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Pancakes with pancake flour

21 mayo, 2021

Can you resist some delicious crepes that taste like pancakes? Probably not! Crepes are very popular in many countries of the world, with both sweet and savory preparations. The versatility of this recipe allows you to innovate and add endless fillings. Anyway, for this preparation you will only have to get pancake flour, the rest of the ingredients are sure to be at home.

With this recipe you will be able to conquer any palate that comes your way. Do not hesitate to follow the easy step by step in Free Recipes and discover how to make pancakes with pancake flour. So that you don’t miss any tricks, at the end we recommend different fillings and ways to prepare your homemade crepes. Let’s cook!

4 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost

Ingredients to make pancakes with flour for pancakes:

How to make pancakes with pancake flour:


In a recipient mix the flour and warm milk until there are no lumps. The consistency should be very light, but without being watery. If it is too runny, add a little more flour.

Trick: You can do it manually or use an electric mixer or blender.

Recipe for pancakes with pancake flour - Step 1


Incorporates the egg, the teaspoon of vanilla and the pinch of cinnamon powdered. Stir until all the ingredients are properly integrated.

Trick: If you want to prepare pancakes with egg-free pancake flour, you can do without this ingredient or replace it with a tablespoon of butter.

Recipe for pancakes with pancake flour - Step 2


The dough for crepes is ready. Next, heat a large skillet with a knob of butter. Pour a little of the mixture in the center and spread it over the entire surface so that it is thin.

Recipe for pancakes with pancake flour - Step 3


Let cook over low heat for a few minutes. When the edges are cooked, turn it over. Place the filling in one of the halves of the crepe: spread a little peanut butter, add the banana slices and close the crepe. Lastly, add the condensed milk.

Pancakes with pancake flour recipe - Step 4


For the other fill option, repeat the process in this way: spread with cream cheese, add the strawberry slices, fold in half and add melted chocolate or chocolate chips.

Recipe for pancakes with pancake flour - Step 5


And ready! That’s how easy it is to prepare some Homemade crepes with pancake flour. You can decorate to taste with more chocolate or condensed milk.

Recipe for pancakes with pancake flour - Step 6

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More ideas to prepare pancakes with pancake flour

You have already seen how easy and fast it is to prepare this delicious recipe for pancakes with pancake flour. If you want to discover new flavors, try adding a little cocoa powder to prepare some chocolate crepes. Also, you can opt for a salty filling, such as seafood, ham and cheese crepes or even tuna-filled crepes. The possibilities are endless, so do not hesitate to let your imagination fly and share the results of your elaborations with us.

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