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Veracruz style peanut torito

21 mayo, 2021

The gastronomic diversity in Mexico never stops and there is always a recipe for every occasion, we not only look at salty or sweet dishes, we also look for variety in drinks. This occasion is not the exception, in RecetasGratis we want you to know how to make peanut torito, a very typical delicious and energizing drink.

Its preparation is very simple, it is a mixture of peanuts, milk, vanilla and cane liquor that, together, have the perfect flavor to enjoy cold or even hot. Take it as an aperitif or accompany it with some delicious seafood. Yes, this peanut torito recipe It carries alcohol, so we recommend taking it in moderation. With that clear, keep reading and discover how easy and delicious the Veracruz style peanut torito is!

5 diners
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make Torito de peanut:

How to make peanut Torito:


To know how to make Veracruz bulls, Roast the peanuts in a pan for a few minutes. Avoid burning, as it could make the drink bitter.

Peanut Bull - Step 1


Then, you just have to blend everything, the evaporated milk, the condensed milk, the peanuts, the vanilla, the peanut butter and the cane liquor. Blend for at least 3 minutes to obtain a light consistency in your Veracruz bull.

Trick: We advise you to use natural unsweetened peanut butter, you can also substitute cane liquor for white rum.

Peanut Bull - Step 2


Now alone prepare some glasses with ice to taste and serve your peanut bull drink, you can also bottle it and refrigerate it to taste at any time.

Peanut Bull - Step 3

Peanut Bull – History

The torito de cacahuate is a traditional and famous drink of Boca del Río in the state of Veracruz, its origin dates back a few dozen years ago, when the day laborers, after many hours of work, prepared a drink composed of cane liquor and fruits, and said that when they drank it they felt like “bulls” and it gave them energy to continue working, that is why they gave him the name of Torito. The recipe has been passed from generation to generation and, currently, there are toritos of many flavors, such as coconut, soursop or coffee, but without a doubt the most famous and special is peanut.

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