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+ 15 Recipes with CREAM CHEESE

21 mayo, 2021

The cream cheese It is a type of cheese that is obtained by curdling the lactic ferments of a mixture of milk and cream. This ingredient is characterized by being an unctuous, loose and fresh accompaniment, which despite being very creamy, has a firm texture. In recent years, it has become popular for being a much lighter dairy derivative, with nutritional contributions that stand out for their high content of protein, folic acid, phosphorus, and vitamins (A, D, B2, B3, B12). But it is not just a nutritious and delicious cheese. The versatility in its neutral flavor allows it to be combined with almost any recipe, working in the same way for sweet and savory preparations. Even mixed both! In addition, despite the fact that it contains fat and a high caloric value, you can find it in versions Light, ideal for those who prefer to opt for healthier options.

Thinking about all of the above, in RecetasGratis we have prepared a compilation with the best recipes with cream cheese, both sweet and salty. In this tour you will learn about some interesting uses of this ingredient, so that you can get the best possible use of it. You will be delighted!

Breasts stuffed with cream cheese and spinach

The first option we present is a cream cheese chicken recipe. This meat is characterized by being one of the healthiest and lowest in fat of all white meats, so with this recipe you will get a light dish to conquer the whole family. To make your stuffed breasts even lighter, substitute ordinary cream cheese (approximately 342 calories per 100 grams) for its version. Light (approximately 205 calories per 100 grams). The taste does not change! If you like this proposal, follow the step by step of this Recipe for breasts stuffed with cream cheese and spinach

Advice: light cream cheese has approximately 48% less fat than normal, depending on the brand.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Cream Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Breasts

Fruit tartlets with cream cheese

Tartlets are an ideal dessert to be able to introduce more pieces of fruit in our daily diet. The fruit has multiple benefits for our body, such as its high contribution of vitamin C. Consuming it daily is essential to keep us healthy and strong. With this dessert you can enjoy all the flavor of the fruit thanks to the neutral flavor of the cream cheese, which will mainly provide texture. To prepare them, refer to the step by step of this Recipe for Fruit Tartlets with Cream Cheese.

Advice: you can buy the tartlets already ready, and just assemble the dessert.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Fruit Tartlets with Cream Cheese

Spaghetti carbonara with Philadelphia cheese

The carbonara or carbonata is an Italian classic, the queen of white sauces! The original recipe is very rigorous, and is prepared with egg yolk, bacon, cheese pecorino Romano, coarse salt and pepper. In this case, we have reinvented the traditional carbonara pasta by adding Philadelphia cheese. You will see how it looks much creamier! If you dare to try it, do not miss the following easy steps of the Spaghetti carbonara recipe with Philadelphia cheese.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Spaghetti Carbonara with Philadelphia Cheese

Creamy chocolate jelly

In general, gelatin goes very well with dairy products, since they help it to gel much faster. In turn, the dairy industry also uses gelatin to obtain lighter products that do not lose creaminess, such as yogurts, cheeses and other items in the range Light. In our recipe with Philadelphia, cream cheese provides a much smoother and more consistent texture than traditional basic gelatin. So, if you want to surprise your diners, check out the Creamy Chocolate and Cheese Jelly Recipe.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Creamy Chocolate Jelly

Poblano slices with cheese and cream

If you want to enjoy an authentic Mexican dish that is quick and easy to prepare, you have to try the poblano rajas with cheese and cream. In this recipe, the chili peppers provide a very particular flavor with a slight spicy undertone. Cream cheese, however, counteracts this spiciness by providing a lot of thickness and texture to the dish. If you like good easy cooking, don’t miss the step by step of poblano rajas with cheese and cream.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Poblano Rajas with Cheese and Cream

Broccoli and light cream cheese cake

It seems that just because it has the word “cake”, every dish has to be caloric … but it is not! Vegetable cakes are a very nutritious and light dish that you can use to introduce more vegetables into your diet. In this case, our recipe consists of a crunchy puff pastry cake filled with broccoli and light cream cheese. Do you dare to prepare it? Follow the step by step of the Recipe for broccoli tart and light cream cheese.

Cream cheese recipes - Broccoli tart and light cream cheese

Chocolate and cream cheese cake

East chocolate cake it has a hidden peculiarity in its coating … its cream cheese frosting also has chocolate! An infallible combination that brings together two ingredients that combine perfectly, spreadable cheese and cocoa. Without a doubt, a recipe with a lot of versatility to innovate on a super sponge cake. Surprise everyone with this easy dessert just by following the step by step of this Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe, they will love it!

