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15 Breakfasts for Father’s Day

21 mayo, 2021

Do not you know what to give Daddy? Don’t worry, surprise him first thing in the day by giving him a breakfast made with all your love, and he will be delighted! Of course, bet on a hearty meal that fills you with energy to face the day.

If you lack ideas, in RecetasGrats we propose the best breakfasts for Father’s Day, all comforting and very attractive. Surely you will find here a special recipe to surprise yours. In addition, these preparations will serve you for other special occasions such as his birthday or whenever you want to remind him how much you love him. For our part, we can only congratulate all the parents on their day and wish them good luck.

Cocotte eggs

A type breakfast brunch always like it, especially if you don’t want to wake up so early to entertain him. The eggs cocotte, eggs to the plate or eggs to the casserole They are a dish that consists of serving the eggs in the same utensil where they are cooked.

This recipe has many variations depending on the ingredients chosen to cook the eggs, but this time we recommend: baguette bread, brie cheese, heavy cream or cream and Parmesan cheese. Follow the step by step of the Cocotte Eggs Recipe and discover how easy it is to make this breakfast, and in just 15 minutes! Definitely, among the breakfasts for Father’s Day this is an inexpensive and delicious option.

Advice: brunch is a late breakfast that, depending on the time, works as a strong breakfast or lunch-breakfast.

Breakfast for Father's Day - Huevos cocotte

Pancakes with fruit

Crepes are a classic that never fails. Therefore, if you are looking for special breakfasts for Father’s Day, we recommend preparing crepes and decorate them with fruit drawing a face, writing “happy Father’s Day” or simply “dad”.

You can also whip cream, make a simple Swiss meringue or buy whipped cream to decorate your crepes. Here are some recipes to help you:

Breakfast for Father's Day - Crepes with fruit

Banana oatmeal pancakes

If you know that your dad likes traditional and somewhat sweet breakfasts better, then indulge him and make him some pancakes. But not just any recipe is enough, that’s why we choose one healthier, which replaces common flour with ground oatmeal or oatmeal. This way, you will taste pancakes that are less caloric and easier to digest, although just as tasty. Write down this option to include it in your list of favorite Father’s Day breakfasts and put it into practice by following the steps in this video:

Advice: These pancakes can be eaten by people with celiac disease, as long as you use gluten-free oatmeal.

Baked eggs with potatoes and chorizo

Casserole eggs have many variants and are never boring, so if it comes to breakfasts to surprise dad, they are always a good option. This time, apart from eggs, our recipe has potatoes, chorizo ​​and two kinds of cheese. In addition, this variant can be accompanied with bread toasts, pita bread, arepas, corn tortillas, etc.

If your father is one of those who adore strong breakfasts and you want him to lick his fingers, follow the steps of the Recipe for baked eggs with potatoes and chorizo.

Advice: To cook the eggs you can use a clay, metal or ceramic utensil that withstands high temperatures.

Breakfast for Father's Day - Baked eggs with potatoes and chorizo

Vegetable frittata

Does your father love Italian food? Well, treat him up early with a vegetable frittata. Yes, break away from the most common Father’s Day breakfasts and give him a taste trip to the original land of pasta and pizza, he will love it! The frittata consists of an omelette with eggs and vegetables cooked in the oven. The best of all? Serve whatever veggies you have on hand in the fridge. The preparation is very easy and inexpensive, follow the following steps of the Vegetable frittata recipe and surprise him.

Breakfast for Father's Day - Vegetable Frittata

Egg sandwich with avocado

A good sandwich for breakfast is always liked and even more so if it provides everything you need to start the day with energy. Let the softness of the bread, the creaminess of the avocado and cheese, the juiciness of the egg, the freshness of the tomato and the sparkle of the toppings awaken your dad’s senses. A memorable breakfast! If among the easy breakfasts for Father’s Day you decided on this one, follow the next steps of the Recipe for an egg sandwich with avocado.

Breakfast for Father's Day - Egg sandwich with avocado

Venezuelan Andean Pisca

Andean pisca is a soup that is consumed for breakfast typical of the Venezuelan Andes. This dish contains common ingredients that are easily available anywhere in the world, so anyone can enjoy its comforting taste.

Whether you are from Venezuela or not, if you want to surprise your father with a complete, delicious and easy-to-make breakfast, prepare some potatoes, milk, cheese and coriander to flavor and follow the steps of the Venezuelan Andean Pisca Recipe that we share. Without a doubt, it is one of the best breakfasts for Father’s Day!

