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Homemade Almond Horchata – Easy Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

Let’s prepare a homemade almond horchata! With the arrival of the heat, you only want cool drinks and horchata is one of the most popular. This drink is always well received and, although the most popular is tiger nut milk, this time we are going to learn how to make it from almonds, healthy, delicious and ideal for everyone.

Nuts are very good, as they are very energetic foods that contain many properties. Almonds have very healthy fats and many nutrients, among which their contribution of calcium and antioxidants stand out. It is possible to take advantage of all its nutrients by consuming almonds in the natural, but also including them in both salty and sweet recipes. As we have indicated, in this case we will make a delicious horchata that will allow us to refresh ourselves while we nourish ourselves. Discover in Free Recipes how to make almond horchata and enjoy with your family this incredible homemade drink.

4 diners
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Ingredients to make almond Horchata:

How to make Almond Horchata:


Wash the almonds under the tap with cold water, put them in a bowl covered with water and leave them for 4 hours to soak. In this way, they will soften and we can take advantage of all the flavor of the almond when we go to crush them.

Almond Horchata - Step 1


After the resting time, pour the water, put the almonds in a robot, blender or mixer, add the 100 g of sugar and 500 ml of water. Shred it all very good to get your almond horchata.

Almond Horchata - Step 2


If there is a very hard mixture left and it is difficult to crush it, add a little more water.

Almond Horchata - Step 3


Pour the whole mixture into a large pitcher and add a lemon peel, or more if you want the flavor to show a little more, and a cinnamon stick. Stir and chill for another 2-4 hours so that the homemade almond horchata finishes integrating all the flavors.

Almond Horchata - Step 4


Take the horchata out of the fridge, remove the cinnamon and the lemon peel. Done this, strain the drink using a strainer, a sieve or gauze, which you must place on a bowl. Drain the preparation well to get as much juice as possible.

Almond Horchata - Step 5


Once you have taken out all the almond horchata, taste it and add more sugar if you like it sweeter.

Almond Horchata - Step 6


Keep the drink in the fridge until it’s time to serve it, as it has to be very cold. And list the almond horchata recipe! You can serve it with a little ground cinnamon on top. It is delicious and the best of all is that it is completely homemade, so that you can adjust the measurements of each ingredient to your liking. If you want more drinks like this, don’t miss these recipes:

Almond Horchata - Step 7

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Calories in almond horchata

The total calories in the almond horchata will depend entirely on the amount of added sugar. However, approximately, we can say that a 200 ml glass of almond horchata contains about 170 calories.