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+15 Recipes with vanilla – EASY Recipes (sweet and salty)

21 mayo, 2021

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavorings in the world, which is why it is present in many types of food: almost all desserts, various dairy products, some salty foods, and even cocktails! In addition, although it is not very noticeable, its applications go beyond the culinary world and reach areas such as cosmetics, health and perfumery. As if that were not enough, it is attributed aphrodisiac properties and also stimulants on the central nervous system.

In gastronomy, it works very well in savory dishes, combining perfectly with pepper, chili, garlic, ginger and nutmeg. In meats, it has three functions: it seals in moisture, aromatizes and brings out natural sweetness (for example, in lamb, pork, chicken, beef and fish). A touch of vanilla in vinaigrettes or sauces magnifies the flavor of salads. In desserts, it serves as a flavoring, sweetener and flavor enhancer. Did you know all these uses of vanilla? Get ready, because in Free Recipes we have selected for you the best recipes with vanilla so you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream combines with thousands of desserts, because its flavor is smooth and delicious. Thus, it is perfect to take alone or to accompany cakes, strudels, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, canned sweets, etc. And, believe it or not, preparing this ice cream is very easy if you follow our step by step of homemade vanilla ice cream. In addition, making it at home you know what it contains and you can eliminate preservatives and colorings.

On the other hand, if you have a recipe with vanilla essence like this one and you want to substitute the extract for the pod, take into account that 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract is equivalent to ½ pod of the same product.

Vanilla Recipes - Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate and vanilla muffins

Although chocolate combines with many spices and essences in confectionery, it is sublime with vanilla. That is why, for our recipe with vanilla essence, we have selected these chocolate chip muffins, very aromatic and delicious! You can bake them right now, as the recipe is a breeze if you follow the step by step of these chocolate chip muffins.

An interesting tip if you wonder “when should I incorporate the vanilla during the preparation of cakes and muffins” is that, preferably, you do it during the creaming process, that is, when you incorporate air into the butter. This also applies to any other essence.

Vanilla Recipes - Chocolate Vanilla Muffins

Vanilla panna cotta

The panna cotta is a typical sweet of the Italian region of Piedmont and it is prepared with milk cream, sugar, gelling agents and vanilla! This dessert is great with this flavoring, as it combines very well with dairy products, chocolate, whether white or black, and jams. It could be said that the flavors are amalgamated in such a way that the flavor is unified.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best vanilla dessert recipes that you can prepare, since it is an easy sweet that you can have ready in just 30 minutes. Follow the Italian panna cotta recipe and surprise your guests with this dessert.

Recipes with vanilla - Vanilla panna cotta

Vanilla bread pudding

The pudding, also known as pudding, pan cake or burrera cake, is prepared mainly with old bread, milk, eggs, sugar, lemon and vanilla. Once baked, it is accompanied with a fruit sauce, dulce de leche or caramel. There are even people who add the caramel to the mold and it is like flan.

This recipe with vanilla can be considered a harvest dessert, which stands out for its simplicity and its flavor defined by vanilla and lemon. So, if you have bread leftovers, take advantage of them and follow the next steps in our bread pudding recipe.

Vanilla Recipes - Vanilla Bread Pudding

Diplomatic cream

Diplomatic cream, also known as diplomat cream or madame cream, is a recipe that mix two of the most popular creams in the world, pastry cream and whipped cream. In both preparations, vanilla is very important as a flavoring, therefore, in diplomatic cream it is almost essential, although variations can also occur.

If you wanted a different cream, that is a little out of the ordinary, you already have it! So, the next time you need to decorate a cake, just follow the step by step of our diplomatic cream. And if you prefer a more traditional vanilla essence recipe, check out this icing sugar chantilly cream or the pastry cream recipe.

Recipes with vanilla - Diplomatic cream

Eggless vanilla flan

Vanilla is the Flavoring par excellence for custards, even those with fruit flavors: guava flan, mango, coconut, etc. This is due to its power as a flavor enhancer, especially fruit and dairy products. Therefore, it also works very well in the preparation of cakes, compotes, sweets, roasted fruits, preserves, etc. Would you like to try vanilla flan recipes? Well, prepare our recipe following the step by step of vanilla custard without egg.

Do you want to make your own vanilla extract? Place 3 or 4 open vanilla pods in a sterilized glass jar. Next, pour in 475 milliliters of rum, vodka, or bourbon. Leave the container in a dark, cool and dry place. If you used rum, wait 1 month before using it; in case you use vodka, wait 3-4 months. In that time frame, shake the jar whenever you can.

