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How to make tamarind water

22 mayo, 2021

Tamarind is a very rich fruit from a tropical tree that also brings many benefits to the body. For this reason, the use of tamarind in gastronomy is increasingly diverse and has become a fundamental element in many recipes, including drinks.

At RecetasGratis we want to teach you how to prepare a delicious and nutritious natural tamarind water so that you can enjoy its characteristic flavor whenever you feel like it. In addition, we tell you the benefits of tamarind water, what it is for and much more. Read on to know how is tamarind water made.

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Ingredients to make Tamarind Water:

How to make tamarind water:


The tamarind water recipe starts with peel the tamarinds. It is not necessary to remove the seeds.

Tamarind water - Step 1


Put to heat a liter of water Y add the tamarinds previously peeled. Let it boil until you notice that the pulp is detached from the seeds or is as soft as possible.

Tamarind water - Step 2


Remove the tamarind water from the heat and strain it. With the help of a masher or a spoon, try to get as much juice as possible.

Tamarind water - Step 3


Pour the strained mixture into a blender and add the sugar. Blend well so that the natural tamarind water is smooth.

Trick: If you prefer, you can use another type of sweetener, such as brown sugar or stevia. lThe amount will depend on the sweetness you want to obtain.

Tamarind water - Step 4


By last, add the remaining liter of water and stir to integrate the drink well.

Trick: If you want the most concentrated tamarind water, reduce the amount of water.

Tamarind water - Step 5


Serve the drink with enough ice to enjoy it cold. As you can see, the tamarind water recipe It is very easy and fast and results in a delicious, nutritious and full of benefits juice. Now that you know how to make tamarind juice with pulp, keep reading to know all its properties.

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Tamarind water - Step 6

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Benefits of tamarind water and what it is for

After discovering how to prepare tamarind water, let’s see how this incredible drink can benefit you. Tamarind has endless properties that benefit our body, among which the following stand out:

  • Drink a glass of tamarind water on an empty stomach activates the body and it will improve your energy.
  • Provides good digestion thanks to its high fiber content.
  • Helps debug your body eliminates toxins and waste acting as a natural laxative.
  • Stimulates appetite, since it accelerates the metabolism.
  • Reduces the chances of sunstroke or heat stroke.
  • Due to its high content of vitamins of groups B, C and E, it prevents the spread of flu and related viruses.
  • It’s a soothing and anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle aches and reduces inflammation.

For all the above, when asked what is tamarind water for, we can say that its most relevant uses are these:

  • Is used to combat constipation due to its laxative properties.
  • It is an excellent ally to lose weight, although in this case we recommend reducing the amount of sugar or using a sweetener such as stevia, thus reducing the calories in tamarind water.
  • You can have it after strenuous exercise to relieve pain caused by it.

Side effects of taking tamarind water and contraindications

While tamarind juice brings many benefits, there are some contraindications and side effects to be mentioned if it is consumed incorrectly. It is very important to take them into account to avoid further complications when drinking natural tamarind water:

  • Consumption should be moderated in people with diabetes, since it has the ability to reduce blood glucose levels that, combined with diabetes medications, can drastically lower sugar levels and compromise the health of the person.
  • Being a sour fruit, can lead to tooth erosion. Its excessive consumption would cause wear of tooth enamel and even the appearance of cavities.
  • As already mentioned in the previous point, due to the acidity of the fruit, if consumed excessively, it could irritate the throat and also cause acid reflux, which can lead to chronic sore throat in the long run.
  • Finally, it can cause severe allergic reactions in people with altered immunity, since due to its great contribution of proteins, histamine levels in the blood are increased and as a result it would bring symptoms such as itching, abdominal pain and respiratory difficulty.

For all the above, if after drinking tamarind water you notice any symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or weakness, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.