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23 mayo, 2021

Believe it or not, many desserts that are made in the oven are almost perfect in the microwave. Of course, you will never get your cakes or cupcakes to brown, but the flavor and texture are very good. Cooking desserts in the microwave is very easy and, in general, the original recipe is kept, as is, except for the moment of cooking.

When you cook in the microwave you must constantly monitor the preparation because it prepares faster and, if you exceed the time, the final product will be too hard. Remember that the microwave tends to dry out food, that is why it is recommended to cook it at short intervals of time, that is, if the recipe says 5 minutes, apply the time of 2 in 2 min until it reaches its ideal point (sometimes, at final you will only need seconds).

On the other hand, this cooking method makes recipes less difficult, so even children can acquire skills in baking, as long as they are supervised by an adult. So get ready to see in Free Recipes the best microwave dessert recipes that we like the most, they will surprise you!

Microwave brownie

Although it may seem surprising to you, this chocolate cake juicy and fluffy it is cooked in the microwave, and it is delicious! It’s all a matter of using the right power and the exact time, no more, no less. In addition, the exposure time must be dosed, so you can check at each interval how the cooking is going, but without opening the microwave door until the cake rises, otherwise it will be lowered, just like in the oven! So, if you want to prepare this simple and incredible dessert in the microwave, follow the steps in this Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Chocolate Cake

Microwave oatmeal cookies

Cookies are one of children’s favorite desserts, but cookies in the microwave? Well, yes. Although it seems implausible for the type of dough, they actually come out delicious and save you a lot of time, you have to try them! This recipe is prepared with oatmeal, banana and chocolate chips And it can be consumed by anyone, including celiacs, vegans and diabetics, as long as the chocolate is vegan and the amount of total sugar is controlled. Go ahead, put your apron on! And follow the steps of the Microwave Oatmeal Cookie Recipe, in great detail!

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Oatmeal Cookies

Cheesecake In Microwave

The cheesecake recipe that we propose does not contain sugar And preparing it is very simple if you faithfully follow the steps of this Microwave Light Cheesecake Recipe, you will surely repeat it many times! It is interesting to remember that desserts made in the microwave almost always keep the original steps of any recipe made in the oven, with the exception of the cooking steps. That is, if you know your microwave very well, you can adapt oven recipes on your own and surprise everyone.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Cheesecake

Microwave egg flan

Forget about waiting a whole hour or more to taste your homemade flan, in the microwave it may take you more or less 10 minutes to have it ready, although the final cooking time will depend on the power of your appliance. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking easy and quick desserts in the microwave, This flan is what you need! You just have to follow the steps we share in the Microwave Egg Flan Recipe, now eat!

Advice: In this flan recipe, it does change some step compared to the baked preparation, so you cannot take just any recipe and adapt the cooking method.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Egg Custard

Microwave bread pudding

Bread pudding, known in some countries as pan cake, consists of a compact, moist textured cake prepared with pieces of old bread dipped in milk and other ingredients. Due to its texture, this dessert is ideal for cooking in the microwave, as long as you follow the step-by-step of the recipe in question to the letter. In RecetasGratis we have several pudding recipes, but now we advise you to consult this Recipe for microwave bread pudding, a much faster dessert. Whereas traditional pudding made in a bain-marie or oven requires an hour to cook, this will be ready in 15-20 minutes.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Bread Pudding

Roasted apples in the microwave

Are you looking light microwave desserts? Well, prepare roasted fruit! This time we share some apples that you will have ready in just 12 minutes, a little less or more depending on the power of your microwave. Roasted apples can be eaten in infinite ways, such as with ice cream, but if you are looking for a healthy and light dessert, it is best to sprinkle a little cinnamon powder and add honey, preferably organic. To make them, visit the Microwave Roasted Apples Recipe and follow the step by step we show.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Roasted Apples

Microwave lemon mugcake

You are studying, reading or whatever and suddenly you want to eat something sweet. You go through the cupboard and there is nothing to nibble on and you don’t want to make a mess or fuss in the kitchen either. For these cases, we have the recipe for you: a mugcake. This is one of the easiest and fastest desserts made in the microwave because will be ready in just 2 minutes. In addition, it is prepared directly in individual portions, as if it were a mini cake, so you do not need a lot of ingredients or a very large mold.

If you want to learn how to prepare this mugcake, follow the step by step Lemon Mugcake Recipe, it is super fluffy and tasty!