If you prefer recipes with branch vanilla, then don’t miss this vanilla flan video:

Banana split cake

The banana split, banana ice cream or banana boat is a classic dessert of North American origin, which is prepared mainly with ice cream and banana. For our recipe with vanilla essence we bring you an interesting version of this dessert, in the form of a cold cake.

This preparation uses as main elements the flavors of milk cream, banana and vanilla. To that, the filling with strawberries, cherries, nuts and chocolate sauce is added. A different and delicious banana split! And, as if that were not enough, it is given a special and different touch, dulce de leche! If you have already craved, follow the step by step recipe for the banana split cake, a dessert to surprise!

Vanilla Recipes - Banana Split Tart

Capirotada of tres leches

The capirotada is a traditional mexican dessert of the Lenten season. This preparation consists of bread bathed in brown sugar and dried fruits. On this occasion, our recipe with vanilla consists of a capirotada of tres leches, super creamy! Of course, dairy takes on another level if you flavor it with vanilla. That said, we are going to prepare it by following the easy step-by-step recipe for the capirotada de tres leches.

And if you want to know the traditional version, don’t miss this video:

Mini American Vanilla Pancakes

American pancakes, or hotcakes, are known around the world for their mild flavor and fluffiness. If you are a lover of classic pancakes, you will love these mini pancakes because they can be eaten with milk or a if they were cereals!

The dough is flavored with our star essence to enhance the flavor of the pancake and give it that little bit for dessert or breakfast. It is a perfect snack or breakfast that will not take you more than 15 minutes. Get to work with the steps in this video and surprise with an easy and different recipe with vanilla.

Vanilla cookies

Without a doubt, the recipes for cookies with vanilla are a classic that never fails for its flavor and easy preparation. In fact, we could rate them among the most popular made with this ingredient. If you want to learn how to prepare a simple recipe that also includes chocolate, in this video we show you how to prepare them in such a way that even children can help you.

This recipe is made with vanilla essence, but remember that you can substitute it for pod. In this sense, an interesting fact if you buy vanilla in pods is that you select it taking into account these characteristics: that they be flexible, thick pods, somewhat greasy to the touch, shiny but not excessively, with a uniform color (without mold stains, nor scars) and between 16-20 cm. The best ones come from Mexico, Madagascar and Tahiti.

Decorated chocolate wet cake

You already know that vanilla and chocolate together delight even the most demanding palates. Now imagine this combination within a moist and fluffy cake. If you’ve ever complained about the dry texture of a chocolate cake, then you’re going to love this dessert.

Without a doubt, a sweet recipe with vanilla perfect for special occasions. That said, we can only prepare everything in the kitchen and follow the step-by-step recipe for a moist chocolate cake.

Vanilla Recipes - Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake

Vanilla and fruit smoothie

A drink or a dessert? Well, both! Yes, this vanilla smoothie combined with fruit is a real delicacy, perfect for special occasions. So, let yourself be carried away by this recipe for your personal taste or to conquer the palate of your guests. In addition, although we have chosen to combine vanilla with pear, the good thing about this preparation is that you can use the fruit you like the most. Follow the step by step of the vanilla and pear smoothie recipe and tell us which fruit you used.

Vanilla Recipes - Vanilla Fruit Smoothie

Sweet crepes

Crepes are a very versatile breakfast, as you can eat them both salty and sweet, as you wish! Of course, almost always sweet crepes have that special touch that only vanilla provides.

For this reason, our recipe with vanilla essence is inspired by aromatic and sweet breakfasts. You will be surprised with the result if you follow our easy step by step of sweet crepes for 4 people. Once ready, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and accompany them with apple jam, it will be an unforgettable breakfast!

Recipes with vanilla - Sweet crepes

Vanilla biscuit

The vanilla cake is a classic of world confectionery, one of the first desserts that any pastry lover learns to prepare and a basic cake for any occasion.

Due to its strong but subtle aroma, this dessert allows you many types of combinations and accompaniments. Without a doubt, this recipe with vanilla could not be missing from our list. So, if it gives you a sweet breakfast or you want to have something tasty for a snack, follow the step-by-step recipe that we show in this video:

Advice: vanilla adds a sweet touch to preparations.

Vanilla Orange Vinaigrette

Although it may surprise you, vanilla is also used in savory preparations, such as marinades, grill glazes, salad dressings, etc.

For our salty vanilla recipe, we have selected …