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Mango Michelada with Beer

21 mayo, 2021

Michelada is the perfect drink for a hot day, a refreshing drink with alcohol that many love. The mix between beer and lemon juice is just the base of many michelada recipes, but it can be made in many flavors and with different ingredients. On this occasion, we prepare a super rich mango michelada recipe that you will love.

It is not very complicated, so you will not have excuses not to do it on a sunny day or to accompany a roast beef. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make mango michelada!

2 diners
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Ideal to accompany with beer, Mexican recipes

Ingredients to make mango Michelada:

How to make mango Michelada:


To start the Preparation of the mango michelada We advise you to put the jar or glass where you will serve your michelada in the freezer so that it is very cold when it is time to pour the drink. On the other hand, blend the half cup of tomato juice with the diced mango.

Trick: You can use frozen mango to make your beer mango michelada even more refreshing.

Mango Michelada - Step 1


Prepare the seasonings that you are going to use, chili powder, lemon, salt and, optionally, you can also use chamoy. If you decide to use tomato juice without seasonings, you can also add Worcestershire sauce.

If you don’t have chamoy, prepare it at home following our recipe for homemade chamoy.

Mango Michelada - Step 2


Take your jar or glass and rub the edges with the lemon. The remaining lemon juice can be added to the glass.

Mango Michelada - Step 3


Frost the edges of the jar with chili powder that you previously bathed with the lemon, you can also frost only with salt, or venture and frost with a layer of chamoy.

Mango Michelada - Step 4


Later, empty a little of the liquefied mixture of tomato and mango juice.

Mango Michelada - Step 5


Continue adding the beer of your choice and mix with a toothpick or spoon to integrate the flavors.

Mango Michelada - Step 6


Enjoy your delicious mango michelada, you can add more diced mango for an extra touch of flavor. Go ahead and prepare it and make your own version by adding a sauce that you like or combining it with some other fruit, although the mango alone is perfect in the michelada.

Mango Michelada - Step 7

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