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Why does the cake Sink in the middle

23 mayo, 2021

In the world of confectionery, details count a lot. Therefore, if something goes wrong, it will be enough for us to remember what we did to find the fault. So if you ask yourself why is the cake sinking in the centerIn RecetaGratis we have the possible causes so that you can identify them and avoid them the next time.

For now, if you wanted to prepare a beautiful cake but the cake has only grown around the edges, leaving the center sunken, turn it over to hide the hole, and decorate it! Don’t worry, because this won’t happen to you again after reading this article. From now on, get ready to cook perfect cakes!

The oven temperature is too low or too high

Controlling the temperature during the whole process of making a cake is essential to obtain a good final product. Therefore, the ingredients must be warm, the kitchen needs a constant warm environment and the oven must maintain an adequate and continuous temperature. In this sense, if the oven temperature is below than required, the center of the cake will not cook well. Therefore, the crumb will not develop correctly and there will be traces of raw dough when opening the center. Likewise, if the temperature is very high, the cake will brown very quickly without cooking well inside, so it will sink in the center.

To avoid both situations, check the following tips that may help you:

  • Pre-heat the oven. Do it between 10-20 minutes before introducing the preparation.
  • Use an oven thermometer. Nothing better than this device to solve the disparity between home ovens. Thus, you will know the precise temperature in your oven.
  • Know your oven. If you don’t have a thermometer, practicing will help you recognize the actual temperature of your oven. Rehearse several times and take notes before preparing any recipe for a special occasion.

Open the oven ahead of time

As you already know, maintaining a constant temperature is essential when preparing a good cake. This explains that famous culinary recommendation that says: never open the oven ahead of time. But why can’t we open it? Because chemical yeast is a very delicate product, so if you alter the temperature you interrupt its reaction. Baking powder activates as soon as it comes into contact with heat.

If you need to open the oven to check if the cake is done, you must wait at least ¾ parts of the stipulated time for cooking, that is, 75% of the time required.

Why does the cake sink in the middle - Open the oven ahead of time

Raise or lower the temperature during cooking

For the same reason that you should not open the oven prematurely, you should not raise or lower the temperature of it during cooking. That is, change the temperature during cooking affects the chemical process of yeast. For this reason, this practice qualifies as one of the causes of why the cake sinks in the middle and only grows at the edges.

Exposing the cake to a sudden change in temperature

If the cake grows inside the oven but sinks when you remove it, it may be because you exposed it to a draft (next to a window, terrace, etc.). For the next time, try to keep the kitchen warm (close the windows or the door) and place the cake near a heat source until it cools down.

For more tips, do not miss this other article: “Why does the sponge cake fall when taking it out of the oven”.

Bake with heat up and down

The ideal is to cook the cake with heat down for the first few minutes, until it grows, and then put heat on top. If you cook with both at the same time, you can cause the cake not to grow in the center, that is, it is completely sunk in the middle.

Advice: This recommendation is essential in the case of cakes prepared with eggs beaten to the point of snow.

Take out the cake ahead of time

If you remove the cake before the end of the cooking process, it is logical that it does not cook properly. Then, the center is half raw and consequently it does not rise and sink.

If this happens, it could be because you do not know your oven well and the amount of heat it generates is less than what is required by the recipe. Another cause could be that the recipe is wrong. You see, we are adding flaws in our list of why the cake sinks in the middle, this one will not happen to you anymore!

If your cake has risen correctly but when you cut it you have seen that it is raw, consult this other article: “Why do I have the raw cake on the inside”.

Adding too much baking powder

In the kitchen, baking is a science, nothing can be left over or over. If we refer to yeast, adding more does not mean that we will obtain a fluffier and higher sponge cake, on the contrary, we will weaken its structure. If you use baking soda in excess, a lot of CO2 escapes in a short time. Therefore, the cake accelerates its growth and then collapses, thus being sunk in the center.

Other possible errors Related to the use of yeast involved in why the cake sinks in the middle would be the following:

  • You did not distribute the baking powder well in the preparation while mixing.
  • You did not add enough air in the preparation and, at the same time, you used expired chemical yeast.
  • You added a lot of fat and simultaneously used expired baking powder.

Possible solutions to this problem? Use a measuring spoon, change the recipe, sift the baking powder before adding it, make sure that the chemical raising agent is valid, distribute the yeast well in the preparation and integrate it correctly.

Why is the cake sinking in the middle - Adding too much baking powder

The dough has excess fat

While more fat contains the preparation, heavierSo if you overdo it, the cake can sink in the center. If you need to remedy it, add a little more yeast. You can also avoid this failure by replacing the fat with a lighter one. It is interesting to mention that in confectionery there are light shakes and heavy shakes, the former do not need fat and the latter do.

Now you know why the cake sinks in the middle when you use too much fat and how to avoid it!

Not mixing the ingredients well

If you do not mix the ingredients well, incorporating them correctly, you will get a cake that does not grow through the center, since the mixture will be uneven. To avoid this problem, you must first sift dry ingredients and then add them to the liquid ingredients, little by little, until they are completely integrated.

The preparation has more dry ingredients than liquids

A disproportionate preparation in its components can also be the reason why the cake sinks in the middle. If the mixture has more dry ingredients than liquid ingredients, we will obtain a cake that does not grow in the center or remains caked. In this case, to avoid falling into this error, measure the ingredients well (even better if you weigh them) or change the recipe.

Use a very small mold

Another crucial detail to obtain a good sponge cake is to use the right mold, especially in relation to size. If the mold is very small, dough will overflow during bakingConsequently, the end product will be a sunken or cracked cake.

When choosing the correct mold, take into account that the dough should cover 2/3 of it, no more, no less. Thus, you finish the preparation with a flourish ensuring a good final result, that is, an aesthetically pleasing cake.

Now, you know all the ins and outs of why the cake sinks in the middle, from now on you will only cook beautiful cakes. For more details, see how to make a perfect cake.

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