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23 mayo, 2021

Papaya is a sweet and very tasty tropical fruit, famous both for its culinary uses and for its medicinal qualities. In the kitchen it is very useful, since it is used to prepare a wide variety of dishes and even to tenderize meat. On the other hand, in its role as a health ally, it stands out for a long list of properties, which includes: gas reduction, stomach inflammation, metabolism acceleration, acidity reduction and strengthening of the immune system, among many others. If we talk about its nutrients, this fruit stands out for its high antioxidant content (carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids), B vitamins, vitamin A, minerals (potassium, magnesium, folic acid and phosphorus) and abundant dietary fiber. In addition, it contains carpain (alkaloid) and papain (enzyme), both compounds responsible for acting in the bile fluid to facilitate the digestion of meats and heavy meals.

Thinking of all its qualities, you may wonder how do you eat papaya to take advantage of all its benefits: can you eat the skin and seeds? How do you eat to lose weight? In RecetasGratis we answer them all and we suggest a few exquisite and healthy recipes for you to enjoy this fruit.

How to know if papaya is ripe

Although green papaya is used to prepare salads and sweets, we almost always use this ripe fruit. Therefore, if you wonder how to know if the papaya is ripe, be guided by the following tips:

  • Its color is between yellow, reddish and orange. Even if the papaya has some green spots, it will be especially useful if you need to keep it at home for a few days. Of course, avoid those ripe papayas that have very large dark spots because this indicates that they are overripe or battered.
  • Shows a smooth surface. The skin is not battered, wrinkled or sagging.
  • Touching it feels soft. Press the skin of the papaya with the tip of a finger, if it gives a little, it is almost certain that it is ripe.
  • Smell sweet. If it is at its ideal point of maturity, its aroma will be sweet but not too strong. On the contrary, if you perceive a fermented or unpleasant smell, leave it because it is soggy. In the case of green papayas, you will not feel any odor.

Advice: Green papaya contains a substance that can cause contractions, so it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Can you eat papaya skin? And the seeds?

Papaya is not wasteful, since everything can be used and consumed in different ways: seeds, leaves, skin, root, etc. If it’s about the skin, can be ingested in infusions slimming or infusions to maintain the tan (in both cases, use ripe or almost ripe papaya). On the other hand, you can also leave the skin in the pulp to consume it in salads. It is interesting to mention that this part of the fruit has many other non-edible uses.

Are papaya seeds eaten?

You know what papaya seeds can be consumed. However, its use should be moderate, since the totality of its effects is still unknown. However, so far, studies show anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties thanks to its compounds: oleic acid, flavonoids and polyphenols (p-hydroxybenzoic acid and vanillic acid). In addition, it contains papain, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

But,how do you eat papaya seeds? How to combine them? And what are they for? You can consume papaya seeds raw, dried or crushed. If you plan to dry them, you can expose them to the sun, pass them through the oven or a dehydrator and then consume them crushed or chewed. If you leave it raw, wash them and store them in the refrigerator to consume them daily (they keep for 7 days).

Regarding the benefits of seeds of papaya, there is a very long list that we summarize below, along with the indications on how to eat papaya seeds:

  • They help eliminate parasites if you consume 1 tbsp of seeds 2-3 times a day half an hour before eating for a month, combined with water, juice or honey (raw or powdered). You can also eat 8-10 seeds in a smoothie, fasting, 30 minutes before breakfast. Of course, depending on the type of parasite, medical treatment will be necessary, so it is important to note that remedies such as eating papaya do not replace drugs.
  • Control heartburn. To do this, eat 7 seeds 3 times a day. There are two ways to take them: crushed and dissolved in water or by chewing them raw. Do it for 7-15 days before eating.
  • They prevent and fight kidney diseases. They serve as preventive or complementary treatment (never as a replacement for medical treatment). Chew 7 seeds, 7 times a day, for 1 month.
  • They improve intestinal transit. Boil 1 glass of water with 1 tsp of crushed dried seeds. Once boiled, if you want, sweeten with honey or some sweetener. Consume this infusion 2-3 times a day for 1 month. Divide the time like this: 15 days of treatment, rest for 15 days and finally continue the treatment for 15 more days.
  • They help you lose weight and regulate sugar. Consume 12 seeds fasting with juice or grapefruit tea for 30 days (15 days of treatment, 15 days of rest and again 15 days of treatment).
  • Eliminates toxins and purifies the liver. Eat 5 seeds ground and mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Do it twice 2 times a day for 1 month.