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Lemon Mugcake

French toast with sliced ​​bread in the microwave

Quick torrijas, without oil and without oven or skillet? Yes, in just 15 minutes you can enjoy this delicious dessert in the microwave and without making a lot of mess. In addition, since they are not fried, they result in torrijas much lighter and healthier, ideal for keeping children happy without worrying about calories. Prepare this recipe inspired by grandma’s culinary tradition by following these easy steps from the Microwave French Toast Recipe with Sliced ​​Bread.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave French Toast with Sliced ​​Bread

Microwave cupcakes

Yes! You can even prepare cupcakes in the microwave without losing fluffiness or flavor. Of course, you need some silicone molds or several paper capsules to place one on top of the other, since otherwise they would open and the dough would come out. This time we share the basic recipe, but the truth is that you can add fruit or chocolate if you want to prepare them in various flavors. Check out the Recipe for microwave cupcakes and give them a try.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Cupcakes

Microwave orange sponge cake

Without words! This is how this dessert made in the microwave will leave you. This microwaved orange cupcake has a very fluffy and juicy texture, Super appetizing! Likewise, its flavor and aroma have nothing to envy to a dessert prepared in the oven. For all these reasons, we invite you to taste it during breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert if you cover it with melted chocolate. Follow the Recipe for orange cake in the microwave and you will see that in a few minutes you will have it ready.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Orange Cake

Microwave pineapple pudding

As you prepare desserts in the microwave, the curiosity bug will enter you and you will begin to test how other recipes are cooked like this. Therefore, in addition to recommending the traditional bread pudding recipe, we encourage you to try other versions and we explain how to make pineapple pudding in the microwave.

This is a dessert with a lot of natural fiber and a memorable flavor. Make it by following the steps in this easy homemade pineapple pudding recipe, and have it on the table in just minutes! You will see that it is just as juicy than the version cooked in the oven or in a double boiler.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Pineapple Pudding

Microwave chocolate cookies

In this list of easy and quick desserts in the microwave, the recipe for chocolate cookies could not be missing! If you crave them urgently, you should know that with this recipe you will have delicious, healthy and crunchy cookies ready in just 1 minute. We have prepared them with pure cocoa and peanut butter, so they are healthier than cookies made with regular butter. Do you want to try them? Put the steps in this recipe into practice: Microwave Chocolate Cookies.

Advice: This preparation does not contain refined sugar and if you want you can replace the wheat flour with another without gluten.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Chocolate Cookies

Microwave Apple Cookie Pudding

If the pineapple pudding has caught your attention, wait until you see this delicious dessert in the microwave because it is even more surprising. This pudding evokes the flavor of apple pie, but with a texture between fluffy and blunt. In addition, when combined with Maria type cookies the result is truly incredible, an explosion of flavor and texture that you cannot miss. Without a doubt, even children will always want to eat this dessert.

Make this dessert in just 8 minutes following the steps in the Microwave Apple Pudding and Cookies Recipe. Remember to adjust the time according to the power of your microwave.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Apple Cookie Pudding

Microwave hot chocolate cake

A brownie just for you? Yes, the dream of every cocoa lover. Well, fulfill it by following the steps that we show you in this video. With this microwave dessert recipe you will get a spongy and juicy cake without the need to mess up anything more than a cup and a spoon, it’s that easy!

Microwave muffins

In the same way that we can get cakes and cupcakes made in the microwave, we can obtain delicious and fluffy muffins. The recipe for microwave muffins that we propose contains white chocolateCan you imagine its taste? There are no words to describe it, that’s why we invite you to try it and prepare it by following these steps of the Microwave Muffin Recipe, ready in 3 minutes!

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Muffins

Roasted milk with condensed milk in the microwave

Do you have this ingredient and are you looking desserts with condensed milk in the microwave? Well, stop looking because this recipe is the one you need! It is the traditional roasted milk dessert but made with condensed milk and cooked in the microwave. It is much easier and faster, so you can taste it in just a few minutes and enjoy it with your family. Check out the Recipe for roasted milk with condensed milk in the microwave and get to work.

Microwave Dessert Recipes - Microwave Roasted Milk with Condensed Milk

Other quick and easy desserts in the microwave

What a surprise! You already know that you can prepare almost any dessert in the microwave and get a great result in just a few minutes. Have you been wanting more? Well, don’t worry, here are more incredible desserts:

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