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Rice pudding – GRANDMA’S Recipe (easy)

23 mayo, 2021

The secret to making a delicious rice pudding like that of the grandmothers is to do it with great care, letting it cook over low heat and stirring from time to time until it is creamy. It doesn’t seem that difficult, does it? For the rest, the grandmother’s rice pudding doesn’t have many more secrets, anyway, from RecetasGratis we tell you how to make an easy and delicious rice pudding with the flavor of yesteryear and home.

Do not hesitate, you are in the perfect recipe to get this incredible dessert, ideal to surprise when you have guests or to delight your family. Keep reading and discover how to make granny rice pudding.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, boiled

Ingredients to make Grandma’s rice pudding:

How to make Grandma’s Rice Pudding:


Wash the lemon well and dry it. With the help of a vegetable peeler, cut the lemon rind. The peeler will make the crust come out with little white part, which is the one that tends to make desserts bitter.

Trick: You can also use the skin of an orange or part of a lemon and an orange.

Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 1


Put in a pot the liter of milk with the rice and the cinnamon stick. Heat over low or very low heat and cook for 45 minutes, stirring from time to time, especially at the end of cooking.

Trick: You can also flavor grandma’s rice pudding with a teaspoon of liquid or powdered vanilla.

Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 2


5 minutes before finishing cooking, add the sugar and stir well. If something characterizes the desserts that our grandmothers made, it is not precisely their low caloric intake, therefore, for this recipe, we recommend opting for common white sugar. However, if you prefer, you can easily follow the recipe for granny’s rice pudding using brown sugar, for example.

Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 3


Remove the rice pudding and remove the cinnamon stick and lemon rind. Pour the rice into four small glasses and let it cool. Once cold, reserve in the fridge until serving time.

Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 4


Before serving, sprinkle the cups with ground cinnamon to taste, just like the grandmothers used to do!

Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 5


And you already have a delicious y granny’s creamy rice pudding. You can also take it hot, we leave it to your choice.

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Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe - Step 6

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