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+15 Romantic breakfasts to take to bed

21 mayo, 2021

Surely you have heard those famous phrases that say “love enters through the kitchen” or “the heart is reached through the stomach”, because they are not just words! Surprising your loved one first thing in the day with a meal made with love is worth a thousand words. For this reason, at RecetasGratis we have chosen unforgettable homemade romantic breakfast recipes for you, designed to pleasantly surprise, either for their original presentation, for their aphrodisiac ingredients, for being energetic, for their gourmet style or for their exotic origin. A delight for the senses!

The breakfasts to surprise in bed are not prepared only when a date such as Valentine’s Day arrives, but any day of the year if what you want is to remind your partner how much you love them. Likewise, this meal serves as a prelude to very special dates, such as anniversaries, birthdays or any day that has been memorable in shared life. Rest assured that you will enjoy as much as we do this top that we have prepared with a lot of love, so keep reading to know our best romantic breakfasts to take to bed.

American sandwich with egg

A good American sandwich for breakfast is always an appetizing option, and even better if it has two floors! Although if it comes to devising homemade romantic breakfasts, you have to give them that special touch in presentation to remind us of how special that moment was, so it occurred to us to decorate the first slice of bread with a heart. If you are excited about this proposal, have a cookie cutter or cookie cutter handy and follow our step by step explained in the American sandwich with egg recipe. Also, complete this breakfast with a tasty watermelon, apple and raspberry smoothie or an antioxidant orange juice, red in color, which is always associated with love and passion.

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - American Sandwich with Egg

French toast

To start a very special day on the right foot and get to the heart of our loved one more quickly, it is advisable to know their tastes and prepare an unforgettable romantic breakfast. Therefore, if your partner has a sweet tooth, sweeten his palate first!

A recipe that never fails is the popular French toast or French Toast topped with maple syrup or honey and decorated with strawberry slices, they are simply exquisite! Accompany these toasts with a coffee or a hot chocolate with coconut milk and you will have a perfect breakfast to take to bed. Follow the step by step French toast recipe and surprise your favorite person.

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - French Toast

Homemade waffles

One of the most popular breakfasts in the world is the one that serves delicious waffles as the protagonists. Therefore, if you are looking for romantic breakfasts to surprise, go ahead and prepare homemade waffles! You can decorate them with white or dark chocolate, red berries, crushed biscuit, honey, whipped cream…, the possibilities are endless! Also, if you are looking for a more elaborate and beautiful presentation, you can always prepare small containers with the different toppings for your partner to decide how to combine them.

To make waffles at home, don’t miss these simple recipes:

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Homemade Waffles

Heart shaped cinnamon rolls

More sweets for lovers! Yes, because if you think about it, who doesn’t soften when they get sweets? Few! Inspired by this idea, we have selected from our list of romantic breakfasts for Valentine’s Day, or any other special date, a very famous recipe: cinnamon rolls. But it is not just any type of rolls, as these are heart-shaped. In addition, it contains among its ingredients a legendary sexual stimulant: cinnamon.

Let’s prepare this recipe! Following the step by step of cinnamon rolls in the shape of a heart. To complete the breakfast you can also serve a fruit salad, butter croissants, natural juice and / or a coffee or hot chocolate.

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Red velvet pancakes

Continuing with the ideas of sweet romantic breakfasts, how about versioning the traditional American pancakes to surprise your partner? We propose you add red food coloring to the dough to get some pancakes of a deep red color and prepare a white coating, this is how you will get some red velvet pancakes!

For the pancake dough you can follow any of these recipes:

For the coverage you can simply melt dark chocolate or prepare a cream cheese. For this second option, don’t miss our cheese frosting recipe.

Romantic breakfasts to take to bed - Red velvet pancakes

Heart-shaped pancakes

Love not only brings out our passionate side, but also the creative and fun side. So give your loved one one of the most original Valentine’s breakfasts, some heart-shaped pancakes! And if you want to surprise even more, separate the dough in several containers to add colorants of different colors.

Do not get carried away by the appearance, they are made very easily and even in several ways: with a pastry bag drawing on the pan, cutting them with a cookie mold after they have been cooked or pouring the dough into the mold placing it directly in the pan. You can serve them with red fruits, some natural juice, honey or the jam that your partner likes the most.

