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Desserts for Mother’s Day

23 mayo, 2021

Baking is a world full of creativity and the perfect resource to express to mom how much we love her. A dessert prepared by ourselves can say a thousand words and convey more things than other types of gifts. For this reason, at RecetasGratis we also want to entertain all the mothers of the world during their day, and during the rest of the year!

Through our selection of desserts for Mother’s Day you will be able to prepare a very special menu for your mother and, above all, full of affection. Here you will find a wide variety of exquisite and easy recipes explained in a very didactic way.


Surprise your mother by offering her a strawberry or strawberry babarua! This typical dessert of Chilean gastronomy is considered a version of the famous Bavarois French. This easy recipe stands out among other Mother’s Day desserts because you only need 3 ingredients. Would you like to surprise your mother with this delicacy? Then follow the steps of the Strawberry Babarua Recipe.

Advice: the secret of this preparation consists of refrigerating the evaporated milk the night before.

Desserts for Mother's Day - Babarua

Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

In the world of cheesecakes, Japanese cheesecake stands out for its delicate texture, super fluffy and smooth! A dessert that, without a doubt, your mother will appreciate, well you will feel that you bite a little piece of heaven; not in vain do they call it in English Japanese cotton cheesecake Y uncle ricuro in Japanese. In addition, you can let your imagination fly and decorate the cake in different ways. We have opted for icing sugar, but you can place a mold on the surface to make a drawing with this sugar, for example. Another option would be to make small flowers or spirals with meringue and a pastry bag.

Make this cake by following the steps in the Japanese Cheesecake Recipe, which only requires 3 ingredients.

Advice: use white chocolate without traces of gluten if someone at home has celiac disease.

Mother's Day Desserts - Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

Cream and chocolate profiteroles

The classics never fail! That is why we suggest you entertain mom by giving her this elegant and irresistible dessert. Profiteroles are small baked balls prepared from a pre-cooked dough called choux pastry, belonging to the group of double-cooked doughs. The dough is the key to this preparation, but preparing it has no complications, as long as you follow the recipe to the letter. To do this, do not miss our Recipe for cream and chocolate profiteroles, they will be perfect for you!

Advice: Choux pastry has a neutral flavor, so profiteroles can be filled with savory or sweet ingredients.

Mother's Day Desserts - Cream and Chocolate Profiteroles

Tres leches cake with chocolate

Does your mom have a hopeless sweet tooth and loves tres leches cake? Well, surprise her with a different version of this sweet, made with an irresistible ingredient: chocolate! This recipe is very similar to the original, since the main difference is that the cake is made of chocolate. In addition, so that you have a dessert for Mother’s Day worthy of your mother, we teach you to cover the cake in order to make a complete cake. It is much easier than it seems, so go ahead and check the Recipe for chocolate tres leches cake.

Mother's Day Desserts - Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Italian panna cotta

Do you prefer Easy-to-make Mother’s Day desserts without an oven? This dessert of Italian origin prepared with cooked milk cream (cream) is characterized by its soft texture, very similar to flan, although more compact, since it is curdled with gelatin and does not need an oven. In addition, its flavor is complemented by bathing it with a fruity sweet, such as red fruit jam (blackberries, cherries, strawberries, etc.) or coulis, although caramel is also an excellent option.

If you have a heart-shaped mold, it will be the finishing touch for this dessert, as your mother will be delighted with the presentation. If you find this option interesting, see the step-by-step Italian panna cotta recipe below.

Desserts for Mother's Day - Italian Panna cotta

Sacher cake

This cake is a very famous dessert internationally, an icon of Viennese pastries and curiously also a culinary mystery, since the original recipe is guarded with great suspicion. It is a somewhat dry sponge cake, filled with a thin layer of apricot jam and covered with chocolate. But since mom deserves the best, we share with you a version inspired by the original dessert, based on the tasting of one of our confectioners and her great creativity. Without a doubt, a recipe accessible to all and that will become one of the best desserts for Mother’s Day, for sure! Check the Sacher Cake Recipe and surprise yours.

Mother's Day Desserts - Sacher Cake

Mini pavlova

Pavlova is a sweet made from meringue and red berries. Although it seems cloying to you, it is not like that, because there is a balance of flavors: the very sweet meringue, the not-so-sweet cream and the red fruits with their acid touch. A famous dessert like its name, perfect to pamper mom, always!

Now, if it seems too big because maybe only you and your mother will enjoy it, we recommend opting for an individual version. Follow the step by step of the Mini pavlova Recipe and surprise your mother with an exquisite and elegant dessert.