Cream Cheese Recipes - Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake

Chicken salad with celery and cream cheese

This Celery Cream Cheese Chicken Recipe, also known as angel salad in Mexico, combines the crunchy texture of fresh vegetables with the smoothness of cream cheese. Thus, a very light, healthy and nutritious starter or garnish emerges. A recipe that you will have ready in just half an hour and that will delight everyone with its taste and simplicity. Follow the Recipe for Chicken Salad with Celery and Cheese and you will see how easy it is to prepare.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Chicken Salad with Celery and Cream Cheese

Cream cheese cookies

If you want to try a different aperitif, don’t miss out on these cheese spread crackers! It is a version of cookies that is much crunchier and with a soft sweet touch, with which you will surprise family and friends. Plus, you have them done in a snap of your fingers! Preparing them is no mystery if you follow the Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe to the letter. Do not miss this video with the step by step:

Breaded breasts with Philadelphia cream cheese

It is a version of the famous Cordon Bleu. For this recipe, we have replaced the Gruyère cheese with cream, an ingredient that gives it more density and thickness. Plus, this creaminess goes wonderfully with the crispy, juicy texture of breaded chicken. Follow the steps in the Philadelphia Cheese Breaded Breasts Recipe and spoil yours for a day!

Cream Cheese Recipes - Philadelphia Cream Cheese Breaded Breasts

Baked cream cheese cake

There are few desserts as well known and versioned as cheesecake. With oven, without oven, with or without biscuit base, in the company of some jam, in the style cheesecake American … But what happens if it is covered with cream cheese? This ingredient greatly enriches the cake, giving it a much creamier texture. In addition, its neutral dairy flavor allows it to accommodate any extra ingredient, such as those flavored with citrus. Do not miss this delicious baked cream cheese cake And start preparing it now with this video of the step-by-step recipe:

Cheesy Tuna Wraps

Wraps are rolled sandwiches very similar to shawarmas and burritos, perfect for any type of filling. On this occasion, we propose a light recipe that takes advantage of the texture of cream cheese to give the sandwich a creamy touch. An ingredient that, in addition, works perfectly with fish and shellfish. If you want to prepare a nutritious and healthy lunch or dinner, do not hesitate to consult the Recipe for tuna wrap with cheese.

Advice: cream cheese is often used in sushi rolls, as well as other fish recipes.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Cheesy Tuna Wraps

Salted profiteroles stuffed with cheese

If you want a super versatile and elegant appetizer, don’t miss the profiteroles with cream cheese, they combine with any extra ingredient! Both products have a fairly neutral flavor, so this recipe with Philadelphia is ideal to accompany it with some fish such as tuna, seafood, other cheeses, ham, vegetables, etc. For this preparation, we have opted for some delicious pickles. Follow the step by step of the Recipe for salty profiteroles stuffed with cheese and surprise everyone with this original bite.

Advice: If you prefer sweet appetizers, choose to prepare some sweet profiteroles with cream cheese by combining them with chocolate or jam.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Cheese Filled Salty Profiteroles

Very easy homemade cheese flan

Would you like to prepare a flan but you have run out of eggs? We have the solution! Cream cheese, in pastries, works as egg substitute, since it provides a very similar texture in the preparations. Homemade cream cheese flan is a delicious dessert that is very easy to prepare, as it does not need an oven and only a handful of ingredients, so it is also an inexpensive sweet. Check the Recipe for homemade cheese flan very easy and discover how simple it is to prepare.

Cream cheese recipes - Very easy homemade cheese flan

Cream cheese and basil dip

The cheese of choice for creamier dips? You already know the answer beforehand, cream cheese! Its neutral flavor allows infinite combinations, and due to its smooth but firm texture, it can be spread in countless appetizers. The recipe with Philadelphia It contains basil, so it is perfect to combine it in canapes with dried tomatoes and black olives. Follow these easy steps from the Basil Cream Cheese Dip Recipe and don’t miss out on this wonderful appetizer.

Cream Cheese Recipes - Cream Cheese Basil Dip

More recipes with cream cheese

At this point you may still want to discover more recipes with cream cheese. This versatile ingredient works for thousands of preparations, both sweet and savory. Also, if you want to prepare a 100% homemade recipe, we encourage you to consult our homemade cream cheese recipe. Follow the step by step and you will see how easy it is to prepare it. Before getting to work with your recipe for the day, you may be interested in reviewing these last suggestions that we leave you below:

Finally, here is a video-recipe for a delicious traditional Mexican dessert, corn bread with Philadelphia cheese:

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