To make these pancakes you can follow any of the previously shared recipes or encourage yourself to make these mini pancakes that you can also make in the shape of a heart


If it is breakfasts for Valentine’s Day, or any special breakfast for a couple, the classics never fail, that’s why the French omelette is also on this list. This omelette it is a very versatile food, since its sheet-like shape allows it to be folded on itself and thus add almost infinite fillings.

If you are looking for a romantic breakfast and your partner is more about salty recipes than sweet ones, choosing to prepare a French omelette is always an excellent option. You can make it simple or choose any of these options:

Likewise, do not forget to serve it accompanied by a coffee, a juice or a smoothie, as well as other preparations, such as a fruit salad or some sweets, such as croissants, muffins, cookies …

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - French Omelette

Mini Heart-Shaped Chicken Pastries

Some chicken cakes for any breakfast sounds very good, although when it comes to entertaining our partner we cannot skimp on details. Thinking about this, we propose that kind of romantic breakfasts to take to bed that they convey warmth, tenderness and a lot of creativity! So how about mini heart-shaped chicken cakes? Rest assured that you will impress your loved one and it does not have any complications. Follow the recipe for mini chicken pastries in the shape of a heart and you will see that it is very easy.

Of course, we advise you to compensate the size of the cakes by preparing a buffet-style tasting by adding other easy recipes such as the ones we propose below:

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Mini Heart-Shaped Chicken Pastries

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the most popular breakfasts in many countries. If they are prepared with light ingredients and little oil, it can be a perfect recipe to start the day because provides the body with important nutrients and lots of energy.

On the other hand, you can give it any shape you want if you’re looking to serve a romantic breakfast in bed, so you can draw a heart or try writing something short, like the TQ abbreviation for “I love you.” Go ahead and prepare some scrambled eggs with any of these recipes:

And to complete your breakfast, don’t forget to add a drink and other preparations, such as salty croissants, toast …

Advice: pepper is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Romantic Breakfast to Take to Bed - Scrambled Eggs

Heart-shaped fried eggs

More hearts! Yes, because this type of culinary decoration is never boring, especially when it comes to breakfasts to surprise in bed. For this, you have several options. You can form the heart with frankfurter sausages and cook the egg inside or use a cookie sheet to cook the fried egg and serve it, later, on toast, a salad …

To follow the recipe that includes sausages, we recommend you follow the recipe for fried eggs with a heart shape, it will not take you more than 15 minutes! You can also accompany this breakfast with arepas, corn tortillas, pita bread, slice bread or baguette.

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Heart-Shaped Fried Eggs

Chia and coconut pudding

To awaken the senses! This fruity breakfast has a provocative combination of flavors: coconut, mango, honey, vanilla, cardamom and chia. Without a doubt, a delicious recipe that will charge your partner with energy after a night of passion, and will cheer them up again!

One of the most refreshing and healthy breakfasts for Valentine’s Day or for any other special day that you can offer your partner is this, as well as original. Preparing it has no complications if you follow the chia and coconut pudding step by step.

Advice: The ingredients in this recipe are known as aphrodisiacs, which is why preparing a romantic breakfast with them is an excellent idea.

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Chia and Coconut Pudding

Assorted bagels

Bagels are very original and stylish donut-shaped breads, perfect for a special breakfast to take to bed! On this occasion, we propose a filling with goat cheese, lettuce, walnuts and honey, In the best gourmet style!

If it is about romantic breakfasts, this proposal is great because it has two ingredients considered aphrodisiacs: honey and nuts. However, there are many other recipes that can also be perfect to surprise in bed, so be sure to check them all:

Romantic Take-to-Bed Breakfasts - Assorted Bagels

Heart cookies

Cookies are the perfect companions to practically any breakfast, but if you are looking for romantic breakfasts to surprise your partner, ¡¡¡shape them into a heart and decorate them! In this video we show you different ways to decorate cookies, all of them very simple and perfect to show your favorite person how much you love them.

Serve these cookies with a coffee, a natural juice and any of the recipes mentioned in this list, you will have a complete and delicious breakfast!

Chicken and Egg Baskets

A simple but well presented meal can also impress that special person in your life. For this reason, in our list of breakfasts to take to bed, we could miss this great idea, as it transforms a common egg and bread breakfast into a pleasant gastronomic surprise.

Our proposal is designed to be kind brunch or late breakfast, as it contains an additional filling of chicken, bacon and …