We insist that all these remedies do not replace medical treatments, they are complements to the treatments stipulated by the professional. Of course, we also advise that this same professional approve the consumption of these remedies.

Contraindications and side effects

As with most foods, the seeds are not suitable for everyone or they can cause certain adverse effects:

  • Raw seeds are more bitter than dried ones and can cause an upset stomach. For this reason, eat 1-2 seeds as a test to see how your body reacts before taking larger doses.
  • Not recommended in pregnant women.
  • It could alter the heart rhythm and cause kidney stones if ingested in large doses.

How to peel a papaya

Believe it or not, peeling a papaya has its technique. Yes, despite looking like an easy fruit to cut due to its texture, doing it well has its tricks. For this reason, below, we will show you an easy technique, with which no pulp is wasted and the presentation is impeccable:

  1. Wash and dry the papaya. Clean the skin with a solution of baking soda and water and rinse it under the tap. If you plan to consume the skin, better use special bleach for food (do not use the common because it is toxic).
  2. Cut the papaya in half making a longitudinal cut.
  3. Store the half you won’t eat in the fridge. Keep it well by covering it with plastic wrap. If you eat the whole papaya at one time, go to the next step.
  4. Place one of the halves down.
  5. Remove the skin with a potato peeler or knife. The best option is the potato peeler because it only cuts the skin and the cut is exact. If the end of the papaya is unsightly, trim it off.
  6. Cut it into wedges lengthwise to better remove the seeds.
  7. Scoop out the seeds and membrane with a normal spoon, an ice cream scoop or a knife. Reserve the seeds if you plan to consume them later.
  8. Cut the papaya as you like.

Clever! You already know how to peel papaya to eat it raw, let’s see below what other ways you can eat papaya.

How to eat papaya - How to peel a papaya

How to eat papaya: easy recipes

Papaya has 90% water, which favors the hydration of the body and, therefore, it is recommended to eat it raw if we want to take advantage of all its properties. However, papaya is a very versatile fruit, as it is used to both salty and sweet preparations, such as: sauces for meat, seafood and fish, sweet and salty salads, jams, etc. Therefore, below, we leave you a small compilation of easy papaya recipes, all very tasty:

  • Papaya and yogurt dessert. You will love this idea because it consists of a fruit canoe built with half a papaya. A creative, simple, refreshing and nutritious recipe, designed for the little ones! You only need half a papaya, yogurt, a couple of fruits (you can vary them), a pinch of cinnamon and follow the next steps in the papaya and yogurt dessert reciper.
  • Homemade papaya jam. If you want to enjoy papaya all year round, prepare it in jam, you will love its exquisite flavor! In addition, in this presentation you can taste it in puff pastry cakes, as a filling for cakes (especially chocolate), filling for chocolates, topping cakes such as cheesecake, cheese sandwich, appetizers with cheese, croissant, etc. To prepare this recipe, check out our step by step homemade papaya jam.
  • Creamy papaya dessert. Imagine a sweet with the creamy texture of vanilla ice cream and papaya pulp in contrast to crunchy walnuts … a real treat! Best of all ?, It is prepared in a two-by-three following the step by step that we show in the creamy papaya dessert recipe.
  • Coconut papaya smoothie. This refreshing and highly nutritious drink stands out for its exquisite flavor, the product of the combination of two exotic fruits and three more: papaya, coconut, banana, carrot and lime. If you want to prepare this recipe, see coconut papaya smothie.
  • Venezuelan milky sweet. This traditional sweet of Venezuelan gastronomy is prepared mainly in December. Its flavor is very similar to jam, but its presentation and texture are different. This magnificent dessert is usually accompanied with Venezuelan black cake, but it also tastes exquisite with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. If you want to prepare this sweet, check this Venezuelan milky sweet recipe.
  • Banana and papaya chutney. As we said, this fruit is not only used to make sweet recipes, it is also perfect for making sauces that accompany meats, fish or vegetarian preparations. This is the case of the banana and papaya chutney, which has onions, peppers, turmeric, coriander and other ingredients that make this sauce a gastronomic experience. If you wonder how papaya is eaten outside of the typical sweet recipes, here is an excellent option: banana and papaya chutney recipe.
  • Green papaya salad. If you’re wondering how green papaya is eaten, try this amazing Thai salad. Discover the step by step of the green papaya salad.
How to eat papaya - How to eat papaya: easy recipes

How to eat papaya to lose weight