth it, you will see that, once you taste them, you will not be able to stop eating.

Macarons come in many flavors and colors, however, chocolate macarons are always the most successful, so if you want to get started in the world of homemade macarons, we are going to prepare this wonderful recipe. Here are all the tips and tricks to know! how to make chocolate macarons!

10 diners
2h 30m
High difficulty

Ingredients to make Chocolate Macarons:

How to make Chocolate Macarons:


First, prepare the macarons and for this put the ground almonds, icing sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl. Mix and sift everything well. Ideally, sift again and even, if you have time, do it a third time. The macarons will be much thinner and without lumps.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 1


Incorporate half of the whites or something less and mix well with a spatula. Reservation.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 2


Put the mineral water in a saucepan (can also be tap water) with the sugar common granulate. Let it simmer over low or low heat for 13 minutes or until it has a slightly thick syrup.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 3


Beat the other half of the egg whites, which have to be at room temperature, with an electric mixer. When they form firm peaks, Add the hot syrup in the form of a thread while you continue beating with the mixer. You will have to beat until you see that the walls of the bowl are warm or almost cold. Keep in mind that, when adding the hot syrup to the beaten egg whites, the container will get quite hot and it is through beating and beating that you will cool the meringue.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 4


Add this meringue little by little to the mixture that you had reserved of ground almonds, cocoa and sugar. Mix well, but gently. Pay attention to the bottom of the bowl, which is where the dough is stuck, to integrate all the ingredients of the chocolate macarons well with a spatula.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 5


The ideal thing to make macarons is to have a silicone mat where the holes to put the dough are already formed. If you do not have it, nothing happens, on a sheet of baking paper you can draw circles of about 3.5 cm in diameter a little apart from each other, since the macarons tend to spread during baking. You will need two greaseproof papers drawn to Make Two Batches of Chocolate Macarons with these amounts.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 6


Put the macaron batter in a piping bag with a smooth round nozzle and fill in the gaps drawn from circles.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 7


Give a few taps to the tray so that the dough settles and any small bubbles that may have been made on the surface go away. Now, let dry. This phase is very important. It will depend on the ambient temperature, but at least they will have to rest for an hour and maybe they will need two. To check that they are ready to bake, touch a macaron with the tip of your index finger, you will see that the dough is not sticky and is drier to the touch.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 8


While the chocolate macarons are drying, prepare the filling, which in this case is a chocolate ganache. Thus, chop the dark chocolate with a sharp knife.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 9


Heat the milk in a saucepan until it boils and remove it from the heat. Add the chopped chocolate and stir with some manual rods.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 10


Chop the butter and add it equally. Stir until you get a shiny ganache. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend that you also add a tablespoon of icing sugar and stir, but if you are more of a dark chocolate, leave the ganache as is. Let cool completely so that it hardens a bit.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 11


Preheat the oven to 170ºC. Once the oven is hot and the macaron batter is dry, bake with heat up and down, also with fan if you have, at about 170 ºC 9 minutes or until macarons are cooked. Be careful not to overdo it, being cocoa it is possible that you do not detect that you are going overboard with the cooking.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 12


Once baked, unmold carefully running a spatula or a fine knife under the paper for easy removal. Let cool completely on a rack. The shell of the macaron should form a small foot at the base, a very characteristic shape of all macarons.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 13


When the macarons are cold and the ganache is consistent, spread a cookie with the chocolate cream. Fill to your liking. Top with another cookie and press a little to spread the chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 14


Once the chocolate macarons, let them rest for a while in the fridge. And ready! You see that the recipe for chocolate macarons is quite labiorous, but the result is totally worth it.

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Chocolate Macarons Recipe - Step 15

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