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Marquise de passion fruit – EASY and delicious recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The passion fruit is one of the tropical fruits par excellence. Originally from Central and South America, it is known by several names: passion fruit, parcha and chinola. It is in Venezuela where they call it parchita and in English it receives the suggestive name of passion fruit or “fruit of passion.”

The passion fruit is an excellent fruit to prepare different desserts due to its accentuated flavor, which is why it is one of the most popular in confectionery. On this occasion, we prepare a marquise de passion fruit with Maria cookies, simply a delicious option to share for a snack or as a dessert after lunch. If you want to enjoy this delicacy, read on and discover in Free Recipes how to make marquise de parchita.

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Ingredients to make marquise of passion fruit:

How to make marquise of passion fruit:


To prepare the recipe for passion fruit marquise or passion fruit, removes the pulp from two of the fruits and reserve the third for coverage.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 1


Blend the pulp without water added for about 30 seconds at low power. Strain the juice directly into a pot.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 2


Pour into the pot the condensed milk and half of the liquid milk. Heat the preparation, but do not bring it to a boil.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 3


While the mixture is heating in the pot, dissolve the cornstarch in the rest of the milk, which cannot be cold. Add the dissolved cornstarch to the pot, mix and let the preparation thicken.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 4


With the cream still warm, cover the bottom of the pan with a tablespoon or two or the container that you will use to make the marquise of passion fruit. Later, place the first layer of cookies. Repeat these steps until you have at least 2 centimeters free.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 5


Finish with a layer of cream and let it cool completely before refrigerating.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 6


For the coverage of the marquise de parchita, take the passion fruit you reserved and extract the pulp. Separate two tablespoons of the pulp and mash the rest. Strain the juice obtained to remove the seeds.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 7


Prepare the gelatin According to the instructions, but make the following modifications: first, reduce the amount of water you are going to use a little, that is, if it asks for 400 ml of water, prepare the gelatin with 350 ml. Second, substitute part of those 350 ml of water for the passion fruit juice that you obtained.

Trick: If you can’t get a passion fruit flavored gelatin, you can use neutral gelatin.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 8


Mix the gelatin with the two tablespoons of passion fruit pulp and ,. once integrated, cover the marquise with this preparation. Let it cool completely in the fridge so it can set well.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 9


Clever! After about 3-4 hours, the marquise of parchita it will be ready to serve. Enjoy this exquisite dessert and do not hesitate to leave your comment to tell us how it turned out.

Parchita Marquise Recipe - Step 10

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Marchioness of passion fruit and its variants

We have chosen to make this traditional dessert with Maria cookies, but the truth is that you can also make the marquise of passion fruit with sponge cake. To do this, you must prepare a vanilla sponge cake, for example, crumble it and create a base with it. On this base, place the passion fruit cream and the coverage. Another option is to keep the cake without crumbling, cut it in half to fill it with half the cream and place the remaining half on the surface.

On the other hand, you can prepare the marquise of passion fruit in glasses instead of in a large pan. The steps will be the same, only the amounts will change. Finally, you have the option of decorating your marquise with some kind of whipped cream, like these: