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Recipe for the original Chilean drink!

21 mayo, 2021

The earthquake swallow It became popular in Chile at the end of the 20th century and is now part of the national holidays celebrated on September 18 and 19. It is prepared with pipeño wine, grenadine and pineapple ice cream and it is common to find it in bars, restaurants and food stalls. The most popular story about the name of this drink talks about an earthquake that occurred in 1985. Earthquakes are part of the Chilean idiosyncrasy, therefore they are accepted and part of its history.

The pipeño wine used in this drink is a traditional Chilean wine that is fermented or stored in clay jars sealed with clay. If you can’t find the pipeño, you can substitute it with equal parts white wine and sparkling wine. In addition, depending on the area, in some regions of Chile some liquor is added, such as rum, fernet or pisco. Do you want to learn how to prepare it? Discover how to make a chilean earthquake following the original recipe here, in Free Recipes.

2 diners
Very low difficulty

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Ingredients to make Chilean Earthquake:

How to do a Chilean earthquake:


Add 3 scoops of pineapple ice cream in two large glasses.

Chilean earthquake - Step 1


Add the pipeño wine to the glasses to continue with the preparation of the earthquake drink. You can substitute the pipeño for white wine and sparkling wine in equal parts.

Chilean earthquake - Step 2


Pour the grenadine to taste on top of the ice cream. In general, one or two tablespoons is fine, but you can try the sweetness to do it to taste.

Chilean earthquake - Step 3


Enjoy this refreshing sweet drink whenever you feel like it. You can use a straw or teaspoon to mix the ice cream with the wine and consume all the ingredients well integrated. You will see that the earthquake drink it has an unbeatable flavor and is ideal to celebrate any special date.

Chilean earthquake - Step 4

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Earthquake swallow – Variants and recommendations

In some places they usually modify the recipe or give it their own touch. For example, pineapple ice cream can be substituted for passion fruit or other fruit ice cream, although it is preferable to avoid ice cream with milk. The earthquake drink is usually served in cane size, between 300 and 500 cc, and accompanied by some picadillo such as chorrillana or salchipapas. Its consumption generally increases on the national dates of Chile, but the truth is that it is a very refreshing drink to consume in spring and summer.

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