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Sabayon or zabaione – Original recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The sabayon, sambaione or zabaione It is an originally Italian recipe that is prepared with egg yolks, sugar and wine. It is a kind of cream that is recommended to be consumed hot or warm, although it can also be enjoyed cold as a custard.

The sabayon, which today has spread to countries like Argentina, needs a lot of caution to make it. Although it has few ingredients, it is important to take care that it does not cut or dry too much during its cooking, as well as to measure its ingredients very well. Don’t worry, in Free Recipes we will tell you how to make sabayon step by step so that it is delicious, with a delicate texture and a striking presentation. Stay with us and don’t miss out on this sabayon recipe, a traditional and unique dessert.

3 diners
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Sabayón:

How to make Sabayón:


Start by preparing a manageable bowl for mixing, then you can change to one suitable for cooking in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, heat a saucepan full of water, taking care that it does not overflow when you introduce the bowl for the bain-marie.

Sabayón Recipe - Step 1


Pour the sugar mixture with the egg yolks (just the yolks) into a bowl. Stir until completely mixed And, if you used icing sugar, you will see that it will be easier. Next, add the wine to the mixture, continue stirring and mix the ingredients.

Sabayón Recipe - Step 2


Transfer the mixture to the cooking container and place it over the pot with the hot water. Stir without ceasing and without letting it come to a boil. Thus, it will maintain a medium temperature while the sabayon acquires a thick consistency.

Trick: You should not stop stirring to avoid lumps.

Sabayón Recipe - Step 3


Divide into individual containers when the sabayon cream is finished thickening and, if you wish, serve with some cakes or sweet cookies. As we already told you, zabaione can be taken hot or warm, but if you want it cold, leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and it will be ready.

Sabayón Recipe - Step 4

Sabayon and other recipes

Once you have your sabayon or sambayon dessert ready, remember to consume it soon and do not leave it in the refrigerator for too many days, as it is a product that is best consumed fresh due to its egg content. On the other hand, you can take advantage of this easy dessert to prepare others with its particular flavor. For example, you can make a refreshing sambayon ice cream and still enjoy this recipe.

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