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Coconut Alfajores – EASY Recipe (without flour)

26 mayo, 2021

In Argentina, the combination of coconut and dulce de leche cannot be missing in at least 1 cake from each bakery or pastry shop in the country. It will be, perhaps, for the search to combine 2 products originating in America (although the debate continues as to whether the coconut was born in Asia). Beyond its origin, this nutritious product is obtained by drying and grating the pulp of this fruit that, despite being considered this way, its composition differs from others such as banana, orange or apple by providing few carbohydrates and a high quantity of fats.

Do you usually tempt yourself with something sweet after meals? This recipe could be your solution, discover how to make flourless coconut alfajores in Free Recipes and enjoy this incredible sweet.

4 diners
15 m
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make coconut Alfajores:

How to make coconut Alfajores:


Mix all ingredients until they are integrated and let the dough rest for 5 minutes.

Trick: if you want, you can add zest of a citrus fruit such as orange, grapefruit or lemon.

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 1


After 5 minutes, with the help of your hands and a soup spoon, form the cookies. There will be a moist preparation that is easily disassembled, but do not worry, because in the oven they will take greater consistency.

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 2


As you take spoonfuls, arrange the coconut alfajores on a tray Non-stick baking with cooking spray. You can also use a nonstick sheet of paper.

Trick: If you want to get cookies with a neater shape, you can use a mold. To do this, pour 1 tablespoon of the preparation into the center, apply some pressure and remove it to form the next cookie.

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 3


Bake the cookies at 180ºC for approximately 7 minutes. The result should be slightly browned cookies.

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 4


Remove them from the oven and let them cool to be able to fill and obtain, thus, your coconut alfajores and dulce de leche.

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 5


Once they have cooled down, you can form your coconut alfajores smearing a cookie with dulce de leche, or whatever jam you want or have, and closing it with a second lid, as you can see in the image. The result is incredible and you can see that we have not used any type of flour, so that we are perfectly facing delicious coconut alfajores without tacc. Also, we haven’t used lard either!

Coconut Alfajores Recipe - Step 6

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More ideas for filling the coconut alfajores and nutritional information

As we mentioned at the beginning of this recipe, coconut is a particularly caloric product with a high fat content. In turn, almost 90% of the fats it provides are saturated, and its high consumption, along with other bad habits, is responsible for cardiovascular diseases. Nutritionally speaking, it is not a question of not consuming these products, but of paying attention to the amount that one eats, as well as the frequency. Therefore, eating these coconut alfajores from time to time is not a problem. In addition, this version without flour and without butter is much healthier than the traditional recipe for alfajores.

If you want to enjoy different fillings so that you don’t always make them with dulce de leche, we recommend the following options, some healthier than others: