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Recipes for romantic dinners at home

22 mayo, 2021

There is a reason why there is a direct connection between food and happiness. Many nutrients contained in the food we consume on a daily basis stimulate the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, the famous hormones of happiness and the feeling of well-being. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most popular dates is dinner, since these hormones also improve our social skills and relax us.

Beyond scientific reasons, and following only our heart, dinners are very romantic. It is an intimate moment in which two people share, chat and enjoy the flavors of a delicious meal together. If you are looking for ideas for celebrate an anniversary, birthday or Valentine, A romantic dinner may be the best option for you and your lover!

A homemade dinner made by you is the perfect surprise to show your partner or suitor that you have wanted to spend time creating something that you can enjoy together. In this Free Recipes article we want to give you the best recipe ideas for romantic dinners at home so that good food is not lacking and create unforgettable memories.

Starters for a romantic dinner at home

To prepare a good romantic valentine dinner or anniversary, you can choose between two options: prepare your partner’s favorite meals or take a little more risk and prepare surprise dishes with ideal ingredients for the occasion. For example, aphrodisiac foods like seafood are always a surefire option that will ignite passion over dinner – a perfect preamble to an amazing night!

In this way, we invite you to start with some starters that will prepare your palates for a dream evening. We have chosen easy starters Valentine’s Day so that preparing this dinner is almost as pleasant a time as the dinner itself. Zero stress and lots of love!

Deviled shrimp

Are you fans of spicy and Mexican food? These shrimp a la diabla will ensure a strong entrance to a romantic dinner, with all the aphrodisiac power of seafood and hot sauces. If you don’t have chili de arbol, you can use any other hot chili you can find and enjoy a starter with a lot of flavor.

Recipes for romantic dinners at home - Starters for a romantic dinner at home

Lentil falafel

Did you know that lentils are an aphrodisiac for men? Its zinc and folate content raises libido and promotes fertility. There are many ways to serve lentils, but this classic of Arabic cuisine will be an ideal starter if you are looking for a vegan, sensual and very delicious recipe.

Crispy goat cheese with caramelized onions

The combination of sweet and savory flavors of this rich starter it will be infallible in any homemade dinner you want to prepare. We tell you step by step how to prepare caramelized onions and how to combine them in a few sandwiches of 10 to open a romantic dinner of 10.

Prawn cocktail with pineapple

We continue with the seafood and, in this option, we make a cocktail of prawns, pineapple, avocado and crab sticks; all accompanied by a delicious pink sauce that will water the mouths of both of you. The best? Once you have the ingredients it is very easy to do.

Mozzarella cheese fingers

Can’t resist frying and crunchy foods? This dinner is guilt-free, so go ahead and start with these irresistible mozzarella cheese fingers that are very crunchy and perfect to accompany your favorite sauce along with your loved one.

Do you want more ideas? Do not worry! In this list we give you more ideas for easy and elegant appetizers for Valentine’s Day or for any special dinner you want to prepare.

Main dishes for a romantic homemade dinner

It’s time for the star dish and you don’t have ideas for a romantic dinner at home. A good idea is always to opt for dishes that we know very well, such as pasta or other common recipes, and give them an unusual or special twist. This way, you will not risk preparing a dish that you do not master perfectly, and you will also know that your special guest will like it.

So what can you prepare as a main dish for a romantic dinner? Here we give you some simple ideas, but no less irresistible. Surprise and win her heart through her stomach!

Spaghetti with garlic shrimp

If you opted for an option without seafood in the entrees, this is a perfect opportunity to incorporate them and enjoy their aphrodisiac properties for women and men. These spaghetti are super easy to make, but its spicy touch and its concentrated flavor will make this dish have nothing to envy to other more elaborate ones.

Romantic Dinner Recipes at Home - Main Dishes for a Romantic Homemade Dinner

Textured soy burgers

We do not want to neglect those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, so you cannot miss these classic textured soy burgers, super crunchy and well seasoned! Burgers are one of those recipes that everyone likes and that are very quick to make, so we assure you that you will not fail with this option. If you do not know with what sauces to accompany the burgers, don’t miss our article Hamburger sauces: 13 simple, healthy and gourmet recipes.

