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+ 15 recipes with cornstarch

21 mayo, 2021

Corn starch, also called cornstarch or cornstarch, is considered a starch derived from the internal part of the corn kernel, specifically from the endosperm. The main difference between corn flour and cornstarch lies in the preparation: after removing the husk in both products, when it comes to flour, the whole grain is used, and in the case of cornstarch, the germ is removed.

This starch has many uses, some of them unknown to most people. However, its most common applications are in the kitchen, as it serves as a thickener and gelling agent for many recipes. In addition, cornstarch is ideal for everyone because it does not contain gluten and is very nutritious. It should be noted that corn contains a prolamine very similar to wheat gliadin, therefore, people with high levels of intolerance should limit its consumption. Having said all the above, in RecetasGratis we have prepared a compilation with the best recipes with easy cornstarch, both sweet and salty. In this tour you will learn about some of the most interesting uses of this ingredient, so that you can get the most out of it. Do not miss it!

Japanese cheesecake

This dessert is the Japanese version of the traditional cheesecake, although much fluffier and somewhat less sweet. The Anglo-Saxons call her cotton cheesecake or cotton cake, for its airy texture. This preparation includes equal parts cornstarch and wheat flour, although if you prefer to opt for a gluten-free recipe, you can replace the wheat with rice flour. Let yourself be carried away by the Japanese culinary charm and gather the ingredients of our Japanese Cheesecake Recipe. Don’t miss the easy step by step in the following video!

Gluten-free crepes with cornstarch

Of all the salty recipes with cornstarch, crepes are possibly one of the most prepared dishes by the general public. Although the original recipe for crepes is prepared with wheat flour, the texture of gluten-free crepes with cornstarch is so similar that makes it hard to recognize which is which. In addition, its neutral flavor will allow you to combine them with both sweet and savory ingredients. If you don’t have anything in mind for breakfast or dinner, go for this Recipe for gluten-free crepes with cornstarch. Worthy of any diner!

Cornstarch alfajores without TACC

The famous alfajores! If it’s about one of the most popular sweet cornstarch recipes of Latinamerica. Due to its shape, it is quite similar to a sandwich, since it is made up of two disc-shaped cookies that are joined with a sweet filling. The original is prepared with a part of wheat flour and another of cornstarch. In this sense, alfajores have a characteristic texture, which could be described as somewhat gritty due to the cornstarch.

If you are a fan of this dessert and prefer a gluten-free version, don’t miss our Cornstarch alfajores recipe without TACC. You will be delighted!

Advice: This sweet is mainly consumed in Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and more.

Recipes with cornstarch - Cornstarch Alfajores without TACC

Cassava gnocchi for celiacs

Gnocchi are a typical Italian pasta made from potatoes and wheat flour. For those people with celiac disease we have prepared a recipe with very special flourless cornstarch, cassava and cornstarch gnocchi, just as tasty and delicious than the originals. The preparation is very similar to that of the original recipe, with some extra steps that you can consult in the following Cassava gnocchi recipe for celiacs. They are great with any sauce!

Recipes with cornstarch - cassava gnocchi for celiacs

Apple pie with cornstarch

Of all the recipes with cornstarch and apples that exist, this wonderful gluten-free apple cake surely stands out. There are thousands of varieties of this traditional and popular dessert around the world. We propose a gluten-free version so that everyone can enjoy it. Its flavor is fruity and caramelized, and its consistency is very reminiscent of pudding. The best? In this recipe you decide if you add a sweetener or not, according to each palate. Put on your apron and surprise everyone with this Recipe for apple tart with cornstarch.

Recipes with cornstarch - Apple pie with cornstarch

Colombian cornstarch fritters

The flavor of these fritters is delicious, since combine corn and cassava. Its texture, crisp on the outside and softer on the inside, is super appetizing. In case you cannot find cassava starch for the preparation, you can simply use a very light homemade puree of this tuber, and add it in the dough. If you like this dessert with cornstarch, follow the step by step of this Recipe for Colombian cornstarch fritters. Once ready, accompany them with traditional custard or a hot drink.

Cornstarch Recipes - Colombian Cornstarch Buñuelos

Gluten-free profiteroles

Profiteroles belong to the group of so-called double-cooked or blanched doughs. They are so called because they must be cooked twice, the first time when preparing the dough and the second to obtain the final product. In this recipe they are prepared with cornstarch, and believe it or not, many believe that even they are better than with wheat flour. Whether you are celiac or not, it would be a sin if you missed this wonderful recipe for gluten-free profiteroles.