Advice: This dessert was created to honor the famous Russian dancer Anna Pávlova.

Mother's Day Desserts - Mini pavlova

Strawberry yogurt jelly

Gelatin is a delicacy that is very popular and lends itself to making spectacular presentations, such as these hearts that we propose. If you add that to the flavor of the strawberry and the yogurt, you will get a very appetizing sweet. If you are looking cold desserts for Mother’s DayWithout a doubt, this is an excellent option because it does not need an oven.

Have you made up your mind? Well, put it on your dessert list for Mother’s Day and follow the easy steps to prepare strawberry jelly and yogurt.

Advice: gelatin gels better with dairy products and worse with acidic ingredients.

Mother's Day Desserts - Strawberry Yogurt Jelly

Chocolate bonbons

The chocolates are the tasty gift iconic of special celebrations, that’s why they are part of our easy desserts for Mother’s Day. Learn how to prepare this recipe because it will surely serve you on more than one occasion.

You can make simple chocolate bonbons or go one step further and fill them, for example with raspberry or strawberry. You only need chocolate to melt, a chocolate mold and the filling you want. For the first option, follow the Recipe for chocolate and raspberry bonbons, while for the second you can watch this video.

Chocolate coulant

The coulant or chocolate volcano is a dessert of French origin that consists of a small sponge cake filled with melted chocolate, Absolutely irresistible! The original preparation has some complexity, however, the version that we share stands out for its simplicity. If your mom loves chocolate, she will never forget this taste experience. You can make it with dark chocolate or white chocolate with these simple recipes:

Mother's Day Desserts - Chocolate Coulant

Lemon Cheesecake

The cheesecake stands out among other desserts for Mother’s Day for its contrast of flavors and textures: creamy, crunchy and semi-sweet. Without a doubt, a perfect sweet for any occasion, although it usually contains many calories, that is why it is usually made for special occasions. Thinking about the latter and about moms who like to take care of themselves, we propose a recipe based on ricotta, with almost less than half the calories that usually contain this type of desserts. In addition, preparing it is very easy, if you follow the steps that we share in this video to the letter:

Apple pie without oven

If you don’t have much skill in baking or you run away from culinary complications, but you want to treat Mom in style, choose to prepare a cake without an oven! There are countless exquisite flavors, but we decided on this infallible recipe that mix apples and plums, a classic of French cuisine that you can easily prepare. Check the Recipe for apple pie without an oven and get to work with one of the best desserts for Mother’s Day without an oven.

If you prefer the classic versionIn this video we show you how to make an inverted apple cake in the oven, both options are delicious!

Lemon pie with cookies

Although there are many versions of the lemon pie, this recipe stands out for its simplicity, since it replaces the whipped cream with condensed milk and the dough broken by crushed biscuits with melted butter. In addition, you can use the type of lemon you have at home, so it is a recipe that can be prepared in any country in the world.

If you don’t know how to make Mother’s Day desserts, put the Lemon Pie with Cookies Recipe into practice and surprise your mom with an irresistible cake.

Mother's Day Desserts - Lemon Pie with Cookies

Grandma’s Chocolate Cookie Cake

This recipe is very similar to the traditional Venezuelan dessert called “chocolate marquise”, which could also be an excellent cold dessert for Mother’s Day. The result is exquisite and the preparation is very easy, since cookies are used instead of dough and, as if that were not enough, it does not require an oven. If it’s easy Mother’s Day desserts, rest assured that this one gets a 10. Likewise, you will make your mother go back to her childhood because surely this dessert was prepared by your grandmother. Put it to the test by following the easy steps in Grandma’s Chocolate Cookie Pie Recipe.

Mother's Day Desserts - Grandma's Chocolate Cookie Pie

Maria biscuit flan

Any flan or cheese works perfect if we want to choose easy desserts for Mother’s Day. However, this recipe that we propose has a slightly different texture, as it contains Maria cookies. Do you dare to prepare this sweet? Well, then follow the step by step of this Maria biscuit flan Recipe.

Desserts for Mother's Day - Maria biscuit flan

Other desserts for Mother’s Day

If you have already had long fangs with so much sweet recipe, be patient because we have more below. Although first we want to tell you that if you are interested in more easy preparations to surprise mom, you can also take a look at these 10 desserts in cups, Perfect for kids to surprise mom! If you do not have a lot of time or an oven, then you better check these Microwave dessert recipes. And if mom loves chocolate and you love simple recipes, don’t stop browsing 10 easy no-bake chocolate desserts, There are delicious suggestions!

All of the above said, let’s look at more Mother’s Day desserts, including gluten-free, vegan, and other options:

If you…