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Easy Mother’s Day breakfasts

22 mayo, 2021

Surprise mom on her day! Make a special breakfast and give her her first morning smile. At Recetasgratis we share with you our admiration for those special beings that give us life and, therefore, we propose some exquisite recipes so that you can treat it as it deserves and from very early on.

We prepare a quick guide in which you will find breakfasts for Mother’s Day of various styles: sweet, salty, international, healthy, vegetarian, etc. They are not very laborious recipes, but they will surely leave you pleasantly surprised by their presentation and originality.

Toast with egg in the center

What’s so special about preparing eggs and toast? Well, a lot if you change the presentation. For this reason, we suggest these easy toasts, cut with a simple pasta cutter, and then toast them in the pan, cooking them with the egg in the center.

Surprise mom with this easy breakfast by following the steps in the recipe from toast with egg in the center. Also, accompany the preparation with a hot drink or juice, and you will be like a chef!

Breakfast for Mother's Day - Toast with egg in the center

Strawberry crepes with cream cheese

Crepes are very versatile, maybe that’s why we never get tired of them. Thinking about this, we bring you this very original and glamorous version, filled with cream cheese and strawberries, any mom with a sweet tooth will appreciate it!

And if she cannot consume gluten, do not worry, be guided by the recipe of gluten-free and lactose-free crepes, to make the dough. Then fill them in following the step by step of strawberry crepes with cream cheese, and say good morning to mom in style!

Advice: Accompany the crepes with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or some juice.

Breakfast for Mother's Day - Strawberry crepes with cream cheese

Ham and egg cupcake

Turn an ordinary breakfast into a gourmet breakfast by preparing these ham and egg cupcakes, they look delicious to the naked eye!

The preparation has no secret, you only need refractory or metal molds for cupcakes, and follow the step-by-step recipe of ham and egg cupcake. To round off this breakfast for Mother’s Day, you can accompany it with toasted bread or, if you prefer, incorporate the bread into the presentation in the way that we indicate in this other recipe of bread tart with egg.

Breakfast for Mother's Day - Ham and Egg Cupcake

Blueberry smoothie with bananas

Mommy is a fitness woman? Well, prepare a healthy drink for her, she will thank you! A smoothie is a dense and homogeneous smoothie made from juice and fruits (even vegetables). Sometimes milk, ice cream, yogurt, or ice are also added. Our blueberry and banana smoothie provides important compounds for the body: antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, proteins, among other nutrients.

You can serve this drink alone or with some of our suggestions at easy oatmeal breakfasts to lose weight. To make this shake, follow the steps of the recipe for blueberry smoothie with bananas.

Advice: This drink contains milk.

Mother's Day Breakfasts - Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Soft corn and cheese souffle

Soufflé is a very light dish that is prepared in the oven. The recipe itself consists of 3 preparations that are combined: a white sauce (béchamel), a sweet or salty flavoring (chocolate, cheese, vegetables, etc.) and whites beaten until stiff. In addition, it may or may not include egg yolks.

Give Mom a very glamorous breakfast by serving her this traditional French food dish. Do not panic, it may seem complicated, but it is not. Just follow the step by step of this easy recipe for soft corn and cheese souffle and you can give a memorable breakfast.

Breakfasts for Mother's Day - Soft corn and cheese soufflé

Peanut butter waffles

If Mom has a sweet tooth and loves sweet breakfasts, give her this morning cooking classic: waffles. In some parts they are also known as waffles and their characteristic texture, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, is irresistible.

We propose the American recipe, covered with peanut butter, a classic option that mommy won’t be able to resist. Put on the apron and follow the step by step of this recipe for peanut butter waffles, and accompany it with a hot chocolate with spices.

Advice: You can also cover these waffles with honey, maple syrup, brown sugar syrup, ice cream, nutella, dulce de leche, etc.

Mother's Day Breakfasts - Peanut Butter Waffles

Red chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are pieces of fried corn tortilla cooked in a chili sauce and broth. Commonly, they are served with onion, chicken, and cheese sprinkled on top. In short, chilaquiles are a very complete breakfast of international stature, ideal for moms who love Mexican food.

Among so many versions that exist of this preparation, we decided on this one Red chilaquiles. Follow the steps and prepare this delicious breakfast for Mother’s Day to surprise!

Breakfasts for Mother's Day - Chilaquiles rojas

Mini tortillas

The omelette never fails as a breakfast, but if you want to give them a masterful twist, prepare it in a mini version. Thus, it will have a more tasteful, elegant presentation, and suitable for the occasion, Mom will not be able to resist! You can accompany the mini ham and cheese omelettes with some tostadas, arepas viudas, cakes, or any other complement you like.

Making them has no complications, just follow the steps in this recipe for mini baked tortillas, very similar to any similar recipe. In this case, they are cooked in a cupcake mold, from there they get their very appetizing shape!

Breakfasts for Mother's Day - Mini tortillas

Chicken and mushroom patties

Empanadas never leave anyone bad, since you can fill them with whatever you want, whether they are sweet or savory fillings. This aperitif is widely consumed in Spanish-speaking countries for breakfast or as a snack, but each one has its own version, be it corn or wheat.

The variety of preparations is very wide, and it was difficult for us to choose between so many good options, but in the end we decided! Here is this recipe, explained step by step, of chicken patties with mushrooms: a gourmet breakfast that is sure to delight any mom.

Breakfasts for Mother's Day - Chicken and mushroom patties

Tomato and basil cheese toast

Tomato, basil and cheese are common flavors of the Italian food. Normally, you can taste it on pizzas and pasta, but also on toast. Therefore, here we leave you the step by step of these tomato and basil cheese toast to prepare a very original and tasty breakfast.

Serve this breakfast for Mother’s Day accompanied by a hot drink or juice. And if you are looking for another type of toast highly recommended for such a special day, try these Mexican tostadas with chicken.

Breakfast for Mother's Day - Tomato and basil cheese toast

Other breakfast recipes for Mother’s Day

Before suggesting more recipes, it seems important to remind you of the importance of a good presentation on such a special day. This includes everything from the actual saucer assembly to the proper selection of dishes, napkins, cutlery, and any other such detail. For example, you prefer a white plate without ornaments, so the colors of the food stand out better, and it looks more appetizing.

With that said, let’s look at some other Mother’s Day breakfasts that we don’t include in the top, although they seem great to us:

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