Chocolate muffins – Easy and inexpensive recipe

The cupcakes, also called cupcakes or muffins Depending on the country, they are small individual cakes that are placed in capsules or molds. They receive this name in Venezuela, but they are famous in many countries and, in the company of an orange juice or a coffee, they are the favorite snack of many.

There are many flavors and presentations, in RecetasGratis we prepare a chocolate cupcakes recipe easy and inexpensive. You can decorate them with icing or icing sugar, but the main thing is to know the steps of the basic preparation. They are made with very simple ingredients and have no complications, so join us until the end and discover how to make homemade chocolate cupcakes.

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Ingredients to make chocolate muffins:

How to make chocolate muffins:


First, crack the eggs and pour them into a bowl. Beat them while adding the sugar little by little until they are foamed. Next, add the rest of the ingredients: the cocoa, the milk, the oil and, finally, the flour.

If you do not have prepared or pastry flour, you can use common wheat flour and add an envelope of baking powder. Keep beating until it becomes a creamy paste. Turn the oven to 160 ºC on both heating elements.

Trick: We recommend sifting the cocoa and flour before adding them to the mixture to make sure it is smooth.

Chocolate Muffins Recipe - Step 1


While the oven is heating, prepare the molds for the cupcakes. Place the paper capsules in the molds to prevent them from opening from the weight. Pour the dough half way through the wrapper So that when it rises, it doesn’t spill.

Chocolate Muffins Recipe - Step 2


Once filled in each capsule, bake for 25 minutes at medium height, but watch the temperature. If you need more time add it five minutes to five, and check with a toothpick if they are done.

Chocolate Muffins Recipe - Step 3


Once the chocolate cupcakes are ready, let them cool on a wire rack or oven rack. The only thing left to do is enjoy a good breakfast or snack accompanied by orange juice with your family, it will be a delight that they will surely ask you more often.

Chocolate Muffins Recipe - Step 4

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Easy Chocolate Muffins – Suggestions and Other Recipes

Cupcakes, muffins, cupcakes… Cupcakes have many names and flavors! Actually, the correct spelling of this dessert is cupcakes, but everyone knows them as cupcakes. As you can see, they are very easy to do, and you can customize them as you like.

If you want to make a vanilla cupcakes recipeFor example, all you have to do is remove the cocoa from this recipe and add a dash of vanilla essence during preparation. You can sprinkle icing sugar on top or prepare a rich chocolate glaze or royal icing that everyone at home will love. If you have a pastry bag, so much the better! Your cupcakes will be beautifully decorated and they will surprise everyone at home.

And if you want to prepare these stuffed cupcakesJust follow our recipe for cupcakes filled with jam and you can make them as you like: cupcakes filled with arequipe, Nutella, candy or whatever you want!

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