Ginger chicken

Ginger joins the list of aphrodisiac ingredients, thanks to its stimulating aromas and its properties to improve circulation and the sensitivity of erogenous zones. In this chicken recipe we prepare an exquisite soy sauce, ginger, honey and onion to give your romantic dinner an Asian touch that will seduce any palate.

Pork ribs with honey and mustard

Delicious ribs in sauce never go bad in a good and copious dinner. You can do these ribs with pork or beef, They will be amazing anyway! The honey mustard sauce that accompanies them will give them a sweet touch that will go perfectly with the soft texture of the rib meat.

Ricotta and chard cannelloni

The ricotta and chard (or spinach) fillings are exquisite for stuffed pasta or cannelloni recipes. If you feel inspired and want to make a more elaborate dish, this vegetarian recipe it is ideal. Bathe the cannelloni in a delicious white sauce and the presentation will be irresistible.

Teriyaki chicken with vegetables

If you have a weakness for Asian cuisine and especially for japanese gastronomy, an authentic teriyaki chicken dish will be the ideal choice for both or both. You can enjoy it alone or accompany it with noodles or rice. You can take the opportunity to use varieties of Asian rice such as Yamani rice and your dinner for February 14 or for any special occasion will be delicious and very original.

As always, if you want to explore more ideas and have all the options on the table, we invite you to continue discovering more perfect recipes for an anniversary or for Valentine’s Days in Free Recipes:

Desserts for a romantic dinner at home

We move on to the favorite part of many! The desserts for valentine They are perfect for preparing a themed gift with the colors and motifs of February 14th. Here you can let your creativity fly and personalize each of these ideas, or add love notes for your Valentine. If it is not the Day of Love and Friendship, you can also use these recipes to prepare a very romantic and tender detail.

Tart yogurt and strawberries

In Valentine recipes, ingredients such as red fruits and chocolates they cannot be absent. Due to their vitamin C content and their bright red color, strawberries are excellent aphrodisiacs that stimulate the production of happiness hormones. This is the case of this rich yogurt and strawberry cake, a recipe for which you will not need an oven and that you will have ready in no time.

Recipes for romantic dinners at home - Desserts for a romantic dinner at home

Strawberries with chocolate for Valentine’s Day

This recipe does not have much mystery, because the only thing you need to prepare is the chocolate. The interesting thing is that you can decorate the strawberries with chocolate as you like. You can prepare a bouquet of strawberries and use it to decorate a room or to decorate the center of the table during dinner (as long as it is not too hot).

Valentine chocolate bonbons

Filled chocolate bonbons are perfect for a real night of passion and love. You can feed them to your Valentine and enjoy their sweet filling of orange, caramel or whatever you want to fill them. Chocolate falls in love and this recipe is the best proof of it!

Marbled Valentine’s Cake

Nothing conveys the spirit of Valentine’s like this delicious heart-shaped sponge cake and with the colors of love. If you like to prepare cakes and you are confident that they look good on you, do not hesitate to try this delicious cake with which you can make anyone fall in love.

Valentine cookies

Cookies are of those homemade desserts that we should always have in our cookbook, as they leave us very well in front of guests and are a very well received gift. In this case, we are going to concentrate on decorating some rich butter cookies, and we give you several options to decorate them with royal icing, fondant paste or buttercream.

Drinks to accompany a romantic dinner at home

And what about aphrodisiac drinks for a romantic dinner? Are there any specials for the occasion? Some liqueurs and cocktails are perfect for stimulating the senses and dilating blood vessels, increasing libido and improving the sensitivity of the erogenous zones.

You can opt for a good quality wine, red to accompany red meats and white to accompany seafood, as well as sparkling drinks such as champagne or cava.

And if you have a little more time, you can always prepare aphrodisiac cocktails with powerful and delicious flavors to give your romantic evening the final touch. Here are some options:

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