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Feta cheese is characterized by its white color, smooth texture, small cracks and holes inside, a salty and slightly spicy taste, and a lack of rind. This aged cheese is stored in a liquid, similar to a brine, which allows it to be preserved well without drying out. Before, this product was prepared with sheep’s or mare’s milk, but today it is also made with cow’s milk.

Feta comes from the Greek culinary culture, although it is also widely consumed in Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and countries in the Near Middle East. It is interesting to mention that Greek food is considered Mediterranean cuisine, as it has many ingredients related to that gastronomy, although, in turn, it is also influenced by Turkish cuisine. On a nutritional level, this food provides: proteins, magnesium, iron, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, vitamins D, A, B2, B6, B12, K, among others. In addition, feta cheese has fewer calories and fat compared to other cheeses, making it an ideal product for light or healthy preparations. For this reason, in RecetasGratis we have selected a very select group of the best recipes with feta cheese, all exquisite and very nutritious.

Greek salad with yogurt

The secret of a good Greek salad is the freshness and quality of its ingredients. This Greek recipe with feta cheese has all the original ingredients of the classic elaborationalthough we substitute olive oil for the honey dressing.

This light preparation works as a starter or garnish during lunch, as well as a main or side dish during dinner. Feta cheese provides less fat than other aged cheeses, such as cheddar or Parmesan, and has more calcium and B vitamins than soft cheeses, such as ricotta or cottage cheese. With that said, let’s prepare this refreshing recipe by following the traditional Greek salad step-by-step.

Feta Recipes - Greek Salad with Yogurt

Rice with spinach and feta cheese

The spanakorizo or rice with spinach is a Greek recipe with feta cheese, typical of Mediterranean cuisine. This meal is made with long grain rice and spinach, both cooked with a technique called pilaf (or pilaw). From here, versions emerge that add many other ingredients in the preparation.

Among these reinterpretations it is very common to add lemon and feta cheese. Both ingredients enrich the dish, as they provide freshness and texture. If you want to try our aromatic version that also includes dill and other ingredients, follow the step-by-step recipe for Greek spinach rice.

Advice: Pilaf is a culinary technique that involves sautéing rice before boiling it.

Recipes with feta cheese - Rice with spinach and feta cheese

Zucchini and feta cheese croquettes

Greek zucchini croquettes, or kolokizokef you, can be described in three words: tender, juicy and aromatic. You can taste them alone or accompany them with sauce tzatziki, that is, yogurt sauce. In this Greek recipe with feta cheese, the grated cheese gives an original flavor to the dough, transforming common vegetarian croquettes into a very special appetizer. If you dare to prepare it, don’t miss our recipe for zucchini croquettes.

Recipes with feta cheese - Zucchini and feta cheese croquettes

Feta cheese and lentils salad

This salad combines ingredients that evoke the traditional flavor of a good feta salad recipe. Although here, apart from cheese, lentils stand out, as they increase the nutritional contribution of the dish. As if that were not enough, the texture of both products enhances the taste experience. In addition, this preparation contains cherry tomatoes, mackerel, olives and walnuts. Definitely, a very refreshing and nutritious recipe, which you can have on your table in just a few minutes with this simple recipe for feta cheese and lentil salad.

Feta Cheese Recipes - Feta Cheese and Lentil Salad

Meatballs stuffed with feta cheese

You already know that cooking is a matter of creativity and, to inspire you, you have the universal culinary heritage at your disposal. Encouraged by this idea, we bring you this easy recipe with feta cheese, a greek style preparation consisting of meatballs stuffed with feta and dipped in tomato sauce, with additional bits of feta, plus black olives.

It is interesting to mention that this cheese works very well with meats, especially on grills. Would you like to put this recipe to the test? Well, we are going to cook it by following the step by step recipe of the Greek meatballs.

Feta Cheese Recipes - Feta Stuffed Meatballs

Vegetarian fajitas with feta cheese

Vegetarian recipes are often influenced by certain cuisines, such as the Mediterranean. So it is not surprising that our vegetarian fajita preparation looks like a Greek recipe, even if it is not. What we can say is that it is about one of the best vegetarian recipes with feta cheese by the combination of ingredients.

This time, we bet on a filling with assorted green leaves, onion, peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, avocado, cucumber and feta cheese. So, if you want a scandal recipe, make sure those ingredients are very fresh and of good quality. This preparation can be accompanied with a yogurt sauce. Do you like this culinary idea? Well, have it ready for breakfast or dinner, in less than 30 minutes!, Following the next step by step of vegetarian fajitas with cheese.

Feta Recipes - Vegetarian Fajitas with Feta Cheese

Greek-style orzo pasta salad

The orzo, also called risone or kritharaki, is a wheat semolina pasta whose appearance resembles an elongated grain of rice, but flatter and with finer ends. This ingredient is very common in Mediterranean cuisine and is often used in soups, salads, fillings or as pasta.

Inspired by those lands, our feta cheese pasta recipe has corn, tomato, onion, green olives, parsley, lemon, olive oil, and feta cheese! A refreshing, comforting, super-nutritious pasta salad that’s easy to make by following in the footsteps of our Greek-style Orzo Pasta Salad.

Feta Recipes - Greek Style Orzo Pasta Salad

Yogurt and feta sauce

This yogurt sauce with feta cheese stands out because it has a very special touch, dates! And, although you may think that it is a recipe originally from Greece, it is not so, since this preparation has been inspired by a very famous cookbook of food from the Middle East.

This sauce turns out Very versatile and you can use it in fish, meat, salads, sandwiches, shawarmas or kebab, gyros (Greek burritos), as a dip for canapés, etc. Therefore, it can be great for preparing pasta recipes with feta cheese or salads. If you carefully follow the recipe for yogurt and feta sauce that we shared, you will have it ready in just 10 minutes!

Advice: The original recipe uses pistachios.

Feta Cheese Recipes - Feta Yogurt Sauce

Potatoes au gratin with feta cheese

Not everything is recipes for salads with feta cheese or pasta, we can also use this cheese to gratin! For example, we propose to cook some potatoes with onion, sausage and feta cheese to enjoy a different, original and delicious accompaniment.

This baked feta cheese recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner, accompanied by a salad or as a single dish. Do not miss the recipe for potatoes gratin with feta cheese and enjoy this preparation.

Recipes with feta cheese - Potatoes au gratin with feta cheese

Chicken salad with couscous

Couscous, cous-cous, couscous or kuskusús consists of a pasta of wheat semolina in the form of grains, which are characterized by their tiny size, similar to a grain of pepper. Our warm salad not only contains this ingredient, but also feta cheese and chicken, that is, the trio in charge of the protein contribution of this dish. A preparation in the best Greek style, perfect to add to your daily diet.

On the other hand, if you are looking healthy recipes with feta cheese this is ideal. Take note of the ingredients and the step by step that we detail in this recipe to know how to make this incredible chicken couscous salad.

Feta Recipes - Chicken Salad with Couscous

Other recipes with feta cheese

After going through the list of our best easy, quick and delicious feta recipes, you may have been left with too many goose. Therefore, below, we share more recipes with this type of cheese so beneficial for the body, since, in addition to its high content of vitamins, it is an excellent source of probiotics:

Recipes with feta cheese - Other recipes with feta cheese

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