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Milk Bolis – EASY and Quick Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The milk bolis They are excellent, nutritious and a good option to replace the craving for some creamy ice cream. Its preparation is simple and fast, but above all it is a delicious alternative when we seek to prepare homemade ice cream desserts.

In RecetasGratis we teach you how to prepare creamy dairy-based pens that will also allow you to experiment and add new flavors to make different versions. Keep reading and discover with us how to make milk balls.

8 diners
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, cold

Ingredients to make Milk Bolis:

How to make Milk Bolis:


Add the powdered milk to the blender, the liter of water, the sugar, the vanilla and a pinch of salt, although this last ingredient is completely optional.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 1


Liquefy well all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is created.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 2


Slowly, distribute the mixture in each of the bags. To make this step easier, you can put the mixture in a bottle to place the mouth on the end of the bag and let the liquid fall.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 3


Don’t fill the bags all the way leave a safe distance to be able to close them. To do this, take the bag at the top, just above the mixture, and start rolling to press the mixture, making it compact and the bag completely closed.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 4


After rolling, proceed to make a knot to be able to close the bag.

Trick: make sure that during the winding and the creation of the knot the pressure is never lost, otherwise the ice cream will lose solidity when it freezes.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 5


Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 with each bag until you have a minimum of 8 boluses of milk. Place the pens in the freezer carefully and refrigerate for about 24 hours.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 6


After 24 hours, the pens will be ready to enjoy and refresh ourselves. As you can see, the milk bolis recipe It is very simple and you can always add an extra ingredient.

Trick: always keep pens refrigerated as they will melt if not kept constantly at low temperatures.

Milk Bolis Recipe - Step 7

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Milk Bolis – Companions, Alternatives and Suggestions

The milk bolis are a kind of creamy ice cream ideal for summery times or hot days of some other time. They are perfect to share with the family during morning or afternoon snacks and, like any other ice cream, it can be accompanied in different ways, for example: a boli of milk with condensed milk would be delicious, you can also accompany a boli of milk with some syrup chocolate, but all this is optional and we leave it to everyone’s taste.

On the other hand, there are also other options that you can take into account when preparing your milk balls. After liquefying the mixture, you can incorporate Maria type cookiesThen you blend again at low speed to achieve that the cookies remain chopped throughout the mixture and when you freeze your bolis you have a rich combination of milk with cookies. If you want an equally creamy pen, but chocolateyYou only have to add 50 g of pure cocoa without sugar to the mixture; You can also use cookies in the mixture as indicated above, even change them to chocolate cookies, the only condition is that the cookie must be hard so that when beating and incorporated into the mixture they are chopped and their flavor can be distinguished. You will find all the details in the Chocolate Balls Recipe. Also, you can do milk bolis with Oreo following this other recipe.

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