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How to Clean Mushrooms Properly – Step by Step!

23 mayo, 2021

The mushroom is a highly appreciated product in both vegetarian and traditional cuisine. It is not for less, since its texture is very similar to meat and it is easily seasoned thanks to its porosity. In addition, mushrooms provide important nutrients for the body, such as protein, fiber, vitamins (especially C, D and B6), minerals and antioxidants.

Despite all these benefits, these mushrooms and others can become health enemies if not cleaned properly, as they are products that come from the earth and can contain biological pathogens. However, mushrooms cannot be cleaned like most foods, that is, with plenty of water, as they lose their organoleptic qualities (flavor, texture, etc.). For this reason, at RecetaGratis we want to show you how to clean mushrooms the right way, and give you all the tricks for this work.

How to disinfect mushrooms

Apart from clean the mushrooms very well, it is highly advisable to disinfect them. But as you already know, mushrooms are a very delicate food that you must handle with care if you want to enjoy all its qualities. Thinking about this, if you want more health, you could even remove the skin with a potato peeler after disinfecting and cleaning them.

With that said, let’s see how to disinfect mushrooms using two very useful methods.

How to disinfect mushrooms with flour and lemon

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Put the flour and lemon juice in a container. Uses 1 cup of wheat flour (or any other of your preference) and the juice of 1 lemon.
  3. Mix the preparation. You must get a paste.
  4. Use the mixture to spread it on the mushrooms.
  5. Remove the mixture from the mushrooms. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush to do this. Be careful not to damage the mushrooms. In the end, you should get some mushrooms, totally white.
  6. Then, you can clean the mushrooms with the steps that we will give you later.

How to disinfect mushrooms with food chlorine

  1. Wash your hands very well.
  2. Clean the mushrooms first. In this case, it first cleans and then disinfects (different from the previous method). For this reason, before disinfecting, apply the steps to clean mushrooms that we will show you in the next section.
  3. Prepare a bowl of water and bleach. Pour just a few drops of bleach.
  4. Dip a cloth in the solution. Then take it out and squeeze it well, it should be wet, but not too wet.
  5. Clean each mushroom with the cloth. Pass the cloth very carefully, this way you will avoid mistreating them.

Advice: Although some eat the mushrooms raw, preferably cook them, even if it is a minimum of 20 seconds.

How to clean mushrooms - How to disinfect mushrooms

How to clean mushrooms before cooking

If you want to get the most out of the dishes made with mushrooms or mushrooms, the main thing is to clean them very well. This practice not only prevents any digestive disease, but also prevents ingesting pieces of earth or stones. Follow these steps to know how to clean mushrooms before cooking:

  1. Wash your hands very well.
  2. Have two containers handy. One bowl will serve you to put the dirty mushrooms and the other the clean ones.
  3. Prepare two very clean microfiber cloths, moisten them and wring them very well. One will be used for the first cleaning and the other to remove any remaining dirt.
  4. Clean the trunk of the mushroom. Remove most of the dirt with a first pass, and then wipe with a cleaner, damp cloth to finish. Although some people recommend cutting the trunk first, this practice is not advisable, since cutting them like this allows bacteria to enter the mushroom.
  5. Cut off the earthy part of the trunk or stem.
  6. Clean the mushrooms one by one. Although this process seems a bit tedious, you need to be meticulous when cleaning the mushrooms, because if there are traces of dirt you can ruin any recipe.
  7. Remove accumulated dirt from the mushroom hats with a toothbrush. Lightly wet a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the mushroom until the dirt is removed.
  8. Finish cleaning with the damp cloth. The idea is to remove all the remaining dirt, rubbing them in a quick but careful circular motion. Try not to use too much force.
  9. Pat the mushrooms dry with a towel or absorbent paper. Moisture is the number one enemy of fungi, although ironically they reproduce from it.

Some experts recommend rinse the mushrooms at the end of the cleaning. There is a whole controversy surrounding this practice. Some say that if you wash the mushrooms they lose practically all their organoleptic characteristics. While other people argue that they are not and that they are only a little lost if anything and it is worth it for the wholesomeness.

