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Horchata water with oats

23 mayo, 2021

Although the horchata is originally from Spain, specifically from Valencia, in countries like Mexico rich variants of the original recipe are prepared. As its main ingredient, the tigernut, is not found, other ingredients are used so that the flavor resembles that of the traditional horchata. So we can find this horchata water recipe with oats, as well as others such as rice horchata water or almond horchata.

On this occasion, in Free Recipes we will tell you how to make horchata water with oats, one of the most widespread versions of this Mexican drink. It is easy to prepare and has a delicious flavor, ideal to enjoy chilled during the hottest months. Let’s go with the recipe!

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Ingredients to make Horchata water with oats:

How to make Horchata water with oats:


To start with the oatmeal horchata water, heat half a liter of water and soak the oats, preferably overnight or at least four hours. Put the soaked oats together with the soaking water in the blender glass. Also add the condensed milk, evaporated milk, homemade vanilla extract, cinnamon and half a liter of water more. Mix everything well with the mixer or blender.

Horchata water with oats - Step 1


Strain the oatmeal horchata water with a fine-mesh strainer to remove any remaining oats that have not been crushed.

Trick: Do not throw away the leftover oats, use them to accompany a yogurt or as an ingredient in a sponge cake.

Horchata water with oats - Step 2


Once cast, add the remaining liter of water, stir and taste test. Now is the time to add more cinnamon or more water if you find it too sweet, although you can better assess whether or not to add more water when it is cold.

Horchata water with oats - Step 3


Once you have prepared your horchata water with homemade oats, it is time to pack it. With the help of a funnel, put the water in glass bottles and store in the fridge until it cools well and you can enjoy it.

Horchata water with oats - Step 4


You can serve the oatmeal horchata water with ice, with a little cinnamon on top or as it is. When bringing evaporated milk, can be kept no more than 4 days and you should always keep it in the fridge.

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Horchata water with oats - Step 5

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Benefits of oatmeal horchata water

Oatmeal horchata water is an excellent drink for replenish fluids on hot days. Its rich content in fiber, calcium and energy make it an ideal recipe for athletes or people with a very hectic or busy lifestyle.

In addition to this, horchata water with oats is also an excellent protein source That you can serve during lunchtime or during breakfast, as oats contain very beneficial properties for good digestion.

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