Recipes with cornstarch - Profiteroles without gluten

Andean corn arepas

Andean arepas are traditionally made with wheat flour, and the recipe with cornstarch is called cachapa. This appetizer looks more like a pancake than an arepa, and always has a sweet touch. In other countries it is known as chorreada, corn arepa, jojoto corn arepa and corn tortilla.

This recipe with cornstarch leaves a very smooth texture, it will surely become your favorite! So, if you want a different breakfast or dinner, follow the step by step of this Andean corn arepas recipe.

Advice: These cachapas admit sweet and savory fillings.

Recipes with cornstarch - Andean corn arepas

Gluten Free Vanilla Cookies

Cookies made with cornstarch have a soft and sandy texture reminiscent of alfajores, a delight! Here we propose an easy and quick recipe for vanilla cookies without TACC. Although, if you prefer to experiment with other textures, you could substitute half the cornstarch for rice flour, cassava starch, almond flour, corn flour, etc. If you dare to try them, don’t miss the following easy steps of the Gluten-free Vanilla Cookies Recipe.

Check the following video to discover how to prepare them with rice flour:

Bechamel sauce with cornstarch

Bechamel is a thick white sauce that is prepared with milk and a roux white (wheat flour sauteed in a fat like butter or oil). In this type of preparation, the flour has a thickening function, therefore, it can perfectly be substituted for cornstarch, and thus obtain a gluten-free recipe. Likewise, there are other recipes with cornstarch that seek to achieve similar effects, that is, consistency, creaminess and smoothness. These include creams, ice creams, sweets, puddings, puddings, custards, other types of sauces, etc. For now, if you want to give your recipes a special touch, follow the step by step of the Recipe for bechamel sauce with cornstarch.

You can add this sauce to any other recipe with cornstarch flour for a complete gluten-free dish!

Recipes with cornstarch - Béchamel sauce with cornstarch

Gluten-free carrot and chocolate cake

The carrot cake or Carrot Cake It is one of the most popular desserts in the world. For this reason, we include it in our repertoire giving it a special touch: adding chocolate! If you want to enjoy your fluffiness and flavor, see the Recipe for gluten-free carrot and chocolate cake.

Remember, if you want fluffier bakery products, whether they are gluten-free or not, don’t forget to incorporate enough air during creaming. This will determine the success of any cornstarch recipe. You can check the following video with the step by step of how to prepare a carrot cake covered in chocolate, but be careful! This recipe does contain gluten:

Chocolate flan without caramel

This flan, unlike the traditional recipe, incorporates cornstarch and does not contain liquid caramel. In this preparation the cornstarch provides a creamy, consistent and smooth texture. If you dare with this infallible dessert, do not miss the Recipe for chocolate flan without caramel. Once ready, accompany it with whipped cream or ice cream.

Are video recipes better for you? Here is the step by step of how to prepare this recipe with cornstarch without an oven:

Egg-free chocolate custard

The egg-free chocolate custard is one of the most delicious desserts of all the vegan recipes with cornstarch. Unlike this recipe, the traditional custard gets its creamy and consistent texture thanks to the properties of the egg. However, we can do without this ingredient of animal origin without giving up the characteristic thickness of this dessert. Cornstarch serves as an egg substitute, since it acts as a unifying agent. To use it correctly, add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of water or milk to replace 1 egg. If the preparation has a lot of liquid, omit the water and just add the cornstarch. That said, don’t miss the step by step of this Eggless Chocolate Custard Recipe.

Recipes with cornstarch - Chocolate custard without egg

Cornstarch and milk mazamorra

Cornstarch mazamorra is a very typical Latin American dessert, which is also known as a delicacy. Its texture is similar to a porridge or a very creamy and smooth pudding. Besides being delicious, it is a very quick dessert to prepare. With a handful of ingredients and less than 15 minutes, you will have this Recipe for cornstarch and milk porridge ready.

Recipes with cornstarch - Mazamorra with cornstarch and milk

Other recipes with cornstarch

Definitely, cornstarch has so many culinary uses that it is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. For this reason, here are some dessert recipes with cornstarch so you can find the one that best suits your taste:

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