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How to make milk capirotada

26 mayo, 2021

Stovetop milk capirotada is one of the most popular dishes in northern Mexico, although today we find it widespread throughout the country. Usually, bolillos are used to make this recipe, but in this version we have taken elements of traditional northern cuisine, which involves spices, bread, a few tortillas (as the grandmothers used to do in Sinaloa), a little liquor , which will give the dish that strong but pleasant flavor, and the white cheese, which will balance the flavors.

Now, if there is an ingredient that characterizes the milk capirotada above the rest, it is condensed milk, since it is in charge of replacing the brown sugar that is normally used. Keep reading to discover in Free Recipes how to make traditional milk capirotada, You’ll love it!

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Ingredients to make Capirotada de leche:

How to make Capirotada de leche:


Slice the bolillos and cut the tortillas as if you wanted to prepare chilaquiles, that is, in the shape of a triangle. These ingredients will be the base of the capirotada de leche.

Trick: You can also make your milk capirotada with bimbo bread.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 1


Heat a little oil and fry the bread and tortillas. The important thing is that these golden ingredients are found, since it is essential to achieve the typical flavor of the dessert. If you want, you can use olive oil. Place the bread and tortillas on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Trick: Hard rolls and hard tortillas can also be used to take up less oil.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 2


Put the milk in a pot together with the raisins, halved cherries and spices and heat until they come to a boil. This mixture constitutes a fundamental part to give that strong and pleasant flavor to the capirotada of milk. Once it reaches the first boil, add the tequila.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 3


Chop the almonds and reserve them. This ingredient will serve to garnish and give a crunchy touch to the dessert.

Trick: You can substitute the almonds for peanuts and / or walnuts.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 4


In order to ride the milk capirotada, take a mold and place the tortillas well distributed in the bottom. Then, place a layer of bolillo slices on top, pour a little milk, place another layer of bolillo, another layer of milk and so on until the ingredients are finished.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 5


Sprinkle the almonds and grated cheese as a final touch. Allow the dessert to come to room temperature so it can be served. If it will take a long time to serve it, store it in the refrigerator.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 6


You can also sprinkle with colored shavings to make the presentation more attractive. As you can see, the traditional milk capirotada recipe It is very simple and fast, so that in a few minutes you can enjoy an exquisite dessert. In addition, having cooked the base of the dessert in the pan, it is a capirotada of milk without baking.

Milk Capirotada Recipe - Step 7


If you want to discover the recipe for traditional Mexican capirotada, with piloncillo, then don’t miss this video:

Ideas to serve the milk capirotada

Now that you know how the capirotada de leche is made, we recommend making more typical Mexican desserts to serve a complete sweet table. In addition, you can accompany this dish with a delicious champurrado. For the sweet table, don’t miss these recipes: