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+15 Recipes with evaporated milk

21 mayo, 2021

When removing the 60% of the water contained in fresh milk, you get what we call evaporated or dehydrated milk. This concentrated product keeps very well for long periods, as it contains less water. It differs from milk because it has a denser texture, its color is yellowish, it feels more aromatic and its taste is somewhat sweet.

Although during its production process evaporated milk loses some nutrients, its nutritional properties are remarkable: a large amount of calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, D, E, K and several of the B complex. In addition, it has proteins of high biological value. and some natural sugars. As if that were not enough, its almost neutral flavor makes it a very versatile ingredient, which is why it works for both sweet and savory recipes. Thus, evaporated milk is often used in the preparation of sauces, creams, stews, desserts, etc. Also, evaporated milk it has less calories and fat content compared to other dairy products, which is why it serves as a substitute for cream. For all its properties, if you wonder how to take advantage of evaporated milk, in Free Recipes we are going to share with you a very varied group of recipes with evaporated milk, which includes desserts, side dishes, main dishes, entrees, and even how to prepare it!

Cream punch jelly

Gelatin-based recipes always benefit from dairy products, as they gel better, acquire a creamier texture and enrich their flavor. Perhaps for all these reasons our punch jelly is so delicious, as it contains three types of dairy products and their derivatives: condensed milk, cream punch and evaporated milk.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best desserts with ideal evaporated milk because it is super creamy and ideal for special occasions. Follow the step by step of the Cream Punch Jelly Recipe and get to work.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Cream punch jelly

Pumpkin cream with evaporated milk

Vegetable creams feel softer and more palatable if you add evaporated milk, although there are also those who add cream or milk cream, but this way increases the fat and caloric content. So if you want a light version, but very tasty, don’t think twice and opt for this incredible recipe with evaporated milk. Follow the step by step of the Recipe for pumpkin cream with milk and enjoy it.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Pumpkin cream with evaporated milk

Alfredo pasta with shrimp

Alfredo sauce works great with any type of pasta. Basically, it is a white sauce of Italian origin made with cream or milk cream, but it can be perfectly substituted for evaporated milk, thus subtracting calories from the dish.

Try this suggestion and turn our recipe into a lighter option substituting the cream for evaporated milk. The procedure is the same, so don’t hesitate to check out the Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Recipe and put this tip to the test. It is a creamy and flavorful dish that you can accompany with an avocado salad, because seafood is very good with that fruit.

Advice: To replace heavy cream or heavy cream in a recipe, use the same amount of evaporated milk.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Alfredo pasta with shrimp

Pineapple cake with evaporated and condensed milk

The pineapple cake is a cold dessert prepared with gelatin and ingredients derived from milk. In this case, dairy products compensate for the action of certain enzymes contained in citrus fruits, which do not allow gelatin to gel well. In addition, these combined flavors give an exquisite taste in the preparation.

As for evaporated milk in particular, it serves to balance the sweetness that condensed milk provides and, together, help enhance the creamy texture of this dessert. So if you are looking for recipes with evaporated milk and condensed milk, keep this proposal in mind. With that said, follow the easy steps of the pineapple tart with condensed milk.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Pineapple cake with evaporated and condensed milk

Chicken in white sauce

Do you want to prepare a chicken in white sauce but do not have cream or milk cream? Don’t worry! Simply swap the same amount of cream for evaporated milk, and ready! Here are the step-by-step instructions for the Chicken in White Sauce Recipe.

You can accompany this meal with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or a green salad. Without a doubt, among the recipes with salty evaporated milk, this preparation stands out because it is very simple, delicious, economical and nutritious, perfect for any occasion!

Advice: evaporated milk contains only 10% fat, while cream has 30%, so this is a healthier recipe.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Chicken in white sauce

Rice with evaporated milk

Traditional rice pudding is made with whole milk, however, there is a variant that uses evaporated milk, the peruvian recipe! The particularity of this traditional Peruvian recipe consists in the use of condensed milk and evaporated milk, instead of whole milk. The combination of both ingredients provides a creamier and more palatable texture.

There are other evaporated milk recipes similar to this one, for example, the mexican rice pudding. Therefore, here we share both options:

Recipes with evaporated milk - Rice with evaporated milk

Spaghetti carbonara with evaporated milk

Another of the pasta recipes with evaporated milk that you can make is this. Carbonara is a iconic white sauce of Italian gastronomy and it has many versions around the world. Originally, this recipe has eggs, bacon, pecorino romano cheese, coarse salt, and pepper. Our version is made from eggs and cream, but we suggest you turn it into a lighter dish, although just as tasty, substituting the same amount of cream for evaporated milk.

If you want to enjoy a recipe with healthy evaporated milk, list the ingredients and follow the step by step detailed in the Recipe for spaghetti carbonara with egg, but substituting evaporated milk for the cream.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Spaghetti carbonara with evaporated milk

Venezuelan tres leches cake

This recipe is very simple, as it consists of moistening a cake in a mixture of three milks: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. Definitely, a modern classic of Venezuelan pastry, which is characterized by its softness, juiciness and almost cloying flavor.

If you want a lighter version, you can add only vegetable milks or combine them with evaporated milk. On the other hand, if you want it less sweet, just change the condensed milk for whole milk or a vegetable equivalent. Follow the step by step of the Venezuelan Tres Leches Cake Recipe and enjoy this dessert.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Venezuelan tres leches cake

Spinach cake with evaporated milk

Savory cakes are usually prepared with cream or whole milk, however, they can also be made with evaporated milk to obtain, thus, a lighter and healthier cake. Therefore, if you are looking for salty and healthy recipes with evaporated milk, do not miss this spinach and cheese cake!

This cake is a delight and the best of all is that it is much lighter than its original version. In addition, it is very easy to make and even children will want to eat it non-stop. Don’t miss the Spinach and Cheese Cake Recipe.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Spinach cake with evaporated milk

Lemon Carlota

The lemon carlota not only represents one of the best desserts with evaporated milk without oven, but one of the most recognized sweets worldwide. Therefore, one of the ways to take advantage of this ingredient is to make this fantastic dessert. As it is made without an oven, it is much easier and faster. You only need cookies type Maria, evaporated milk, lemons, condensed milk, half cream or heavy cream and powdered cinnamon.

Follow the step by step of the Lemon Carlota Recipe and surprise all your guests with this delicious dessert.

Recipes with evaporated milk - Carlota de Limon

Other recipes with evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is a very useful ingredient in cooking and works great as a substitute for many other dairy products, reducing both calories and fat without sacrificing flavor. Of course, always keep in mind that milk and cream are replaced by the same amount; this works the same for almost all dairy products.

Unfortunately, there are many countries where it is difficult to acquire this product, either because of its cost or because it simply does not exist. Therefore, if you like these salty and sweet evaporated milk recipes, we recommend preparing it at home by following the following easy steps: how to make evaporated milk.

That said, if you’ve been wanting more, here are more recipes with evaporated milk for all tastes:

Recipes with evaporated milk - Other recipes with evaporated milk

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