Advice: this recipe is also served with egg.

Breakfasts for Father's Day - Venezuelan Andean Pisca

Vanilla biscuit

In many countries, breakfast is characterized by serving sweet preparations. For this reason, a vanilla cake is always an excellent idea because it tends to be liked by everyone. What’s more, you can decorate it with melted chocolate, whipped cream or even fresh fruit to give it your personal touch and offer your dad an even more personalized breakfast. Don’t miss this video and surprise him with a very fluffy cake.

Potatoes stuffed with cheese and bacon

Potatoes are very versatile and work well in many ways. You can serve them as a main dish or a side dish, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it all depends on how you prepare them. Therefore, we suggest a different breakfast where the potato replaces the bread, while the cheese and bacon keep the traditional part.

If between the breakfasts for Father’s Day you decide to opt for this one because your dad loves complete dishes to start his day, follow the steps of the Recipe for potatoes stuffed with cheese and bacon.

Breakfast for Father's Day - Potatoes stuffed with cheese and bacon

Baked stuffed bread

Although combining bread, meat and cheese is considered a traditional breakfast in some countries, it is not a common breakfast in all. Therefore, if you are looking for original breakfasts for Father’s Day, this is an excellent option! We propose you our recipe made with minced meat as the main ingredient and loaf bread or any bread that can be filled. Don’t miss this video and surprise your dad with this different and complete breakfast.

Homemade empanadas

Empanadas are a very popular snack in many parts of the world and are mainly made with wheat flour. In Latin America there are also empanadas made with corn and other variants prepared with vegetables. This food is often eaten as a snack, but also as a breakfast. Thinking about all this, we propose you some Mexican-style empanadas that you can prepare for your dad to surprise him on his day. How about? If you like the idea, following the step by step of the Potato and chorizo ​​empanadas recipe.

On the other hand, yucca empanadas have a particularity that makes them a delicacy, their texture is similar to puff pastry! In addition, you can fill them with the ingredients that you want, although this time we are leaning towards a chicken stew. One of the breakfasts for Father’s Day that will surely captivate your dad’s palate if you follow the Yucca empanadas recipe.

Another option of perfect empanadas for breakfast is the one we show in this video:

Devil eggs

This dish consists of boiled eggs stuffed with a spicy preparation. They can be served successfully during breakfast or as an aperitif, but you must be clear that your father loves spicy foods because this, as we say, spicy a lot.

For all the above, we consider them one of the most tasty and versatile Father’s Day breakfasts. In addition, you will have them ready in a two-by-three if you follow the easy step-by-step of the Diabla eggs recipe.

Breakfasts for Father's Day - Eggs a la diabla


If your father has a sweet tooth and loves to enjoy a good breakfast based on sweet recipes, make some waffles! Waffles allow you to let your creativity fly because you can make them in different shapes and decorate them with a variety of ingredients. For example, you can do the heart shaped waffles to tell your dad how much you love him and top him with chocolate, whipped cream or fruit.

Here are some waffle recipes for you to choose the one your father will like the most:

Breakfast for Father's Day - Waffles


There are many variants of this dish, both in the way it is made and in the ingredients that are added to it. Of course, the main idea is always maintained, which consists of eating a kind of stuffed bread. Arepas are very popular in Venezuela and it is in this country where we find a variety of fillings and recipes for the dough. If you are looking for salty breakfasts for Father’s Day, do not hesitate and prepare different arepas to surprise him. Here are some recipes:

Breakfasts for Father's Day - Arepas

Tlaxcala-style cream chunks

The gorditas de nata are a type of sweet bread made with milk cream and wheat flour, a typical appetizer of Mexican fairs that can also be enjoyed during breakfast. This dish is very similar to the Venezuelan Andean arepas, also made with wheat but salty.

Your dad will surely love this sweet bread, especially accompanying it with jam, honey, condensed milk or cajeta (dulce de leche). So we are going to prepare them following the Tlaxcala-style cream gorditas recipe.

Breakfasts for Father's Day - Gorditas de nata Tlaxcala style

Other breakfasts for Father’s Day

In case you were wanting more, here are a few additional recipes for simple breakfasts for Father’s Day, all very tasty and attractive. Rest assured that your dad will be pleasantly surprised with any of these proposals.

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