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Why is the cake opening

23 mayo, 2021

It is possible that at some time it has happened to you that, after baking a cake, you get a cracked sponge cake. If you want the dessert for your own or family consumption, perhaps it does not matter so much because the taste will be the same; However, if you plan to give it away, share it with guests, use it for a celebration or sell it, things change.

In this sense, a cracked sponge cake It is very unaesthetic and not very functional, as it could break or crumble when removed from the mold.

To avoid this, it is first important to know why is the cake open. For this reason, at RecetasGratis we share with you everything you need to know about the faults that explain why the cake cracks and their possible solutions.

The oven temperature is too high

Controlling the temperature is an essential element if you want to obtain a uniform cake without cracks. In general, it cannot be too high or too low. In many cases, the amount of ingredients has been correct and the cake mix is ​​well done, but the baking temperature has not been correct and has damaged the cake.

Too much heat can cause the yeast to rise very quickly, which will take time from crumb formation and consequently will form cracks. Also, because it cooks so quickly, there is a risk that it will burn on the outside and remain raw on the inside, giving it a fragile structure that can easily break or crack. The oven temperature for the cakes is ideally 170-180 ºC.

If you wonder how to do so that the cake does not rise in the middle and it does not open, then the following tips will be very useful:

  • Cook at a lower temperature for a longer time. If your oven is very powerful, do not bake at the same temperature as the recipe indicates, do it at a lower temperature and extend the cooking time. If you know your oven well, you will know what time to give it, if not, we recommend doing some preliminary tests.
  • Use an oven thermometer. This appliance will help you a lot, since you will know what temperature your oven really reaches.
  • Know your oven. First of all, you need to experiment with your oven. Try different recipes, take notes and keep practicing. Trial and error will save you future unexpected surprises while you cook.

If you have used a suitable oven temperature, but the cake is still raw, visit our article Why do I have the raw cake inside to find the solution.

Why is the cake opening - The oven temperature is too high

Excessive baking time

Another cause of why does the cake open in the oven it could be over-baked. If you overcook a cake, four things can happen: it will crack, crack, dry out or burn. In these cases, the cake loses moisture due to prolonged exposure to heat. For this reason, make sure you get it out just in time, not before or after.

The only exception to this rule arises due to the differences that exist between home ovens, since some will need more time to bake because they do not heat enough. Ideally, the cake will not take long to be ready more than 40-45 minutes, so take advantage of the last minutes to check if it is still raw or if you can take it out.

Keep in mind that if you live in a very cold place, you can leave the cake in the oven for 5 more minutes to avoid a sudden change in temperature that lowers it. If you do, turn off the oven, open the door and let the heat come out gradually.

If what happens to you is that, just after taking it out of the oven, the cake loses volume, we recommend you visit our article Why does the cake lower when I take it out of the oven to identify where the problem is.

Too much baking powder or baking powder

In baking, nothing should be left over and nothing should be missing. Otherwise, we will get a different result than expected (although not always bad). For this ingredient, more yeast does not mean that you will get a fluffier and higher cake, but it could cause it to fall apart.

An excess of chemical yeast will release a lot of CO2 in a short period of time. As a consequence, the cake will grow very fast and will collapse. This is usually the cause that explains why the cake sinks in the middle or cracks.

Make sure to use the yeast measure indicated in the recipe, or consider changing the recipe if you’ve already followed it to the letter. For the cakes that use around 200 and 250 g of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder will be enough.

And if you have added more yeast because the cakes do not grow properly, we invite you to consult our article How to make a sponge cake where we give you the best tricks to make them juicy, fluffy and soft.

Advice: If you don’t sift the baking powder and mix it unevenly, the cake can also crack.

Why the cake opens - Too much baking powder or baking powder

The mold is very small

Another essential point to obtain a good cake is to use a mold of adequate size. If the mold is very small, the dough will overflow during baking and therefore the final product will be a cake sunken in the center or cracked on the surface.

When choosing the ideal mold, consider that the dough should cover 2/3 of it. Nor should it cover less than that, as it is one of the causes that explains why the cake does not rise. The perfect balance is the right thing to do, as you guarantee a good result and an aesthetically pleasing cake.

Why is the cake opening - The mold is too small

Excess flour or dry ingredients

If the dough contains more flour than it should or has too many dry ingredients, the mixture will become unbalanced, thus losing its moisture. Consequently, the cake will dry out and open, showing cracks.

To correct this problem, change the recipe or measure the ingredients very well (use proper utensils to do it). If you substituted ingredients, added cocoa powder or other dry ingredients that were not in the original recipe, make sure the measurements compensate for the absence of the original ingredient or the excess dry ingredients.

Advice: more dry than liquid ingredients also cause the cake to not rise or become caked.

Bake many cakes at once

Maybe you put several cakes in the oven simultaneously without leaving space between them. If the pans touch each other, the cakes may bake unevenly and may crack.

Solution? Leave enough space between them, minimum 2 centimeters between each moldThis will allow the heat to circulate evenly.

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