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Cookie Champurrado – Quick and Easy Recipe!

22 mayo, 2021

In Mexico, one of the favorite drinks during the cold season or a rainy day is, without a doubt, the rich champurrado. Today we want to prepare a version with vanilla or Maria type cookies, those cookies that at least we have all tried once and that has been the protagonist of many recipes, since it is very economical and practical when it comes to eating.

This recipe for cookie champurrado will not need cornstarch, since the cookies will help to give body to the drink and it will also have a lighter consistency. Keep reading because in Free Recipes we show you how easy it is to prepare this drink and, above all, how delicious it is. Discover how to make biscuit champurrado and enjoy watching the little ones drinking this incredible drink.

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Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Recommended for children, Popular in Fall-Winter, Mexican recipes

Ingredients to make biscuit Champurrado:

How to make Cookie Champurrado:


Put the milk, cinnamon and brown sugar to heat and move constantly so that the piloncillo dissolves easily.

Cookie Champurrado - Step 1


In the blender, add evaporated milk, water, vanilla and cookies and blend until the cookies are completely ground. You can make the Maria cookie champurrado or use other sweet cookies that you have at home, they even serve the typical homemade vanilla cookies.

Trick: You can also grind the cookies in a food processor first and add them to the blender as flour.

Cookie Champurrado - Step 2


Add the blended cookie mix to the pot where you have the milk and heat with medium-low heat and without stopping moving. Let it boil and the desired consistency is obtained.

Cookie Champurrado - Step 3


And voila, serve the cookie champurrado recipe in individual cups to keep warm and enjoy hot. Kids will love this drink, but adults will appreciate it on cold days too. You can also learn how to prepare the traditional Mexican champurrado with this other recipe.

Cookie Champurrado - Step 4

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Cookie shampoo – Recommendations and other versions

If you have any kind of intolerance to milk, you can substitute cow’s milk for some vegetable milk. It can also be made only with water, even with a non-caloric sweetener, simply substitute the portions for those of your choice. Likewise, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder on crushed Marías cookies once your cookie champurrado is ready.

You can also take advantage of the mixture of all these ingredients to make a custard, you just need to give it another boil. Of course, be careful not to stop moving, as it can start to stick to the bottom of your pot. Then, it is served in containers with a lid or tupperware and left to cool, the consistency it will take will be firm enough to be able to take a lunch with you wherever you go.

What are you waiting for to prepare the recipe, whether it be in biscuit champurrado or as custard, believe us that you will not regret it, it is the perfect dessert for the night or for any day.