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Semolina and Syrup Arabic Dessert Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The sweet that we prepare on this occasion is a recipe that is traditional from Middle Eastern countries and Greece. Is basbousa recipeAlso called revani or ravani, it is a delicious and highly nutritious bun that is made up of durum wheat semolina, dried fruit and sugar syrup.

The pastry of this region is very delicious and famous, and the basbousa is no exception. It is a perfect sweet to surprise your loved ones, because with the traditional touch of pistachio and its other ingredients, you will get a perfect soft dessert to finish a meal or enjoy a snack. Discover how to make basbousa in Free Recipes and enjoy at home.

10 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Basbousa:

How to make Basbousa:


First of all, it is convenient to prepare a sugar syrup so that, at the time of use, it is completely cold while the sweet is hot.

Heat the water along with the lemon juice. When it is warm, add the sugar and stir while it begins to thicken and have a syrupy texture. Keep stirring for about 10 minutes over medium-low heat. Once it has cooled down, add the orange blossom water and mix.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 1


Pour the semolina, ground nuts, melted butter, sugar, pinch of salt, yeast and yogurt into a large bowl. Removes everything very well until it is perfectly mixed, it will take on a fairly thick consistency that will be difficult to stir.

Trick: put the oven to preheat 200 ºC on both elements.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 2


Spread a tray with oil or butter and sprinkle flour; This will prevent the basbousa from sticking and you can remove it later. Flatten once all the mixture is deposited, you can help yourself with a wooden shovel.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 3


At this point, once the basbousa candy dough ready, cut into small portions and distribute an almond in each of them. This is only if you want to decorate it, you can also decorate it with ground pistachios or any other dried fruit that you like.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 4


Take to the oven to cook at medium height for 30 minutes at 200 ºC or until your Arabic semolina and syrup dessert is golden brown. Then, take it out of the oven and proceed to bathe with this sugar syrup on the basbousa.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 5


Let it cool down to medium heat and serve the basbousa afterwards with a mint tea or whatever tea you like best.

Basbousa Recipe - Step 6

Basbousa – Origin and other recipes

The origin of the basbousa It dates back to the revival of Turkish cuisine, a classic cake from the Ottoman Empire. In fact, revani was originally cooked by pastry chefs from the Ottoman Empire to celebrate the conquest of Armenia in the 16th century.

The capital of the country, Revan, today called Erevan, shares a name with this famous dessert. As time passed, the sweet began to bring joy to many tables, and its name was changed to revani, which means “precious” in the Ottoman Empire. Other origin stories say that revani’s name may also come from the poet Revani who lived in Turkey.

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