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Battered Stuffed Eggs – Easy Recipe with Béchamel!

22 mayo, 2021

This time we are going to prepare a breaded stuffed eggs recipe, an original appetizer that you will love and that will be very popular with children. They are very easy to make, as they only consist of boiled eggs stuffed with béchamel and tuna. The only secret will be to prepare the eggs well and coat them correctly.

The result you will get will be crispy eggs with a lot of flavor inside, a great alternative to traditional stuffed eggs. You will see that the steps are simple, so read on and discover how to make battered deviled eggs in Free Recipes.

2 diners
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Battered Stuffed Eggs:

How to make Battered Stuffed Eggs:


To start with the battered tuna stuffed eggs, put a drizzle of oil to heat and add the flour to form the bechamel sauce. Stir continuously so it doesn’t burn, we just want it to lose its raw taste. Once you have it for a couple of minutes over low heat, remove from heat and reserve.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 1


On the other hand, cook the eggs long enough for their yolk to be completely set, 12 minutes will suffice. Cool them with cold water to cut the cooking chain and peel them. Once cool completely, cut vertically in half and take out its yolks carefully that the white does not break or open.

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Trick: Add vinegar to the cooking water to make it easier to peel them.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 2


Warms the milk a little and pour it into the pan where you have the flour. Stir so that no lumps form. Return to the fire and continue to form the creamy béchamel. Add a point of salt.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 3


Continue stirring over low heat and add nutmeg and onion. Mix carefully, little by little the béchamel will acquire a thicker texture. That’s the idea, but it prevents it from becoming a hard paste. If it gets too hard, add warm milk to loosen it.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 4


Add the egg yolks slightly flattened. Continue stirring with a wooden spoon if you have one or a kitchen tongue.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 5


It’s time to add the tuna, so squeeze out as much juice as it might contain and squish it up a bit. Add it to the béchamel, continue mixing these ingredients over low heat.

Leave two more minutes and remove from heat. Let the sauce rest in a dish covered with plastic wrap until it cools completely before preparing the stuffed eggs in batter with béchamel sauce.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 6


Once the bechamel sauce is cold, pour a generous amount of frying oil into a frying pan and let it warm. Crack the egg on a plate and beat it with a pinch of salt. Scoop the breadcrumbs onto another plate.

Then, you just have to stuff the eggs. Take a small portion of béchamel and fill the white. Pass it through the egg and the breadcrumbs.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 7


With great care, place the eggs upside down to seal the part of the filling. Fry over high heat for 3 minutes on each side, but make sure they don’t get too toasted. Take them out and pat them dry with absorbent paper.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 8


Now you can serve some delicious stuffed eggs battered in sauce! You can accompany it with the sauces you prefer or with a delicious roast vegetable roast.

Battered Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Step 9


If you want to see one easier stuffed eggs recipe, check out the video below.


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Battered Stuffed Eggs – Suggestions and Other Recipes

Once you know how to fill and coat the eggs, you can vary this recipe as you like. You can make battered deviled eggs without béchamel and fill them with tuna in tomato sauce, Spanish sauce or any of your favorite sauces. Other great filler ideas can be: