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+15 Desserts for Father’s Day

22 mayo, 2021

The sweets made by ourselves transmit something very special from the moment we cook them to the moment we share them. Perhaps it is partly because when preparing them we put all our care in order to please our loved ones. For this reason, they are so memorable for those who taste them, as they express love and inspiration.

For all that has been said above, we know that a bite says more than a thousand words and in RecetaGratis we have selected for you a list of our best desserts for Father’s Day, Sublime! Easy recipes that will inspire you to entertain that one man in your life, your father!

Homemade coconut bounty

Does dad like candy? Well, spoil him by giving him the famous Bounty bars, but made at home! Yes, it’s about those coconut bars wrapped in a light layer of chocolate, Irresistible! Without a doubt, homemade Father’s Day desserts are always healthier. Therefore, if you like this proposal, follow the easy step by step of this Coconut bounty recipe.

Father's Day Desserts - Homemade Coconut Bounty

Chocolate cake

If your dad is a lover of chocolate, he will be captivated by this aromatic and intense dessert. After cutting the first slice you will discover its spongy and moist interior. Afterwards, when tasting it, you will feel the cocoa enhanced due to the coffee syrup, you will be speechless! Therefore, if you are looking for dessert ideas for Father’s Day that are a little more elaborate, this may become your first option. Also, preparing it can be simple with the step by step we shared in the Fluffy Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Father's Day Desserts - Chocolate Cake

Mosaic jelly in cups

The classics always like! So, prepare a mosaic jelly for dad, but in glasses. Plus, if you’re looking for easy no-bake desserts for Father’s Day, this is a great option! Although it may seem like a complicated dessert, the truth is that this preparation is very simple, since making gelatin only involves dissolving it in water and letting it cool. So, you only have to choose the flavors that your father likes the most to make a fully customized mosaic jelly. The result? Very gratifying, because you get a soft, creamy and colorful sweet. In addition, the presentation is very practical, since it is divided into individual portions from the beginning.

Follow the step by step of the Mosaic jelly recipe in glasses and surprise your dad.

Desserts for Father's Day - Mosaic jelly in cups

Chocolate pudding

This chocolate pudding is not just any pudding, as it can be prepared with very special old bread: chocolate-filled croissants, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate-filled Neapolitan or any pastry made with chocolate. A simple dessert to prepare, but that will impress the man you most admire in the world, your dad! Make it easily by following the step-by-step Chocolate Pudding Recipe.

Father's Day Desserts - Chocolate Pudding

Puff pastry shells and Nutella

The pastries are among the favorite desserts for Father’s Day, for this reason we chose this super special recipe, as it combines puff pastry with Nutella. Also, if you don’t have Nutella you can also use chocolate to melt or make your own chocolate and hazelnut spread with this recipe.

On the other hand, although it may not seem like it, this recipe does not have any complications, especially if you buy the puff pastry already made. Follow the Recipe for puff pastry and chocolate shells and you will see how simple it is.

Desserts for Father's Day - Puff Pastry Shells and Nutella

Carrot cake with cream cheese

The most common presentation of carrot cake consists of a topping prepared with cream cheese and, in some cases, the cake is even left uncovered. Since not everyone likes chocolate, how about surprising dad with this amazing Carrot Cake? This combination of flavors is so unique and exquisite that you are sure that not even the crumbs will remain. Check out the Recipe for carrot cake with cream cheese and discover how easy it can be to prepare it at home.

Desserts for Father's Day - Carrot cake with cream cheese

Peanut butter brownie

Do you want to bring out daddy’s inner child? Well, prepare these brownies with a peanut crunch and a very appetizing salty dot. Also, its interior is fluffy, but not dry, it has a sublime texture! Stop looking for desserts for Father’s Day and bet on this proposal if yours loves nuts. Check out the Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe and offer her a different treat.

Father's Day Desserts - Peanut Butter Brownie

Passion fruit mousse

The mousses with a citrus touch are a caress for the palate by the contrast between sour and dairy flavors. If your dad is a culinary adventurer and loves good baking, look no further and learn how to prepare this incredible dessert. Although we propose to make it with passion fruit, the truth is that you can follow this same recipe with any other fruit. Check the Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe and enjoy preparing this delicious dessert for dad.

Desserts for Father's Day - Parchita mousse


Still wondering how to make Father’s Day desserts? Go for a classic like this! Almost any coffee lover will enjoy a good tiramisu, as this Italian dessert consists of a cold coffee cake that is assembled in layers. Although it has many variations, its solid ingredient is always moistened in coffee. On this occasion, we propose a vegan recipe for those parents who follow this type of diet or cannot consume milk or eggs. So if your dad likes coffee, he will love this dessert. Get ready now with this Vegan Tiramisu Recipe.

Desserts for Father's Day - Tiramisu

Rice pudding flan

Rice pudding and flan are classic sweet favorites of millions of people. Can you imagine being able to combine both in the same dessert? You would taste a very creamy flan flavored with rice pudding. The best of all? This recipe already exists and we are going to share it with you. Few sweets combine in such a subtle and elegant way a fusion of classic flavors as does this dessert. Without a doubt, a good option if it is easy desserts without an oven for Father’s Day, since we cook them in a double boiler. That said, don’t miss the Rice pudding flan Recipe and surprise your dad with this incredible dessert.

Desserts for Father's Day - Rice pudding flan

Homemade donuts

Donuts, donuts or Berliners have something addictive, that’s why we can’t stop eating them. If you have any questions, ask Homer (aka Homer), the most famous dad on television! For this reason, they couldn’t go unnoticed on our list of the best desserts to celebrate Father’s Day, don’t you think?

There are many donut recipes that exist and with which you can surprise your dad on this special day. However, in this video we share the classic preparation of the dough so that, once your donuts are cooked, you can decorate or fill them to your liking. For this last option, do not miss the Recipe for donuts filled with pastry cream.

Red fruit cheesecake

Baking recipes that use cheese are always popular. That contrast between salty and sweet In desserts it is irresistible, so if your dad does not like cloying sweets, he will love this crunchy and creamy cheesecake bathed in red berries. Arrange everything in the kitchen and follow the step by step of the Red berry cheesecake recipe to prepare this delicious dessert.

If you want to prepare a different cheesecake, then choose to make a lemon cheesecake cooked in the oven by following the steps in this video. Both options are amazing!

Easy Chocolate Cookies

If your dad is an athlete or loves the gym, bake these nutritious chocolate cookies! A satisfying and comforting dessert, it contains whole wheat flour, pistachios and apricots, ideal for after training! Of course, remind him that they are nutritious cookies so that he does not eat them all, they are delicious! In addition, preparing them has no mystery if you follow the Chocolate Cookie Recipe to the letter.

Father's Day Desserts - Easy Chocolate Cookies

Homemade alfajores

Alfajores are a very popular sweet in many countries. It consists of two cookies joined by a filling, usually made of dulce de leche (cajeta or delicacy), and the edge sprinkled with some dry ingredient, especially grated coconut. This dessert is consumed throughout Latin America and each country has its variant. Its consistency is sandy, smooth and melts in the mouth. Among the different desserts for your father that you can prepare at home, this one stands out for its exquisite flavor and long tradition.

Here are several recipes for alfajores so you can choose the one that may surprise your dad the most:

Desserts for Father's Day - Homemade Alfajores

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! It must be recognized that, among so many desserts to celebrate Father’s Day, it is very difficult to choose only one option. But as we well know, almost everyone likes chocolate and another recipe with this ingredient never hurts. Therefore, we propose this mousse that you only require two ingredients: chocolate and whipped cream or whipped cream. It couldn’t be easier! Do not miss this video with the step by step and offer your dad a simple, but delicious dessert.

Other desserts for Father’s Day

At this point you may still have doubts about which dessert to surprise your father you can choose, since they all look exquisite! Before you make your final decision, you may want to review a few additional recipes:

Finally, here is a recipe for pasta frola that never fails:

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