If you prefer to rinse the mushrooms, instead of wiping them with a last damp cloth, do it, and tell us the result. Of course, put them in a colander and just rinse them lightly under the tap, because if you soak them they will be damaged. Never let mushrooms soak.

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Advice: There are special brushes to clean mushrooms if you want to facilitate the work.

How to Clean Mushrooms - How to Clean Mushrooms Before Cooking

How to wash rolled mushrooms

You know how to clean whole mushrooms, but surely you wonder how to wash cut mushrooms, the kind that come from stores. Here’s how to clean sliced ​​mushrooms:

  1. Wash your hands very well.
  2. Prepare a very clean cloth (preferably microfiber), moisten it and drain it very well.
  3. Cover a tray with absorbent paper. Reserve it.
  4. Place the mushrooms on a wooden board and examine them. Check both sides. If they don’t feel firm to the touch, and they look slimy, throw them away, as these characteristics show that they are breaking down. Reserve those that are in good condition.
  5. Clean the cut mushrooms one by one. Use a microfiber cloth, a regular cloth, or an absorbent napkin. Dampen them and squeeze them to avoid excess water. Clean them thoroughly, especially where you see dirt.
  6. Rinse them lightly (optional). Some experts think that if you wash it lightly, without overdoing it with the water, nothing happens. This step is recommended if the mushrooms are very dirty. Another alternative is to have another damp cloth for the final cleaning (you can even moisten it in a solution of water with a few drops of food chlorine).
  7. Arrange the mushrooms on the reserved tray. Distribute them so that they are not piled up,
  8. Dry them with absorbent paper. Pass the paper slightly over them, they should be as dry as possible.
  9. Cover the mushrooms with absorbent paper (two layers). This will finish drying.
  10. Refrigerate until use. Set them aside until you cook them.

Advice: Even if the mushrooms appear to be clean, you should always clean them.

How to cut mushrooms

Cutting mushrooms does not have any complications, you only need to have them clean, to later count them with the help of a well-sharpened knife. That said, take the following considerations into account before chopping the mushrooms:

  1. Wash your hands very well.
  2. Use a sharp knife. Neither dull knives, nor saw knives; both spoil the smooth but firm texture of the mushrooms.
  3. Cut the mushrooms on a wooden or plastic board. This keeps the knife sharp and cuts more precise. Use a table you have specially designated for vegetables.
  4. Have two containers on hand. On one side, have the bowl where you put the whole mushrooms. On the other hand, have a bowl to place the already cut mushrooms.
  5. Hold the mushroom by the cap or hat. Lay the mushroom on the board, with the stem facing the cut surface. While making the cuts, take great care of the cap or hat, avoid crushing or mistreating it at all times.

Types of cuts for mushrooms

Once you know how to clean mushrooms, you just need to choose the type of cut that is most useful for you. Next, we leave you the different types of cuts for mushrooms and the techniques to follow to learn how to cut mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms in half. Cut a mushroom in half. Rest the knife on the board and just raise and lower the back of the blade, much like a lever.
  • Mushrooms in quarters. Cut a mushroom in half, and then cut those halves in half as well. In this way, you will get 4 pieces of each mushroom.
  • Sliced ​​mushrooms. Put the mushroom cap face down. Make cuts of the thickness that your recipe needs, that is, very thin, thin or thick.
  • Mushrooms in cubes, chopped or shredded. Place the mushroom hat facing downward. Cut several slices, then chop them lengthwise, vertically, and then cut them horizontally. You will have several squares left, the thickness will depend on how finely you chop the mushroom.
  • Mushrooms in strips. Keeping the knife on the board, push the blade forward just a little, making a smooth motion over the mushroom. Make several cuts along the length, moving the knife slightly to the side. In the hand that is holding the mushroom, you should have your fingers tucked in and only show your knuckles.
How to clean mushrooms - How to cut mushrooms

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