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Microwave chocolate cookies

26 mayo, 2021

Chocolate cookies are a favorite of children and adults, and it is no wonder! However, in general, they are usually quite caloric because they are made with a large amount of sugar and butter. For this reason, in RecetasGratis we share a recipe for chocolate cookies in the microwave that is much lighter, faster and healthier.

The cookies that we propose below are made with peanut butter, brown sugar or brown sugar and non-dairy milk. Of course, you can substitute regular butter, white sugar, and cow’s milk for these ingredients if you wish, but they will be increasing the calories in the recipe. On the other hand, when making them in the microwave, the cooking time is 1-2 minutes, so they are much faster to make because in the oven they would take around 15 minutes. Do you want to know the step by step? Keep reading and discover with us how to make chocolate chip cookies in microwave.

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Ingredients to make Microwave Chocolate Cookies:

How to make Microwave Chocolate Cookies:


Mix the flour with the cocoa in a bowl large enough to make the dough there. You can use oatmeal if you prefer, cornstarch or rice flour. Likewise, we recommend opting for pure cocoa to achieve a more intense flavor.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 1


Add the peanut butter and sugar and integrates both ingredients. For this step, you can use a spatula. To make your microwave chocolate cookies healthier, you can substitute the sugar for two tablespoons of agave syrup or the sweetener that you like best.

Trick: If you don’t have peanut butter or just don’t like the taste of it, you can use regular unsalted butter.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 2


Pour the milk and just form the dough. When you can, knead with your hands until you get a uniform ball that does not stick. If you have it too runny, especially if you have substituted sugar for syrup, you can rectify it by adding more flour or cocoa. On the contrary, if it is still too dry, add a little more milk.

Trick: You can use the vegetable milk that you like the most, such as oatmeal, almond or rice milk.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 3


Roll out the dough with a roller until the desired thickness is reached. Keep in mind that the cookies grow a bit during cooking, so we recommend making them rather thin. Cut the cookies to your liking.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 4


Line a plate with parchment paper and place the cookies on top. Microwave chocolate chip cookies at full power for 1 minute. After this time, assess whether it is necessary to add seconds. If so, it is preferable that you add 30 seconds to 30 seconds to avoid burning. They should be more chubby and slightly soft, since they harden when they cool.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 5


Let them cool completely and voila, you can now enjoy this wonderful Microwave Chocolate Cookie Recipe! They are perfect for a snack or breakfast and ideal for both children and adults, since they are much healthier than traditional butter cookies and very quick to make.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies Recipe - Step 6

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Ideas to decorate chocolate cookies in the microwave

Once the chocolate chip cookies are ready in the microwave, you can decorate them with the following:

Now, since these are light microwave cookies, if you want to maintain this line we advise you to opt for one unsweetened jam, how are you: