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Three chocolate cake without cream

23 mayo, 2021

Is recipe for three chocolate cake without cream It is one of the most sought after in the networks, because no one can resist chocolate and the look of this cake.

Actually it has some simple ingredients, and its realization itself is none other than mounting three chocolates in the same measure on a background of ground cookies. This no-bake chocolate cake could be a wonderful surprise for birthdays and celebrations for children and adults.

Why not prepare it in a little while that we have off our day? In RecetasGratis we will show you step by step so that it is a simple distraction and a surprise to give to your loved ones. Discover how to make three chocolates cake without cream and enjoy!

10 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make three chocolate cake without cream:

How to make three chocolate cake without cream:


To get started with this easy three chocolate tart recipe, crush the cookies. You can do it in different ways, with a mallet, with a plastic bag and a rolling pin, or crushed with a robot. Then add the semi-melted butter and the splash of milk. Stir to mix with the cookie.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 1


Add the cookie dough to the mold that you are going to use. Distribute equally and insist on the corners. If you are not sure of its closure, put a circle of parchment paper on the inside bottom to line it. Flatten the base of a cookie with the base of a glass and press well. Take to the fridge to solidify.

Trick: If you grate with a fork on the biscuit base making a few crisscross grooves, the chocolate base will grip better.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 2


In a saucepan, pour one of the glasses of milk that you will use for each layer you make of chocolate. Add the dark chocolate to the milk first, and its corresponding curd envelope with the two tablespoons of sugar. Stir for a few minutes until it begins to boil and do not stop stirring until it thickens a little. A couple of minutes after boiling will be enough.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 3


Take the mold out of the fridge and then after making the first chocolate, pour it into the mold over the cookies, spreading throughout the base. Do not let the chocolate get warm, since when it thickens it costs more to distribute it in the mold. Take it back to the fridge while you continue to the next step.

Trick: Always put a spoon upside down to pour the chocolates and thus avoid sinking or deforming each base.

Three chocolate cake recipe without cream - Step 4


Pour another glass of milk back into the saucepan, the milk chocolate, the curd and the sugar. Stir again while it starts to boil. As soon as it boils, leave two more minutes to cook without stopping to stir to avoid sticking to the bottom.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 5


Pour the chocolate back on the previous base of dark chocolate. Distribute well so that it is perfectly even. Always drop the chocolate onto the spoon upside down. Put it back in the fridge.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 6


Make the third and final batch of white chocolate again. Put the third glass of milk in the clean saucepan and add the curd and sugar over the white chocolate, stir again until it boils and keep stirring for up to two more minutes after boiling. Vpour the white chocolate over the layers already cold chocolate.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 7


Take to the fridge and let cool 12 hours so that it is completely solid and you do not have any problem detaching it to serve.

This delicious tres leches cake without cream will be wonderful if you add to decorate a ground almond or chocolate shavings if you prefer.

Recipe for Three chocolate cake without cream - Step 8

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