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Cinnamon Free French Toast – Quick and Easy Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

Torrijas are a delicious sweet prepared in many parts of the world, with different names and different ingredients. They are usually very popular during the Easter season, although they can also be consumed at any time of the year.

In Spain, Easter is the ideal time to enjoy some torrijas and we can find them in countless varieties: cream torrijas, truffles, wine, and more. Traditional French toast are made by dipping bread in milk and egg, and then adding sugar or sweeteners such as honey or cinnamon.

Cinnamon has many fans, but also detractors. Therefore, this time in Free Recipes we teach you how to make French toast without cinnamon. Instead we will add vanilla essence that will give it a delicate and delicious touch, perfect for this traditional recipe for torrijas without cinnamon that you will love.

6 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Torrijas without cinnamon:

How to make French toast without cinnamon:


Cut the bread slices crosswise and one finger wide. The bread for these homemade torrijas must be from one day to the next and not dry.

Trick: So that the bread does not dry out overnight and when cutting it does not peel, put it in a plastic bag and it will not lose its moisture.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 1


Put a container to heat with the milk and add the honey, the vanilla essence and the citrus peels. You can decide if you put all of them or, optionally, add only some of them. Stir over low heat to prevent the milk from boiling and to meld the flavors of these vanilla french toast for 5 minutes.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 2


Remove the already emulsified milk from the heat and pour over sliced ​​bread at the same time that you will strain it to avoid the citrus peels. Let it soak for half an hour so that the bread slices are completely soaked.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 3


Then after this time with the bread soaking, heat oil for frying. Remove the excess milk and prepare two eggs to beat, as well as three anise stars that you will introduce in oil. You should remove them after introducing the first slices of your easy to fry French toast.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 4


Pass the bread slices first through the beaten egg. If the bread needs to be pressed lightly because it is dripping too much milk, do so. Pass them through the egg and fry the slices, avoiding putting too many; one or two in each batch will suffice. Flip the slices every 3 minutesso when you see that they are already golden enough.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 5


Take out each of your French toast without cinnamon onto a plate lined with absorbent paper to reduce excess oil. Later, sprinkle with sugar And you can eat them fresh or cold from the fridge. served as breakfast or a snack with a glass of orange juice or a latte they will be amazing.

Trick: You can keep them in the fridge tightly closed in a tupper for a couple of days.

Torrijas recipe without cinnamon - Step 6

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