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French Toast with Baileys – Easy and homemade recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The torrija is a sweet of European origin that are enjoyed throughout Spain, especially at Easter. It may be that its consumption at this time is related to the need to use the leftover bread that remains because there is no meat with which to accompany it. There are many versions and recipes of torrijas, designed for all tastes, and they are usually prepared at home quickly and easily.

This time, in RecetasGratis we are going to prepare a recipe for French toast with Baileys or whiskey cream. If you like to add a touch of alcohol to your French toast, you are going to love this alternative. Stay with us and follow our step by step to discover how to make French toast with Baileys Step by Step!

6 diners
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make French Toast with Baileys:

How to make French Toast with Baileys:


To begin with, you must ccut the bread slices the day before or two days ago. It should have a crust so that it is firmer when moistened in milk and does not fall apart.

Torrijas with Baileys Recipe - Step 1


Put the milk to cook, add a cinnamon stick, chipping it to release its aroma, and add the Baileys and sugar or stevia. Stir to dissolve, let it heat up little by little, without letting it come to a boil. Heat for 5 minutes.

Torrijas with Baileys Recipe - Step 2


Then turn off the fire and let stand 5 minutes so that the cinnamon finishes releasing the flavor. After this time, strain the mixture through a strainer. Now, dip the bread slices in the milk and let them rest so that they soak up well.

Trick: Try not to make the milk cold, but not too hot either.

Torrijas with Baileys Recipe - Step 3


Heat a frying pan with oil and beat an egg (or two if necessary). Coat each slice of bread being very careful not to break them, and take the hot oil to fry and brown. You must be careful that the oil does not get too hot or it will burn the front face of the torrija.

Let brown for three minutes on each face and turn it over as many times as necessary.

Trick: fry the torrijas one by one or if there is space two by two.

French Toast Recipe with Baileys - Step 4


Prepare a dish with absorbent paper to remove some of the oil. Finally, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon to taste. These Baileys French toast will be delicious both cold and freshly made, although you can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days.

Torrijas with Baileys Recipe - Step 5

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